PIc of What a Navy SEAL can teach you about the CPNE test

What a Navy SEAL can teach you about the CPNE test.

Before I get into why a Navy SEAL would laugh at the pressures of the CPNE test but can cripple some students, I want to say one thing:

All of the tribe members who passed last weekend knew one thing by the time they tested:

"The vast majority of what the CPNE exam tests is your ability to handle stress and situational pressure."

"You must know the technical parts of the CPNE exam (critical elements, care plans, 20 minute checks) 


if you cannot handle stress and perform when you need to, it won't matter how much you know or how smart you are."

This is why some online CPNE prep services don't work. They focus SOLELY on the technical and all but IGNORE the mental strength part!

So this got me thinking - how would a Navy SEAL deal with this pressure?

Navy SEAL Sniper Instructor Eric Davis wrote in his book, "Raising Men" this story:

"Mental Toughness and whatever you use to power through an activity - grit, perseverance and passion - play a significant role in success. 

How we experience our surroundings and situations is more a matter of choice than we realize. 

...I was 3 weeks into phase 1 of SEAL training when my alarm went off at 0400. 

I remember feeling this incredible despair. I could barely lift my eyelids, there was a a constant ringing in my head, my legs felt like lead and the calluses on my hand had peeled off, leaving bloody holes. I was in bad shape for the days training. 

Next thing I know I'm in a push up position on the beach with my body covered in sand - on my face, in my ears, between my thighs and in my mouth. Both my quadriceps seized up because of muscle cramps, and I could taste blood as it trickled from my nose. 

It was at that moment that I realized that the SEAL instructors who were training me hadn't actually done anything to me! All they did was tell me what they wanted me to do in order for me to become a SEAL. I had done all those things to myself and more importantly by myself. 

From that moment on I was able to push myself well beyond my perceived limits, getting stronger both mentally and physically. 


Since 2008, I've been repurposing that knowledge for high performing individuals and businesses, and I have found that those who "make it" share this one thing in common: 

Not just the ability to endure pain and stress, but the ability to not even feel it...

SEAL training or success isn't just about enduring the misery and stress. SEAL training is about turning the PERCEPTION of misery and stress OFF or even turning into something pleasurable. Many SEALs got so good at doing this that we found ourselves actually enjoying things like "surf torture" or running indefinitely. 

Where does frame of mind come from? It comes from believing in a higher purpose, focusing on our objective, and having a level of passion for something."

Do you see how important mental strength is?

All these soldiers can do push-ups or get in the sand, or run some distance, but it's the ones who are mentally tough that will pass on to become elite SEAL members.

The same thing goes for the CPNE test.

We can all do the critical elements for the AOC's.

We can all do the 20 minute checks

We can all do the documentation and

We can all do the nursing care plans (you can learn how to do this technical stuff anywhere).

But what separates the students who will pass and the ones who don't is their ability to handle the stress and pressure of the CPNE test. These students realized that this is more of a STRESS TEST than a NURSING TEST.

(I talk about how to to do this A LOT in Chapter 6: Mental Strength)

What separates YOU from the student who won't pass is that YOU have done all the hard work.

You've "steeled your spine" to make you tough as nails so that YOU, yes YOU can go into that CPNE test and not have the stress shut you down.

YOU have already done all the hard work  - you've practiced hours and hours on end with the RobsREVIEW system, You've written out your 2 minute template care plans, you've attended the tribe meetings and you've watched and re-watched Chapter 6: Mental Strength.

In short - you're the Navy SEAL of CPNE test takers.

Your time to dominate this exam is coming up...and you'll be ready.

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