My name is Robbie Wolff and on April 6th 2008 I completed the CPNE with NO REPEATS. This was a stark contrast to my first CPNE where I did not even pass ONE patient care situation (PCS). The reason I did not pass even one, was because I had not PRACTICED the Excelsior way.

Even if you have been a nurse for 30 years in an acute care setting, or someone like me who had NO patient contact at work, you need to do the Excelsior college critical elements in each area of care perfectly or you will FAIL!

Believe me, there is nothing worse than having to come back home to tell your family and friends that you did not pass the test that would allow you to achieve your goal of becoming an RN. And that's not to mention the $1900.00 you spent on the test, plus airfare, hotel, food, and time off of work!

I am not offering a workshop or selling you notes that you have to decipher. What we have is a video that will show you EXACTLY how to prepare for this test.

Was it all worth it? You bet it was.....

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