Looking For an Event or Some Things To Do in El Paso for 2017?


DO YOU LIKE NINJA WARRIOR, TOUGH MUDDER or SPARTAN RACE? Sure, but how about an obstacle course for EVERYONE? InSANDity is for fit adults who want to test themselves for the fastest completion time, all the way to kids 5 years old and up. Now's your time to do an event with friends/family where ALL can compete.

Saturday (9.23.17) - Fastest Time WINS $100.00! 





  • InSANDity obstacle course event participant running through fire

    At the end of the course is where it gets a little hot...
  • el-paso-events-and-things-to-do-like-this-obstacle-course-climb

    Events like this are great for the whole family. Do the obstacles you can do and skip the ones you can't. EVERYONE can make it (event the little ones).
  • kids running through tuff mudder like obstacle event but this is something to do in el paso tx

    Our event isn't as tough as a tough mudder, a spartan race or a warrior dash BUT we make up for it in being INCLUSIVE so everyone can make it through. Come out for a bit and be a kid again (or just be a kid).
  • guy crawling through obstacle event in the InSANDity course

    Some obstacles take dexterity, flexibility, strength and perseverance but if you're ready, we've got an event in El Paso that you'll have a great time participating in!
  • UTEP students preparing to go through the InSANDity obstacle event race in el paso tx

    Students, Military, Parents, Children of all ages are welcome to this El Paso 2017 event. Now there's something to do in el paso! A combination of a race, an event and an obstacle course all in one for everyone.