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*Name = Velma Christman

Date of CPNE = August 28-30, 2015

Ok so I am out of shock mode and feeling great today!! First and for most let me say THANKS TO ROB AND HIS CPNE SITE! Fantastic study material.

 Rob you were correct to say that the CE's and CA are not your enemy, they really do want you to pass this monster of a test.

So this was my weekend experience in Chambersburg, Pa:

 Friday night stations great

Saturday: Not so Great....FIRST PCS- I had myself so nervous about getting a five year old that when I entered the room, there were nurses, the doctor and the mother, my mind just went blank and I forgot to ID the pt!!! FAIL

SECOND PCS- AFIB and we did radial pulse twice and apical once....5 point difference..FAIL

If you do apical you can move your stethoscope up on to chest. DUH !!!! See what nerves can do!

So long story short: I had 3 PCS's to do Sunday with no mistakes. Yes I got home and I cried. Something came over me and I changed that attitude of defeat. Saturday evening I watched Rob's videos and I had a game plan to look at my paper as much as I wanted to without feeling stupid, because lets face it, it is a lot to remember. One of the CE's actually told me to get your paper out as much as you want. I then thought this test is not like real life situations of caring for patients, so I also planned to do each AOC then mark it off and move to the next one. I felt ready for Sunday.

Sunday- First PCS knee replacement and bowel obstruction. Got into room and did my assignment. had 4 AOC. Know your documentation and neumonic's!!!! I had plenty of time to document! PASSED

Second PCS- Left hip infection and colonoscopy drainage. Know your wound and drainage stuff!

Pt had  a wound vac on her hip, just checked tubing suction level, amount of fluid in vac and color, dry and intact, Checked surrounding skin, ask if she was having any pain.. Also had PVA and RESP. assessment and ambulate pt, I carried the wound vac .Plenty of time to document. PASSED

So by know I am feeling great but one more to go.

Third PCS- CHF Yay I got this!!! PVA , Resp assess, fluids restricted, Ambulate, skin assess. Done documented and PASSED

Please never give your spirit to Pass , I felt at ease on Sunday and I really felt Great when it was over.

Thanks again to Rob for your web site. WONDERFUL!!! I did not study anything else and took no workshops.

To all students: Stay Positive, Control your nerves, and never give up!!! Best wishes!!!!


*Name = Craig Smulevitz

Date of CPNE = July 17-19, 2015

Well after a long long was a pass!

Here is my review for you to post:

Robs CPNE Website is the ultimate site for learning the mnemonics, getting a feel for what will be expected of you at the CPNE, in both the labs as well as the patient scenarios.  There is no way I could have been that confident going into the exam, knowing that I would hit every area of the critical elements without it.  I watched these videos over and over and over again and I did not miss a step when the CPNE arrived.  Compared to the other sites out there, this site is by far the best one in terms of content and pricing.

The only downside I would say is that while the focus on labs and scenarios are great, there is not so much focus or as many resources available on Care Planning.  There is a video, but one video does not really prepare you for writing Care Plans in the way that watching the lab and scenario videos prepares you for those situations.  And you can be an expert in treating the patients, but if you can't write a good care plan, you'll never get in the room.

End of review.

*Name = Eddie Burgen

Date of CPNE = June 26-28, 2015

Hey Rob - I passed !

It wasn't hard as far as anything complicated, but it was the most stressful thing I've done since Marine boot camp.

The CA and CE's were all very professional.
The point is, they want you to pass and if you're professional and good with your patients you will.

I knew my mnemonics backwards and forwards and had my station skills down.

I could have been better prepared on my care planning, but I think that's an art. I was asked about a couple of things on my plans and managed to talk my way into an "okay, I'll accept that".

I watched your videos over and over and listened to them as I ran my 4 miles every other day. I could hear your voice in my head as I performed my assessments and managements with my patients.

Thanks again for your help. Your site was worth every penny. I only wish I could have done a seminar.

Feel free to call or re-e-mail if you want to know anything else.

Eddie Burgin

*Name = Emanuela aboagye

Date of CPNE = 7-9, 2015
Hi rob,

I passed cpne on August 9th in utica,NY. Thank u so much ur AOC videos were great.  I kept it simple did my areas of care and documented. I used all ur mnemonics and grid , it helped me stay organized     And when I got confused and nervous it kept me on track. I thank God and you for ur golden mnemonics. When I got stuck during labs I would take a glimpse at them and continue passed all labs one try !

