CPNE workshop that goes VIRTUAL!


This page explains the difference between a traditional LIVE in-person *CPNE workshop and the new RobsREVIEW Virtual Workshop.

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If you think traveling to a LIVE Workshop is your only option, think again.

ACTIVE Virtual Workshop vs. PASSIVE Virtual Workshop. What am I talking about and how is this a game changer?
To put it simply – it’s awesome because it teaches EVERY TYPE OF STUDENT from ANYWHERE they want with a LIMITED NUMBER of students so they can get the MAXIMUM amount of learning in MINIMAL time.


Here’s what I mean –
When I was working for KCI as a medical device rep to wound care centers I was getting bombarded with work – so much work that I was tasked to find another RN who could do the same job.
I had one guy in mind – my preceptor Rick Leyva!
This guy was awesome at his job, was a fantastic nurse and he was well liked and respected by everyone.
This was the guy that showed me the rights and wrongs of home health nursing and I wanted him on my team because I looked up to him and he was just like me.
I’ll never forget what he told me when I asked him to come work with us as a medical device rep for less hours and more pay than his current position as a  RN case manager…
He said,
“Rob, I just can’t do that. Going into doctors offices and doing what you do would bore the hell out of me AND I’m not a big people person. If I don’t know you, I usually won’t talk to you. So thanks, but no thanks”
I was blown away.
…But it’s right there that I realized something – everyone is different.
They are motivated by different things.
They have different insights and values
And they definitely LEARN differently…
That’s why I created something new for everyone and I think it will appeal to a lot more people.
In October 2016 we introduced the Virtual Workshop. If you aren’t familiar with that, then watch the video below: ​​​​​​​
The video at bottom explains what a ACTIVE Virtual Workshop is, but I began to wonder about the other students.
You know, the ones that:
 – Don’t like to be in front of a camera
 – Like to do-it-themselves!
 – Like to be in the back of the class and OBSERVE what everyone else is doing.
If that sounds like you, then I have something I think you’re going to like.
I call it the –
PASSIVE Virtual Workshop
and in a nutshell, you’ll get to sit in on a LIVE workshop and learn in the background.
You won’t have to have the camera on you and have people watch you do the AOC’s and Lab Sim stations.
You won’t have to travel long distances to attend.
You can watch the workshop from your home, your favorite coffee shop, at work, at a bar (maybe not a bar), but ANYWHERE there is internet access, you’ll have the chance to sit in and watch.
AND you’ll get to ask ANY question you want to the student or instructor after each section is completed.
I put this explainer video to make it simple to understand
(click the link or the video to watch) ​​​​​​​
So that’s it in a nutshell. If you’re a RobsREVIEW tribe member you get this AUTOMATICALLY with membership!
Just go ahead and choose your date by logging into the members area and choosing your date with our calendar app.
Whichever type of Virtual Workshop you want to do, you’ve now got options…