Nursing Care Plan Books


Nursing Care Plans – They can be tricky and from what I hear, they are becoming a constant reason for FAILURE at the CPNE. Let’s take a look at the first step in this process -what are actually the accepted books to use…….

Gone are the days when you had to have a SPECIFIC book and SPECIFIC version of that book.

According to the 21st edition of the guidebook you have a TON of options. Page, 3 it states:

Students are permitted to use a pocket-size nursing diagnosis guidebook of their choice that is less

than 2 editions old, for guidance throughout the planning process as assessment data is

gathered and interpreted.

And on Page 52 it states:

One of the tools necessary to writing a

plan of nursing care is a book containing the NANDA-


International (NANDA-I) nursing diagnoses, their

definitions, and signs and symptoms.

So now you have all the options in the world for the CPNE nursing care plans. My suggestion is that you browse through this book and get yourself familiar with it. The questions you need to ask yourself are:

1) where are the NANDA definitions ?

2) Where are the R/T (related to) sections ?

3) Where do I find the characteristics or the “as evidenced by” section ?


My recommendation is to get a book that is easy to read and one that obviously will fit in your pocket for when your taking this monster exam. The book I have listed as the picture above is what A lot of former students have used but feel free to go to any bookstore and find yours (as long as it is not 2 editions old).

Now that you have this book, what next ? Try to follow along with the examples of a patient in the CPNE guidebook. Take a look at these pages:

Planning phase NURSING CARE PLAN with examples written in – pgs. 72, 298, 456, 470, 484, 498, 505, 512

Planning phase NURSING CARE PLAN with examples of UNACCEPTABLE aspects – pg. 68

If you can follow along easily with these examples then you have your book and are ready to get going.

For a look at a comprehensive nursing care plan with nursing interventions and rationales  you should check out my members area. But, until next time, keep studying ! The Next CPNE  article will be on what diagnosis to choose….


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