Tribe Member Survey Results 4.28.19

I think I’m right.

Although how do I really know that? I mean really?

It’s just me that creates everything in the member section and it makes sense to me but does it make sense to EVERYONE?

That was the question which was brought up by my wife this weekend when I was explaining how I created our web page ( for our charity obstacle course (all profits go to help kids in El Paso, TX. where we’re from).

She said, “I didn’t understand one thing you said. Are you this confusing with your students?”

“Good question” I thought. Maybe I am this confusing to some tribe members and if so, I better fix it quick.

So I asked the entire tribe by sending out an email titled, “Need Your Help.” I asked 5 basic questions:

1 How far have you made it into the RobsREVIEW program (10% – 100% complete?)

2 How much has RobsREVIEW helped you to prepare for the test?

3 Which part of the RobsREVIEW program are you stuck on and why?

4 Why did you sign up to become a RobsREVIEW Tribe Member vs. just using the material that is already available?

5 What changes would you make to the members area at RobsREVIEW to make it better/faster/easier for Tribe Members?


In just under 4 hours I had received 79 responses (one was my own as I was testing the software so I can’t count that).

Out of those 79 responses, we had 51 tribe members answer more than 1 of the questions. I based my findings on this group of people as the other responses were just blank. NOTE: All responses to the survey can be found by CLICKING HERE.

So how did they answer? Let’s take a quick look…


1 The first question of “How far have you made it into the RobsREVIEW program” (10% – 100% complete?) was just a way to gauge the answers. I thought that people who haven’t completed my program wouldn’t be able to tell me what my program does or does not have but I was wrong.

I learned that it doesn’t matter how much time tribe members have been with MY program, what I should have asked was how much have you already studied for your test OVERALL with ANY material?

Students who were between 10-20% completed with my program STILL had a lot of experience in preparing for the *CPNE.

*CPNE is a registered trademarks of Excelsior College. Robbie Wolff is not licensed, affiliated or associated with, or endorsed by, Excelsior College.

Some had even already failed the test using other materials so their experiences were very important in the next set of questions.

Here’s how the second question broke down:

2 “How much has RobsREVIEW helped you to prepare for the test?”

  • Not at all – 0%
  • Somewhat helped – 12%
  • Helped a good amount – 37%
  • Helped Tremendously – 51%

I was overall pretty happy with these numbers as it shows me that A) I’m helping people and B) People feel prepared (and more importantly are PASSING the test!)

The one thing that concerned me was the 12% that said the site only “Somewhat helped” them. However, when I looked at how much of my program they had completed HALF of those responses were from tribe members who had competed 10% or less so that makes sense. Let’s move on to the next question…

3 “Which part of the RobsREVIEW program are you stuck on and why?”

I saw this one as amazing because based on how far you have completed the RobsREVIEW program, the answers were common among each group.

10-20% completion of the program were stuck at primarily the AOC and Lab SIM mnemonics. That made sense because mnemonics are at the beginning of each module and it takes a bit of time to understand and memorize them. This MUST be done as these mnemonics are the foundation for which we build everything else on.

30 – 60% completed people stated their hang up was with Care Plans and this also made sense because it is the BIG section after learning mnemonics. NOTE: ALL Tribe Members should submit care plans to me for review at the top of Chapter 4: Nursing Care Plans. (see image below)

Look for this at the VERY TOP of Chapter 4 to submit care plans to me.

70-100% group had little to no issues with getting stuck so it looks like I’m doing my job. However, there was TWO issues that came up among ALL 3 categories from 10% – 100% and that was:

  2. DOCUMENTATION was a sticking point.

As far as life being a sticking point I can understand that. I’ve personally talked to some of you and the issues have been things like taking care of your grandkids because their parents can’t or having 3 jobs to make ends meet or even dealing with tragedy like losing a loved one.

Look, I get it. Life gets in the way but when it does we must find time for OURSELVES. if you don’t have HOURS a day to devote to studying (rare) then find 10 minutes and make it happen.

10 minutes a day over a week adds up to over an hour. This is why you have my program – so you don’t have to figure out where to start, how to break it down and what parts to study. I’ve structured it in a Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 system BUT you still need to put in work. You CAN do it, just take it in small “chunks”.

THE PLAN TO FIX DOCUMENTATION: As a tribe member you know that we get together every month and we go over things that are giving the tribe difficulties. Sometimes it’s nursing care plans, sometimes it’s motivation but last month we went over documentation.

