Virtual Workshops

Watch the video below to learn what the RobsREVIEW™ PAS System™ Virtual Workshop is, How it differs from a Traditional Workshop and the Reason it allows you to EFFORTLESSLY CRUSH your test. 

Virtual Workshops

To Be Eligible for the PASSIVE, ACTIVE or SKILLS Virtual Workshops:

You MUST Be a Online Member of RobsREVIEW first!

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Here is our timeline of events for the ONE DAY PASSIVE & ACTIVE Virtual Workshop

08:00 - 08:05 - Instruction on how to use the Zoom Video Conference app: Show how to:

  • Roll Call - Who is here and who is missing?
  • Mute / Unmute audio
  • Stop / Start video feed for active virtual workshop'ers


08:05 - 08:10 - Expectations of the day and QUESTIONS: Items to discuss:

  • What is expected of you for the ACTIVE virtual workshop'er
  • What is expected of you for the PASSIVE virtual workshop'er
  • Remind EVERYONE that we WANT YOU TO MAKE MISTAKES! We only learn from mistakes and NOT perfection.


08:10 - 08:15 - Go over Workshop checklist AND Watch Camera Angle Video: We need to make SURE each Virtual Workshop attendee has:


08:15 - 10:15 - ALL LAB SIMULATION stations performed (3 Sterile stations and 5 Medications): Each ACTIVE Virtual Workshop attendee will be performing:

  • ALL of the Lab Sim stations as INDIVIDUALS
  • PASSIVE Virtual Workshop'ers will only be observing and asking questions.

NOTE: There will be NO performing these lab station on your own WITHOUT all individuals watching you. If you think this is intimidating for your peers to watch you, then imagine how you will feel when an examiner is standing right behind you making SURE you do everything correctly.....or else you fail. You MUST go through this feeling of being uncomfortable to be successful!


10:15 - 11:00 - Nursing Care Plans: We will be reviewing:

  • Assessment Wording vs. Intervention Wording
  • Planing vs. Revised vs. Evaluation Nursing Care Plan
  • What a UAP is and who can be a UAP
  • AOC to NANDA Nursing diagnosis chart
  • Related Factos
  • 2 Minute Templates


11:00 - 11:15 - Grid Write Up: We'll quickly review:

  • How to write up a grid WITH critical elements from the mnemonics
  • Where to place the Nursing Interventions in your grid so (with the AOC mnemonic)


11:15 - 11:30 - 20 Minute Checks:  We will review:

  • What we need to PERFORM within the first 20 minutes of a PCS.
  • What we need to DOCUMENT within the first 20 minutes of a PCS.


11:30 - 12:00 - Lunch Break


12:00 - 4:00 -  Patient Care Situation (PCS): All these things that we learn and do are nothing unless we put EVERYTHING into action. Each ACTIVE Virtual Workshop'er will:

  • Be performing a COMPLETE mock PCS on their dummy
  • Will be given a complete PCS assignment
  • Will be given report


Will be expected to:

  • Complete a PLANNING / REVISED / EVALUATION care plan
  • Complete a grid with ALL AOC's and Nursing Interventions
  • Perform ALL 20 minute checks
  • Perform the correct entry and exit of a room
  • Perform ALL critical elements for each AOC assigned
  • Perform ALL Nursing Interventions per Care Plan
  • Receive Feedback and both POSITIVE aspects as well as things to work on before test day based upon PCS performance.


4:00 - 4:30 -  Areas Of Care Documentation:  Based on AOC assigned and actions done, VERBALLY discuss how:

  • Each AOC should be documented
  • In what section they should be documented (Fluid Management Sheet vs. AOC Documentation section)
  • How to use "The Grid" to make sure NOTHING is left out during documentation.


4:30 - 4:45 -  Mental Strength Review: We will QUICKLY be reviewing

  • Why the Mental Strength Section is the MOST important section after you've mastered the technical aspects of the RobsREVIEW program
  • How often to use the Mental Strength Section


4:45 - 5:00 -  FEEDBACK: Feedback from ALL Virtual Workshop attendees:

  • What part of the RobsREVIEW Virtual Workshop needs to be improved?
  • Ideas to make any other part of the RobsREVIEW online program better?


5:00 - FINISH 

NOTE: Each Virtual Workshop may be SHORTER or LONGER based on the needs of the Virtual Workshop attendees for that day.

There is a MAXIMUM of 3 ACTIVE students ONLY per workshop

This GUARANTEES every student will get INDIVIDUAL attention

Workshop is ONLY available to current RobsREVIEW members

- Robbie Wolff

Pic of Robbie Wolff. Creator of RobsREVIEW