Do We Record Our Virtual Workshops?

Ever since we started our virtual workshops the question has been, Do you record the Virtual Workshops so I can watch them later?” The simple answer is YES, but there is one condition, so let me explain what I mean…

To be clear, this page will talk about our Virtual *CPNE workshop and why we record them.

*CPNE is a registered trademark of Excelsior College. Robbie Wolff is not licensed, affiliated or associated with, or endorsed by, Excelsior College.

We’ve done live physical workshops where people would show up from all over the country (which was pricey for everyone due to all those travel expenses and the workshop itself).

We would have 20-30 students in one room and it was tough to give EVERYONE the right amount of attention and feedback. Honestly, I didn’t like it…

During that time we absolutely did NOT record them. The reason? It actually never even occurred to us that people would want to re-watch them.

Fast forward to October of 2016 when we started with the active virtual workshops.

This is when we started to record bits and pieces of each workshop to show members of how to do certain things and to give them a “sneak-peek” of what goes in in these Virtual Workshops. The main reason we recorded was to:

1) Expand on some topics that were already covered in other sections of the members area so students could further understand a topic like how to start a PCS or what exactly are the 20 minutes checks and to

2) Show them how a active virtual workshop actually worked. Since people have been teaching LIVE workshops for decades now, the concept of doing a workshop from your own home with simple technology was a little tough to grasp at first, but people have figured it out.

Those were the 2 big reasons we why we recorded snippets of the workshop.

Starting in May 2019 we record every virtual workshop BUT we ONLY share the recording WITH THE PEOPLE WHO ATTENDED.

The reason is simple…

If I put up EVERY SINGLE RECORDING that we have done thus far it would be HOURS upon HOURS of recordings! Some people would sit there and watch ALL of them and not take action like we preach in the members area.

What happens when you sit back and learn but NOT take action?

The information becomes WORTHLESS!

There is a phrase that states, “Knowledge is Power” but that’s not correct. What is should say is “Knowledge is Power IF you can REMEMBER IT and actually USE IT.”

This is why in the members area we not only teach you WHAT to know but how to REMEMBER and USE IT when you’re at your test site doing critical elements for the AOC’s and Lab Sim stations.

I believe that recording each workshop will allow those students who have attended to go back and re-watch themselves so they can fully understand what was taught

Good luck and let us know what you think in the comment section below: