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The Robs CPNE program includes: ..)

  • Access to Rob: Send me an E-mail and unless I am sleeping I will get back to you within MINUTES!
  • EASY ACCESS TO THE PROGRAM !!: All program material is located in our MEMBERS area and can be accessed on ANY internet device - PC, MAC, Iphone, Android and any tablet.
  • Las Vegas Workshop: All members are invited to a small workshop (max 4 students) held in my new home town of LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. Workshops are held every month and is ONLY available to members of RobsCPNE
  • Videos from the RobsCPNE workshop in Las Vegas uploaded monthly: Almost as good as being there in person
  • Organization and Quick Start Guide: You are going to feel overwhelmed (like I did) so I made you an ORGANIZATION and QUICK START GUIDE so you know WHAT to study, WHEN to study, and HOW to make it all come together so you PASS...
  • How to set up a mock patient care station in your HOME: You can practice the critical elements as much as you want until you feel comfortable.
  • How to prepare yourself mentally for this grueling 2 1/2 day exam: If you are not mentally ready, you might as well not even show up to the CPNE exam
  • Mental tricks that make it IMPOSSIBLE to forget: With these mental shortcuts you won't have an issue
  • ALL 4 lab stations being done by a LIVE demonstration: In an easy to remember format
  • How to make a wound model from common items that you can find at any store: Don't pay for the expensive Excelsior model
  • An easy guide that tells you EXACTLY the items that you will need to set up your OWN lab simulation stationt: Instead of having to hunt everything down in the 500 + page Guidebook
  • Nursing Care Plan Class: New classes held periodically
  • Nursing diagnosis that you can use on almost ALL of your patients: WITH rationales
  • Documentation help: Information STRAIGHT from the Excelsior CPNE guidebook so you know it is accurate
  • No more need for DVD's!: As content is changing so frequently you can be sure that you are receiveing the most UP TO DATE informaiton in our members area. If I find a new technique or way to make YOUR learning easier and faster, I will notify ALL students and upload it in the members section of my new super fast server
  • STUDY PARTNERS: Find a student in YOUR area today
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Just wanted to let you know that I passed the CPNE this weekend on my first attempt with no repeats.  Your material was right on.  Best $90 I ever spent.  Thanks for making a quality product.

Kristen H.

Hey Rob, Wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I passed!!!!

I took my CPNE (first attempt) this weekend at St Mary's in Madison, WI. Your mnemonics were a TREMENDOUS help and were a sure thing in keeping me on track this weekend-without having your video first there is no way I could have broken down that massive study guide and the critical elements. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful information and I wish future luck all of the best!

Wilmyne L. Excelsior graduate

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