Thank u Rob

*Name = Shifra Scheff

Date of CPNE = July 10-12, 2015

Message To Rob:: I PASSED AT UTICA!!! Rob, I do not think I would have passed without all your help!!!  your mnemonics and grid were what kept me focused and organized throughout the whole exam! There were others at the exam that failed because they could not stay organized!

*Name = Rebecca Matvick

Date of CPNE = June 19-21, 2015

Message To Rob:: Hi Rob, I passed my CPNE this past weekend!!!  How do I unsubscribe to your site as I am now done with CPNE?

*Name = Shiffi Tischler

Date of CPNE = July 14-16, 2015

Hi Rob ! I passed today along with two others at utica!! Thank you !!

*Name = Amy Newberry

Date of CPNE = August 2015

I passed the CPNE on the first attempt last August. I found your mnemonics to be very useful ! Thank You !

*Name = Jaime Derkach

Date of CPNE = March, 2015

I did watch your videos and I took the CPNE in Utica this March and passed on my first attempt. Thanks for making the videos!
Jaime Derkach

*Name = Regina Blair

Date of CPNE = June 5-7, 2015

I passed this past weekend. Thank you !!!

*Name = Robin LaVerdure

Date of CPNE = May 22-24, 2015

I passed my CPNE this past weekend at Southern Regional in GA. I wouldn't have passed without you and your teaching. I saw others who came without your input and they struggled. At least 2 failed out. I had to repeat one lab, but not because I didn't know what I was doing, I couldn't get my head and hands to work together at the same time. I was shaking so badly while doing the IV push, that I ran out of time. After I finally got a grip, I finished the 3 other stations and then passed all 3 PCS' the first time. No repeats! I used your mneumonics and used a grid the entire time to keep myself straight. I might suggest that if you decide to add anything else to your incredible preparation, it would be to write the simple things on the DO your care plan evaluation page, write everything that might need to be documented down in the corner...and CHECK it off before you turn your paper in. I was so excited to be finished, that I actually handed my paper to the CE and then said "Oh My GOSH!!!" I ran back to her, and told her that I needed to finish one last thing. She had not opened it yet, so she allowed me to have it back. I would have failed without that. So big hugs!!!! Thanks for everything and keep up the good work. I will definitely refer anyone taking EC studies to you.
Lots of love!
Robin LaVerdure
Was Woodford...married 5-7-11 🙂


*Name = Diana Lopez

Date of CPNE = April 17-19, 2015

Hey Rob, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the CPNE on my first try. And that I did it with the help of your videos and ESPECIALLY your mneumonics!!! I will be forever grateful to you.  I did it just like you said, I mean I made a fake patient and stuffed it with towels and duct tape and just followed your advice to the T.  I did lots of practicing along the way.  I'm so glad that your videos were out there!  I really believe that YOU helped me even more than what excelsior did to pass the CPNE.  Again ROB!!! Thank You so very much.  Your an awesome Teacher....

*Name = Charly Cochran

Date of CPNE = Mar 27-29, 2015

Hi Rob!
Passed the CPNE with flying colors, no repeats, no hiccups, nothing!
Thank you tons for the support & I will be submitting a formal statement to be posted onto your website in the very near future.
Hope you are doing well, thanks again.

*Name = Amy Amazigo

Date of CPNE = Mar 27-29, 2015

Hello Rob, 
With heart full of gratitude to God and to you, I want to let you know that I PASSED the cpne today at Lubbock this morning. I used your videos for about five weeks after I took a cancellation. Without God's help through you, there is absolutely NO way that I would have passed the Cpne. My application was accepted 12/29/14 and studying without a date was not for me. I called and accepted a cancellation on February 14th, 2015. If I had not succeeded, I still would have said "thank you" to you for your system. My CE's commented on my thanking the patient for allowing me to take care of them and just like you, 2 of my patients that were in excruciating pain both smiled! I think that set the stage for cooperation from them and winning all my CE's favor!
Again thanks and words cannot express how grateful I am. I wish I could shout it from a roof top to other students to do themselves a favor, and to "please use your videos". And FYI, your videos were all I used. For the care plan, I used the robscpne recorded care plan class, excelsior message and phone reviews and a face book page, apples to apples. That's it.
Thanks again Rob and may the good lord bless and keep you.

*Name = Faith Bate

Date of CPNE = Mar 13-15, 2015

My name is FAITH BATE, I  just wanna thank you so much, I passed my CPNE last weekend 3/13/15-3/15/15 in Atlanta. I couldn't be any happier!  with my lack of clinical experience, robscpne was my sole teacher. I can never thank you enough, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Faith Bate.

*Name = Witmer Ashley

Date of CPNE = Mar 13-15, 2015

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your study program. It helped me pass this weekend in Chambersburg, Pa !!

*Name = Kevin (Last name withheld)

Date of CPNE = 2/6/2015 - 2/8/2015

I had my CPNE on 2/6/15-2/8/15. I passed with no repeats, thanks to this
program. I am a confident and realistic person with a good level of common
sense and intelligence but I was a basket case for about 30 days heading
into this exam. Your program was what got me through it with a passing
My advice for all is to follow this program and review all of the changes to
the study guide. Approach the exam just as stated in the videos. Your care
may seem to be choppy and inconsistent but you will not be evaluated
based on your fluidity of care. Do each of your assigned areas of care
individually and follow the mnemonics for the assessment and the charting.
I do have to say that this program is weak on the nursing care plans so I
used the Excelsior College e-mail and phone PCS to polish my plans as well
as receive feedback on charting. I can tell you, these resources are
invaluable though a little inconsistent.  Lots of feedback  from the
evaluators and I really felt like I needed more practice but before I knew it
my CPNE was upon me and I couldnt do any more of these. DO THEM!!!!
In each of my PCS I had comfort care, I had to revise my care plan because
the pt denied the need for my interventions. Also be aware that you will
need to chart a rationale for choosing your interventions. I did not chart a
rationale for one of my interventions on my last PCS but was given a pass
based on the rule of 1 forgiveness.
The CEs were quite nice to me and the CA was supportive and continually
offered words of encouragement to the group. I was one of 6 testing that
weekend, I tested at Chambersburg, Pa. I think I was the only one that
Thanks Rob and good luck to all,


*Name = Kristen Hover

Date of CPNE = Dec 26 - 28, 2014


Hello! I passed on my first try in Madison, Wisconsin at St. Mary's hospital a
couple weekends ago. I had to repeat two labs (the second day of testing
was the most stressful day of my life thus far) but didn't have to repeat any
PCSs. Rob- thank you so much for your mneumonics! I used them all and
they worked perfectly for everything I did. 🙂 It's still sinking in. Thanks
again for everything.



*Name = Julius Nyamao

Date of CPNE = Dec. 13-15, 2014

I used your mnemonics in my CPNE test this weekend. Everything went so
smooth and i passed!!!!!! thank you for everything.



*Name = Julie Berube

Date of CPNE = Nov. 14 - 16, 2014

Hi Rob, figured I would share my experience of the CPNE.  Tested 11/14/14-
11/16/14 at Albany Med.  Thanks for the site!

Lab stations- passed all four on the first try.  The IV push was to give 1mL
over 30 seconds, which I had never practiced less then 1 minute pushes.

Saturday- Passed first 2 PCS without any problems.  First one was a
pediatric patient (7yrs old) who was admitted because of a headache for 16
days.  I had fluid management, mobility (assist with 1 walk during PCS),
pain management, medications and neurological assessment.  Second PCS
was an 83 y/o woman who just had cardiac surgery.  I had pain
management, wound management, medications and respiratory
management.  Had to transfer her to chair during PCS.  The second one
was during lunch so with everything that needed to be done, I was
pressed for time at the end.  I literally had 4 minutes before the time was

Sunday- Failed first PCS of the day, but was able to make it up and passed
the redo without any issues.  The one I failed was completely stupid and
my fault.  It was on a 34 who had just had abdominal surgery, she had
more tubes and drains than I even knew what to do with.  I was only
responsible for her foley and the IV running the NS for her PCA pump.  All
other tubes did not need to be touched at all.  I had abdominal
assessment, pain management and respiratory management.  I did
everything perfectly with the patient but had used acute pain as one of the
diagnosis.  One of the interventions was to offer a back rub, which I did but
she declined.  I then asked if she wanted to be repositioned, she did and
was more comfortable.  The problem is in narrative notes I made note that
she refused the backrub and was repositioned instead.  The problem was I
did not revise my care plan to reflect the change.  I guess that is a new
thing, before you could have just documented it but!
now it needs to be revised.  You could tell the CE really did not want to fail
me for that, but she had too.  It was my mistake.  The final PCS for that day
was a 79 y/o woman who was admitted for a rectal mass, she had not had
surgery yet.  It was very simple, I & Os, ambulate patient around hall,
respiratory management, abdominal assessment, comfort management and
flush her IV.  Completed that PCS without any problems.

