What is the difference between a CPNE workshop PASSIVE and a CPNE workshop ACTIVE?

Is the Passive Virtual CPNE Workshop too much?

I got a question today from an ACTIVE Virtual CPNE Workshop attendee today and he asked, “Hey Rob, will these PASSIVE workshop attendee’s be in on this weekends workshop? This is the one I signed up for and I don’t want a flood of people in there and then I can’t get personal attention.” I have to say, that comment

made me think: Will people interpret the Passive Virtual Workshop as cutting into their personalized workshop time?

I think it best to watch this video first as to what the ACTIVE Virtual Workshop is:

…and here is what a PASSIVE Virtual Workshop is:

SO to be clear – Signing up for the ACTIVE Virtual Workshop is like going to a concert but paying for backstage passes to meet Jay-Z and Beyonce’ with only you and 3 of your friends. Signing up for the PASSIVE virtual workshop is like buying front row tickets to the same concert, but you won’t get that extra attention.

Both are pretty awesome, but it’s just one that takes it to the next level.

If you’re interested in the PASSIVE or VIRTUAL workshop, simply sign up for the Base RobsREVIEW program and you’ll be given the option to add on the workshop of your choice.

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