Moving forward, I believe we should go over EVERY AOC and do a practice documentation session. I don’t mean in a broad manner, but really drilling down and looking at the precise wording and actions we need to do to make it SIMPLE & UNDERSTANDABLE.

Next months tribe meeting will go over the documentation of COMFORT MANAGEMENT which you can complete the homework HERE.

We went over abdominal assessment documentation last month and you can watch that recording in Chapter 3: Charting (right underneath the text example of abdominal assessment) or you can view the video in Chapter 10: Tribe Meeting Recordings (I put them in both places for easy access).

Let’s move on to our 4th question…

4 “Why did you sign up to become a RobsREVIEW Tribe Member vs. just using the material that is already available?”

This question was mostly asked to gauge what I’ve been doing right and how I could amplify these positives and here’s what I learned. There were TWO main reasons why people signed up to become Tribe Members:

  1. Other Tribe Members recommended it and
  2. The material out there sucks (vague/inefficient/not comprehensive)

To say that someone recommends your service or product is the highest honor you can receive. It says to other people that you not only LIKE something but you are putting your reputation on the line and actually RECOMMENDING it.

I don’t take this lightly because my product isn’t something small like a new potato peeler or a decorative place mat. My program is DIRECTLY responsible if someone advances their career, allows them to increase support for their family and opens new doors to new opportunities.

Passing this ONE test allows you to do all that so this isn’t just important, it is VITAL.

(Don’t get me a wrong, a good potato peeler is great but it’s not THAT great.)

The second part is even more telling – “The material out there sucks” (direct quote). Here is what people said and I have to say, I’m surprised but not that surprised.

NOTE: other material names were deleted as I don’t want issues with others even though this is not my personal opinions or thoughts:

“Robs is more clear.”

Because the material sucks, you clearly need something, and it’s either you or (—) and nobody can afford (—) if you’re paying $20,000 for the stupid degree.”

(——–) materials are too vague.”

“When I failed my first attempt in 7/2017, I heard one student ask another if she did Rob’s Review. She said yes, and that’s when I knew I wasn’t in the same club. I did exactly what (———) said to do…use their study materials (which are much more extensive now than in 2017) and be wary of outside vendors not associated. As soon as I got back to my hotel, I checked out Rob’s Review and signed up. I have since done the split pilot, passed the NSL lab, and on track for the PCS portion end of July.”

“Because (———) doesn’t have much material.  I find in (———) videos they actually make some critical errors, like break a sterile field. I also have (—) and find yours to better.”

“Because I needed more than vague feedback.”

“Has taken the test in the past and didn’t feel like there was a lot of material from (———) that helped.”

Again, these are just some of the thoughts here. I am sure that other people might say different things but this is what I received. Moving forward the plan is to MAINTAIN the clarity and simplicity of RobsREVIEW and not go backwards.

This leads me to the last and most important question…

5 “What changes would you make to the members area at RobsREVIEW to make it better/faster/easier for Tribe Members?”

This question is what it’s all about. Constructive criticism to make us better! I expected some long drawn out rants about things being too complex or issues with the website or a host of other things and what I got was primarily this…


This was the majority of the responses, but there were some gold nuggets scattered about and that was what I was looking for so thank you! Here were the things said AND what I plan to do about it…

  • “The beginning of the Tribe Meeting recorded videos need to be pared down. “

OK, this is an easy fix! What happens at the beginning of every tribe meeting is me welcoming everyone and asking if the audio is OK, if the video is OK and if anyone has a test date.


This stuff can be eliminated but that would take time to pull out those videos, delete the first part and then upload the edited video. A better option is for me to have TIME STAMPS like this:


For this video it’s telling you to fast forward to 9 minutes 43 seconds so you can eliminate watching all the fluff that you don’t need.


I think doing this with ALL the videos will help cut down time and that’s what it’s all about. Efficiency. Also, if the videos have MULTIPLE topics I will break it down by TOPIC and TIME STAMP it for easy access like this:

Time Stamps are awesome! You can skip to the good stuff.

I’ve already started the process with the Tribe Meeting Videos as well as the regular videos. Let’s take a look at the next issue that was brought up:

  • “When clicking on a module it would be nice to not have everything on one page including videos. For example each mnemonic for each aoc should have it’s own page. If at all possible to include a downloadable pdf with practice areas for aoc and and mnemonics.”