The CEs and CA were very nice, it was intimidating having someone
standing over you watching everything you do but as long as you follow the
mnemonics and set up a grid, you will do fine.  There were 6 people who
started, 4 definitely failed and there was 1 other student there after I was
complete, so not sure of his out come.  A lot of the students had never
heard of setting up a grid or mnemonics.  I thought it was the key to my
success.  Also, it is very important to do only what they ask!  That one
patient had an ostomy, TPN, PICC line, 2 IV hep locks and a JP drain.  There
was so much it was overwhelming, but then I realized it wasnt as hard as it
seemed.  The CE even said everything else was perfect, just the care plan
needed to be revised.  To tell you the truth, I never thought I would have
passed the first attempt at this test.  I read so many blogs of people failing,
how I could pass.  It was a very nerve wrecking test, barely slept, had
trouble eating was so afrai!
d of failing.  I tested at Albany Med and had flown in from San Francisco, did
not want to pay for this test again.  Just know what is expected of you,
follow the mnemonics and you will pass.  I used robs cpne and watched
videos from you tube, never went to any of the workshops because of the
cost and having to take more time off work.  I studied for about 2 months
before the test.  I also did the free practice care plans from excelsior.
Would highly recommend taking advantage of those.  There are 3 that you
can submit by email and 3 other ones that can be discussed during a phone
call.  I did not find the weekly phone calls useful because I really didnt know
what to ask.  The CEs are not out to get you, they really want you to pass,
but you need to do everything right.


*Name = Alissa Northington

Date of CPNE = Nov. 7-9, 2014

I passed!  I attended the CPNE that was offered in Lubbock on November 7-



*Name = Jennifer Torres

Date of CPNE =

I used RobsCPNE to help me pass the CPNE - 1st time tester... 0 repeats.
Thank you Rob!



*Name - Racel W.

Date of CPNE = Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, 2014

I wanted to thank you for putting these videos together.  your mnemonics
helped make the CPNE less scary and less hard. I passed at Meriter last
weekend.  It was my first time. I had to repeat a pcs because I goofed on
the care plan.  Your mnemonics helped me stay on track. I like that you
show us how to throw a "PCS" together with stuff around the
house because I was having some financial difficulty during my study time.
I didn't have the time to wait on materials to arrive or the funds to obtain
them.  Thank you so much for showing me how to pass!!!!



*Name = Jazmine L.

Date of CPNE = Oct. 10-12, 2014

Hello Rob! First and foremost: Thank you for your wonderful program. It is
definitely under-priced. I passed the CPNE on my first try in Atlanta using
only your products and the 20th edition excelsior study guide on december
15th, 2013. I was so nervous. I could not eat. I wanted to just bolt from my
hotel room and go back to New York. But your products gave me reason to
believe that there was a chance that I could succeed. With your help I was
comforted by the fact that as long as I did everything that I practiced, I
should pass. And I did!! Also I passed  my boards this June so I am an RN
now. So once aagin, thank you for your help!!! Only thing is: Im a little
disappointed that my name isn't posted as one of your success stories. I
emailed you immediately after I passed telling you all of the gory details
and I was hoping to hear from you or see my name posted. I know you are
busy. I just feel a little sad about it because I have been recommending
you to al!
l of my co-workers and my name isn't even listed on your lovely website:(



*Name = Caroline Gabriel

Date of CPNE = Oct. 10-12, 2014

I PASSED.  WOW what a great feeling. I am flying high.   Without your skills
videos and the mneumonics I would have never made it.  I flew through all
the care plans and documentation with out any stress or repeats. You are
fabulous. Thank you so much for all you have done in putting this CPNE site
together. I really appreciated all you have done.



*Name = Wyatt Miller

Date of CPNE = Sept. 26-28, 2014

I can't thank you enough for your program, I WOULD NOT have passed my
CPNE without it.  I looked over the study guide for a long time before
purchasing your program under advisement from a co-worker.  I can't say I
would've done well using just their study guide.  There were 6 people in
our original group and only two left by the last day.  I have a few friends
enrolled in Excelsior right now and I will be emphatically advising them to
purchase your program prior to the CPNE.  Thanks again.



*Name = Sabrina (Last name withheld by request)

Date of CPNE = Sept. 19-21, 2014

Hey Rob! I wanted to say thank you for these DVDs and Videos! It really
calmed my nerves during my CPNE! I did pass with only one Lab repeat, but
that was due to my nerves getting the best of me! No repeats on my PCS's!
So thank you again! =)



*Name = Jessica Sloan

Date of CPNE = May 30 - June 1, 2014

Hi,thank you for your help, the DVDs were very helpful, I passed last
weekend with NO repeats on my PCS'. Thank you again!!!!!



*Name = Carmen Morales

Date of CPNE = May 30 - June 1, 2014

Hello, I just wanted to praise God and to tell you that I passed on my
second try this past weekend in Queens NY.



