Hello my Virtual Workshop Tribe Member! We are going to have a GREAT workshop day! I just want to make sure you go over the following checklist to make sure you are prepared and ready for this extremely important event:

ACTIVE / SKILLS Virtual Workshop - Make Sure You Have the Following BEFORE Your Virtual Workshop

  • RobsREVIEW Study Manual Companion printed out or in hard cover
  • Nursing Diagnosis Handbook
  • Dummy set up and ready to go for your PCS's
  • Lab Sim Supplies (you can find the complete list in Chapter 2: Supplies)
  • Blank pieces of paper for your GRIDS
  • Laptop computer - If you don't have a laptop computer, we'll send you a tripod for your smartphone
  • Tripod for your smartphone (if you don't have this contact Rob ASAP!!!!)
  • The ability to do the Lab Sims and AOC's (you don't have to be PERFECT but you should have a working knowledge. This workshop is to FINE-TUNE any problem areas and is NOT to teach you from scratch...that's what the members area is for!)

STEP 1 How To Use the Tripod

Correct Way To Mount Your Phone

You MUST mount your phone on it's SIDE.

You CANNOT mount your phone straight up and down (it won't fit AND the video image will be small and hard to view!)

See image of tripod and phone at right ==>

STEP 2 Correct Camera Angle To View PCS's and Lab Sim Stations

STEP 3a How To Sign In To ZOOM (if you've attended any monthly Tribe Meetings then you already know the process)

NOTE PASSIVE Virtual Workshop'ers can attend through a Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

NOTE ACTIVE Virtual Workshop'ers SHOULD attend via their Laptop (preferred) or Smartphone (iPhone or Android) so we can watch you do PCS's and Lab Sims.

NOTE SKILLS Virtual Workshop'ers SHOULD attend via their Laptop (preferred) or Smartphone (iPhone or Android) so we can watch you do PCS's and Lab Sims.


  • You'll be sent a link via email to go to our Virtual Workshop Classroom (called ZOOM). This email will be coming 7 days before AND 1 day before AND 1 hour before so you don't miss out! If you don't see the email, check your SPAM / JUNK folder in your email.
  • SImply click on the link in that Email which will allow you to set up the ZOOM app on your phone (don't worry, the set up process is automatic!). The ZOOM app will allow me to see you and you to see me while we do our Virtual Classroom (and all out PCS's and AOC's!)

STEP 3b - START @ 4:24 Fast Forward to 4:24 - ZOOM for Smartphones/Tablets Troubleshooting (iPhone & Android)

STEP 3b How To Sign In To ZOOM (more detailed explanation if needed)

To make sure you get the VERY best out of this virtual workshop, let's go over where to set up your laptop or smartphone on it's tripod so you get the very best angle for me to see what your doing and give feedback

Lab Simulation Stations

Make sure that you have your camera facing the table with all your Lab Sim Station supplies but make sure you have some space BEHIND the table to stand so that I'm not just looking at your back (it's hard to see what you're doing when I can only see your back)

AOC (Areas Of Competency)

Again, don't have the camera facing your back when you work with the dummy for your AOC's. Place the camera at an angle that I can see YOU and your DUMMY which will allow me to see what you are doing and give you great feedback.