For this one I’m going to say no and here’s why…

About a year ago I had this great idea to separate each AOC mnemonic and each video into it’s separate page (exactly what this tribe member is requesting). The problem? People HATED it! Why? Because there were now 32 EXTRA pages to click through! Nobody likes clicking around.

What I ended up doing is what you see currently. One LONG page with EVERYTHING on it in Chapter 1: Mnemonics (descriptions, mnemonic, pictures & videos).


This helps place everything together on one page so when you go to that page you understand that everything that has to do with that subject is on that particular page.

This is great for new people to get them acclimated to the site but what about the veteran tribe members who need to pop in and look up ONE thing for Respiratory Management? (It’s a lot of scrolling).

To appease BOTH types of tribe members (newbies & veterans) I installed a “Quick Scroll” option which jumps to the section you want (see image below)


Top of Chapter 1: MNEMONICS

I think this is a better option that creating a separate page for each and every specific AOC. I’ve been using it for a bit and it saves time and frustration trying to find that ONE area you need.

  • “Make a zoom once a week to discuss different areas of the study guide.”

What this tribe member is referring to as a “zoom” is our tribe meetings. We use the software to host our video conferences. Although I like this idea of doing something once a week I feel that zoom is a more formal setting.


Instead of zoom, I want to open it up in a much easier format and do a Facebook live once a week. I did 2 of them last month and they were a HUGE hit as the interaction and participation was through the roof.

You don’t need anything special to attend a Facebook live and it’s stable. Look for notifications via email of when I plan to be on. Also what’s great is that the Facebook live sessions are all recorded so if you can’t make one, you’ll still be able to catch the replay.

  • “Make one area where the videos are back to back… I listen to the audio repeatedly when I am at work.”

This has been a request for YEARS and I finally figured out how to do it the way that is best for everyone. I am going to strip the audio from each video that has to do with the AOC’s and Lab Sim Station Teachings and put them underneath each video so that you can download them and take them with you anywhere.


If you’re a person that does a long commute maybe you could listen in your car. If you have time when you’re on the treadmill or running why not listen? The point is, you’ll now be able to listen anywhere and everywhere without the need of being connected to the internet.

So far I’ve stripped the audio from the Sterile Field videos (Wound dressing change, PICC line change and Urinary Catheterization). You can download the audio today by going to Chapter 1: Mnemonics in the Lab Sim Module (see image below as an example)

I don’t have them for ALL the videos yet but give me a couple of days and I should have all the audio for the AOC and Lab Sim Station videos available for download so you can listen ANYWHERE.

There is one more thing I’m going to add in starting today. I just had a virtual workshop with a couple of ladies on Tuesday and I recorded them doing the Wound Station for the Lab sims. When we were all done with everything I uploaded the video and gave them THEIR OWN PERSONAL LINK SO THAT ONLY THEY COULD RE-WATCH IT!

This was a HUGE hit and just one more thing that RobsREVIEW is doing to make learning easier and more comprehensive. Imagine going through a workshop and being able to go back over YOUR OWN errors to remind yourself what you did right AND wrong and what to work on.

I think this is a game changer and so far it’s been received extremely well.

If you’re NOT a tribe member, check out this explainer video which details what the RobsREVIEW virtual workshop IS and how it’s different (and better) than a traditional workshop –


Lastly, I want to talk about this response I received. This is something I never really thought about and I’m glad this Tribe Member brought it up: 

  • “(—) give out assignments but limited feed back and they tell you just that you are wrong.  I find this discouraging.  Not to compare you to (—)  but I find your approach much better.  I have Asperberg, ADD, and dyslexia.  I think you can also market to those with learning disabilities because your use of visual aids.  Which helps so much with those who find school school a challenge.”

Honestly, I never thought about even mentioning that my program helps students who have learning disabilities such as ADD and Dyslexia because of my use of pictures and visual examples. I think moving forward I will make that more of a central point and bring it up to those that are looking for that type of help and instruction.

So that’s everything in a nutshell. I want to thank everyone that took the time to give feedback. Your input was INVALUABLE and it will drive the improvements going forward. I also want to thank you, the person reading this post to the end and let you know that if you need help or guidance I’m only a text/email/phone call away.

To Your Success,