Best Online  Excelsior CPNE Workshop And Why It's Important

First of all, just what is the CPNE? If you want to know the bare bones basics of what this test is and why it's so hard (and how you can pass the CPNE easily) then go ahead and watch this video below. It's a webinar I held for MEMBERS ONLY a little bit ago and has some great info on what makes a workshop high rated or low rated.


Here's that video - the Excelsior CPNE process sure can be tricky!

So that pretty much sums up what the Excelsior CPNE is and I'm sure by now you've figured out why it is important to go to a good workshop - clinic - prep course (or whatever you want to call it). It's SUPER important to get some kind of training BEFORE you go to a test site and take your test... Trust me. (If you want a review of a particular Excelsior college CPNE test site or all of the numerous test sites then CLICK HERE and check out the review.)

Some people call it a workshop, some call it a clinic and others call it a preparation ( prep ) course but what I like to call it is this:

A Mastermind Workshop

Why call it that? Well, it's real simple... I like to work WITH you and not teach DOWN to you. You and I can do some great things together and WE as a team can make you successful. I did a quick video blog on this exact same topic, which you can watch below:

Can't do a LIVE workshop? No problem! Check out the FIRST EVER - Virtual Workshop (video below)

So that is what makes my program a little bit unique from everything else out there. Remember, when I went through this test, I couldn't go to a CPNE workshop clinic. I simply didn't have the time or money for that and if you are in this distance program, chances are, you like to do your own thing and study on your OWN terms. That's why I think this might be a good fit for you - an online CPNE workshop which can show you everything you need to know to pass the CPNE on your FIRST (or next) try!

If you're ready to learn a little bit more then CLICK HERE or you can click on the icon at the top left and you'll be taken to the main page at my site to learn what my program is all about AND how to get started. (I've also got a lot of free information throughout the website that most people charge an arm and a leg for, but it's yours for free). Good luck and I hope I answered some of your questions as to what makes a top, high rated CPNE workshop and why you need one.