Best Online *Excelsior College CPNE Test Sites Review and RATED.

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As you can see, the sites are concentrated on the East coast with some sprinkled about at other locations - Alice, TX...

Regardless, here is what I have heard about each site and how I rank them:

  • ALL sites are awful
  • and
  • ALL sites are great

Here's what I mean and why that is probably so confusing to you (hey Rob, that didn't make ANY SENSE!)

I can hear that one week a certain site is great! Then the very next week I hear that it is horrible. There are 2 reasons for this:

1) There were different groups of examiners from one week to the next. Remember, just like when you go to a restaurant - sometimes the food is made by the top chef at the restaurant and the food is excellent so you say the restaurant is excellent and recommend it to a friend. That friend goes the next week and gets a different chef and the food is horrible, so the friend states that the place is horrible...It is the same way with testing sites.

2) The student was not prepared and because of his/her lack of preparation states that the site was "unreasonably hard". Let's be honest, sometimes this DOES happen. Does it happen ALL the time where the student was unprepared and the examiners were supportive, understanding people?Hardly, but it does happen.

My recommendation is forget the good site/ bad site and  instead focus on being CONFIDENT !

If you can show these examiners that you can perform these simple assessments and tasks then they will have no problem passing you and letting you practice as an RN in the outside world.

When I was going through LVN school in the U.S. Army an instructor told the class that his son was in Iraq and the only way he would pass us is if  he felt that we could take care of his son if he was injured and we were taking care of him while he was in the hospital.

Guess what? The students with the highest confidence almost always passed because they showed him that they KNEW what they were doing.  In my opinion EVERYONE knew what they were doing but the ones that could show that competence with CONFIDENCE passed. The same criteria has probably been told to these examiners -

" Pass the ones that are competent and ones that YOU would let take care of people on the outside as an RN. "

Makes sense doesn't it ?

I know it may seem that *Excelsior College can be a real pain BUT I will tell you this... It has given an incredible amount of people an advanced degree all while studying from the comfort of their own home.

*Excelsior College is a registered trademark of Excelsior College. Robbie Wolff is not licensed, affiliated or associated with, or endorsed by, Excelsior College.

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