Pilot Split Program – Good or Bad Idea?

The *Excelsior College‘s Pilot Split Program for your *CPNE Test is a GOOD idea and here’s why…

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Does this sound familiar – “I just got offered the Pilot Program! What do you think? Should I take it or just fo the traditional route?” I get asked this question on at least a weekly basis and my answer is always the same – TAKE THE PILOT PROGRAM OPTION! If that’s all you need to hear then you can stop reading. But if you need an explanation on WHY then keep reading.

Let’s back up though. What is the Pilot Split program? Watch this video first and I’ll explain it after you’ve watched it as it’ll make a lot of sense after…

2:51 Quick Video.

So what the Pilot Program is the ability to SPLIT the Lab Sim portion and do that on one day, then go home and wait so you can do the PCS (live patients) 1 to 5 months later. Example: you could do the Lab Sim stations in January then do the PCS’s in May. Why would ANYONE want to split this up? Are they taking crazy pills? Keep reading and I’ll tell you WHY this is a really good idea.

Here’s the deal – I would have KILLED to have the pilot program when I was going through. To be able to ONLY focus on HALF of the test at a time is HUGE! Imagine having to only do HALF your work or having to only pay for HALF of your taxes or only going to the gym HALF the time. Sounds awesome right? Well it is but there’s probably 2 things that you’re thinking about…

1] “But Rob, what about the fact that I have to go BACK and take the other half of the test! Why don’t I just do it all in one shot!”

2] “Also, I don’t want to have to PAY for ANOTHER airplane ticket AND hotel room AND take time off of work and family! C’mon man! The traditional route just makes more sense.”

Here’s where I’m going to have you expand your mind for a bit and listen to my mistakes. Remember, you MUST learn from mistakes but they don’t have to be YOUR mistakes, so here’s mine:

I went in to my first test and thought I would pass with no issues. Well, I didn’t. I failed pretty hard that first time and here’s what I lost in terms of money:

$483 for airfare

$212 for hotel stay

$2300 for the cost of the EXAM

$29,320 increase in salary from an LVN to RN

That’s just the financial part. I want you to imagine now coming home and telling your family, friends, co-workers and boss that you won’t be an RN for AT LEAST another year because you failed your test. That sucks! And that’s just external stuff. Internally you have to deal with that failure and have those thoughts hang around your neck like an anchor. You think that won’t affect you and the people around you?? Well it does and YOU don’t want that!

What could have prevented all of that? What could I have done to make SURE I passed? I’ll tell you – I would have done exactly TWO things that didn’t exist back then: 

  1. I would’ve signed up for a program like RobsREVIEW (didn’t exist)
  2. I would’ve asked to break the test up into 2 parts (LAB SIM station and PCS’s) so I wouldn’t have to cram everything together and stress out. 

Also, if you fail the traditional TEST format (LAB SIMs and PCS together over 2 1/2 days) then you have to pay the TOTAL cost all over again ($2300) AND you only get 2 more chances!

If you fail the Split Program format then you only have to pay the cost of that portion of the test that you failed (Lab Sim or PCS). Whatever portion that you didn’t pass, you just have to study a little harder and prepare a little more when you go back and try again. That’s a LOT better than having to go back and do BOTH portions every time you have to go back.

So to answer your question, YES you’ll have to pay a little more for travel expenses and YES you’ll have to wait a little bit longer between your first (LAB SIMs) and the second part (PCS’s) but in the long run you will increase your chances of passing this test all together and won’t make the same mistake I did (see that $30k + money lost above).

If you do this AND couple it together with a clinical test prep service then your chances of passing goes through the roof! Of course there are other test prep services out there but I believe mine is the best (I’m a little biased here). I recommend to go out there and look around for a program that fits YOU and YOUR learning style. The RobsREVIEW program is geared towards visual learners who like video and pictures to help with memorization but some learn better with just reading blocks and blocks of text….I can’t do that.

IF AND ONLY IF you are 100% sure that you can pass this test THEN go ahead and go for the traditional route. DON’T take the traditional route JUST BECAUSE you’ve been waiting a long time and are anxious to get it over with. DON’T rush into taking the test because you feel the pressure of getting things over with and DON’T go the traditional route if you haven’t FULLY PREPARED yourself!

Minimize your risks as much as possible and that means splitting and preparing. I’m not saying that 100% of the time you should take the split option, I’m saying do the things that increase your chances of test dat success because in the long run it will pay off!

So that’s it. I hope this helps but as always do your research and make a decision that works best for you and your needs. If you need a program that is organized in a step by step format that simplifies the whole process (LAB SIMS, AOC’s Documentation and Care Plan training and evaluation) then check out what RobsREVIEW has to offer herehttps://robbie-wolff.com/checkout_sales_cant_wait_mo_y_annu/