The *CPNE test through *Excelsior College is NOT a test of nursing competence, but rather a test of how you handle STRESSFUL SITUATIONS and the UNKNOWN!

**CPNE and Excelsior College are registered trademarks of Excelsior College. Robbie Wolff is not licensed, affiliated or associated with,or endorsed by, Excelsior College.

In line with that we have an UNBELIEVABLE opportunity to take this clinical exam in the COMFORT OF OUR OWN HOME!

Imagine doing the wound station or passing meds or seeing a patient and NOT having to be in a strange hospital and having that examiner eyeing you to catch ANY mistake you make so you can get failed…

Personally, this is the kind of scenario we should all be DREAMING of and now it’s here – The VIRTUAL LAB SIM and PCS!

Here’s the problem – there is an unknown factor and that is HOW DO I TAKE CARE OF A VIRTUAL PATIENT AND PASS A VIRTUAL PCS?

Well, the even better news is that you can take AS MANY MOCK PCS ONLINE until you feel comfortable to take the OFFICIAL one. That means practicing so much that you can basically WRITE YOUR OWN GOLDEN TICKET and PASS.

We have had 2 Tribe Members take the VIRTUAL PCS and PASS. We’ve had 8+ Tribe Members take the Virtual Lab SIM and pass that as well. So far, NO ONE HAS FAILED and they say it is MUCH EASIER!

You’ll still need to know the Mnemonics, Care Plans and put in the practice to be able to pass but if you’ve been studying with my program you will ABSOLUTELY CRUSH THIS TEST…

So here’s my recommendation:

  1. Keep studying like you are going to be doing a LIVE PCS or LAB SIM
  2. Call the school and sign up for the Virtual Lab Sim (if you haven’t taken it already).
  3. If you have taken the lab sim and passed, call the school and set yourself up to take the MOCK VIRTUAL PCS online and do them UNTIL YOU CONSISTENTLY GET 100%! THEY’RE EASY!!
  4. Take the test and DESTROY IT.


There are some things to note:

You DO NOT need to have a 100% on the virtual PCS to pass (you only need a 90%!)

You will be sent the supplies for the Lab Sim station by the school for your test date (although you will need to make a wound mannequin out of cardboard – no kidding! Cardboard!!)

You won’t be able to open your Lab Sim supply kit until the DAY OF the test so you won’t know which STERILE FIELD Lab Sim you will get.

You WILL need a computer and internet connection (if you’re reading this, then congratulations, you have that.) and you’ll need a webcam. Thankfully, almost ALL computers and Laptops in the last 3-5 years have them built in.

LASTLY, let me say this – Opportunity comes knocking very rarely and if you miss the boat on this, you’ll be kicking yourself for a LONG time. TAKE ACTION!! CALL THE SCHOOL! GET

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