Do THIS And You’ll Fail

Over the last couple of months I’ve noticed a disturbing trend and I want to stop it now before it gets worse. That trend is students getting overwhelmed and second guessing themselves because they’re reviewing information that is confusing, inaccurate and just plain un-organized! (basically, it’s trash).

Recently I’ve seen some VERY smart and competent RobsREVIEW Tribe Members start to wilt and become not as confident in their abilities and knowledge base.

This is THE MOST dangerous state to be in because when you start to question your abilities, your confidence takes a hit. When your confidence is lowered, that’s when you second guess yourself and get even more nervous which all leads to one inevitable outcome …failure.

Here’s the WORST part – these tribe members ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING THEY NEEDED TO KNOW TO PASS THIS TEST! It was this extra useless information/questioning that is derailing them!

Let me be VERY clear on something…

Can information OUTSIDE of RobsREVIEW be good?


Can it be accurate?

Sometimes, yes.

Can it be organized?


Do I believe that you need to HEAVILY review resources outside of RobsREVIEW?


The KEYWORD here is HEAVILY review. Let me explain…

I believe 100% that YOU DO NOT NEED to HEAVILY review ANY OTHER RESOURCE outside of RobsREVIEW to be successful at your test and here’s why with some examples.

Are there outside resources that you SHOULD look at besides RobsREVIEW? YES! But to grab EVERYTHING out there and try to absorb it all is like drinking from a fire house. Here’s an example:

Tribe member Sandy text me a couple of months ago and basically told me that she was going crazy. She had been reviewing all the material at RobsREVIEW and felt 90 to 95% ready to take her clinical exam.

I thought, great! Another tribe member ready to crush it! Our pass rate is at 98.2% so far in 2019 so I feel confident with what she’s learned that she’ll OBLITERATE her clinicals.

…and then she told me about going down the rabbit hole of looking at other resources.

All of a sudden, things weren’t making any sense!

She told me all about the new things she learned and was shook!

  • Assessing the ID of the patient EVERY time you walk in the room! (you don’t by the way)
  • Charting inside the room ONLY! (you shouldn’t do that either)
  • Performing ONE AOC and then making SURE you walk out of the room to document it (that’s ridiculous by the way…why not stay in and do ALL of your AOC’s at once and get it over with!)

…and the list went on and on. By the time the week was over, I had answered 30+ questions that I’ve CLEARLY laid out in the members area at RobsREVIEW.

The problem wasn’t that Sandy DIDN’T know these things (she totally did) but that she kept second guessing herself and that is dangerous!

I kept hearing her say, “I know you said that we only have to do “X” but this other person/group/resource said that I should do “Y”

And this has been continuing all the way until today when I answered a question from tribe member Sven P. who asked, “How much air do I have to push into the G-tube and then auscultate to confirm placement?”

(you aren’t required to do that).

So here’s the thing – I’m not arrogant in thinking that RobsREVIEW is the end all be all and you shouldn’t look at what’s out there to deepen your understanding. That’s not what I’m saying.

What I’m saying is that for the average student you should just use the resources that MAKE SENSE TO YOU, is ORGANIZED and is ACCURATE. When you start to go beyond that you’re venturing into the arena of diminishing returns (you do MORE but get WAY LESS).

The RobsREVIEW house wasn’t built by me… I just put in the concrete foundation. The rest of the house was built by Tribe Members who told me how to make it complete with the right walls, roof, windows, doors, etc., All I did was listen to recommendations from students over the years who gave me some really great recommendations on what works and what doesn’t work for *Excelsior College students studying for their *CPNE test.

*CPNE and Excelsior College are registered trademarks of Excelsior College. Robbie Wolff is not licensed, affiliated or associated with, or endorsed by, Excelsior College.

As I write this I just got another text of a Tribe Member (Nancy P.) who passed her Lab Sim stations at her SPLIT PROGRAM testing site in Albany. I asked her if she used any outside resources and she said, “Yes. I used SOME things but the MAJORITY of where I got my info was from your site. Thanks!”

To sum this all up – I like the program we built here at RobsREVIEW but you have to understand, I am biased. If my information doesn’t make sense then it’s not for you. I use a lot of pictures and videos which I find works for the VISUAL learner as well as the student with ADD and Dyslexia. Find something that works for YOU but DON’T take bits and pieces from EVERYWHERE and piecemeal it together because MOST of the stuff out there is either un-organized, confusing, hard to remember, or just plain wrong. Use what works for YOU.

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