*Name = Karla Shaw

Date of CPNE = May 30 - June 1, 2014

Hi Rob,
I passed the CPNE June 1st at Utica,NY
site. I used your videos and mneumonics (and your practical advice)
and the Study Guide. I was not able to do any workshops although I did
buy a used skills kit that I never even attempted to practice with. I
had no repeats for the skills lab on Friday. Sat I failed my first PCS
through a stupid care plan mistake (never even saw my patient) and
passed my second PCS. Sunday, I failed the first PCS and passed the
next two. I would just like to say, remind students that you can use
the blood pressure machine after doing your manual, but they must
always count pulse manually. Thanks so much, your product came
recommended to me through a friend who used it and I will recommend it
to others.



*Name = Srigowri Kota

Date of CPNE = May 30 - June 1, 2014

Hi Rob,

I passed my CPNE today at Chambersburg, PA!!! It was my first try and
wanted to tell you that I couldn't have done it without your mnemonics!

I call this a MONSTER exam and I have seen nothing this intense!

Thanks again!


*Name = Valerie (Last name withheld)

Date of CPNE = May 16-18, 2014

Just wanted to send a HUGE GIGANTIC THANK YOU ROB!!!! I know this
CPNE would have been a lot harder to tackle without your wonderful help.
I passed this weekend at the Madison, WI site thanks to you, your
pneumonics, and all your advice.  I honestly cannot thank you enough for
having this website and awesome pneumonics.  I followed them exactly
and practiced almost everyday with the dummy and I passed with no failed
PCSs and no repeats for the lab stations!  Again, just thank you, thank you,
thank you, this was just the best money I ever spent on study guides/



*Name = Ade Adenjii

Date of CPNE: May 16-18, 2014

Please give me a call. I want to personally thank you.



*Name = Beth (last name withheld)

Date of CPNE = June 27 - 29, 2014

I took my CPNE June 27-29 2014 in Lubbock, Texas and passed everything
the first time. Thanks to Rob and the wonderful CE's and CA. I had a
wonderful experience. Everyone was so helpfully and they truly didn't want
to see any of us fail. I did everything like Rob shows you in his videos and
practice and practice until I knew everything by heart. So, I am here to
show you that it can be done the first time if you study hard and practice it
can be done.



*Name = Teresa

Date of CPNE = Aug 2-4, 2013

Your information was very helpful, after failing the first 3 PCS's the first time
too, I passed all 3 this time with no repeats.
Thank you



*Name = Shani P. Williams

Date of CPNE = Jul 26 - 28, 2013

Hard work, diligence, dedication, perseverance, and prayer has finally paid
off. I am proud to say that I passed my CPNE on July 28, 2013 in Atlanta,
Georgia. My experience during the 2 years of being in Excelsior's Nursing
Program has contributed to my growth as a person and nurse. This was my
second time taking the CPNE.

My first CPNE was also in Atlanta, Georgia. I encountered Clinical Examiners
who were not very knowledgeable when it came to the guidelines of the
CPNE. I was failed unjustly March 23, 2013. I appealed this failure and was
granted a retest without fee or penalty. This was wonderful. I continued to
study using your material.

I arrived in Atlanta, Georgia at Grady Memorial Hospital on July 26, 2013 for
my second CPNE. I was armed with relaxation techniques, determination,
prayer, and knowledge, but most importantly I was armed with a new
attitude. I had to forget what happened to me (how I was treated) the first
time I took the CPNE and move on.

When I was told "congratulations you passed your CPNE". I couldn't move.
I cried for several minutes before finally speaking. I thanked everyone like it
was the Academy Awards. The Clinical Associate started to cry also. There
were 7 students including myself who started on the 26th. Three students
remained on Sunday. On my way out the building, I passed a student who
was crying after speaking with the Clinical Associate. I still do not know
what happened to the other two ladies.

This CPNE exam will test not only your skills, but your will, faith, dedication,
and how well you handle pressure. Thank you again ROB for developing a
program that was easy to follow.


Shani Williams


*Name = Ryan Clifford

Date of CPNE = June 28 - June 30, 2013

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the CPNE this weekend on my
first attempt with no repeats.  Your material was right on.  Best $90 I ever
spent.  Thanks for making a quality product.



*Name = Kristen Hahl

Date of CPNE = June 28 - June 30, 2013

I used your DVD's and they were simply priceless. By far, the best asset to
my study plan and ultimate success this weekend at Chambersburg. I used
another site for some careplanning help but it did not compare to what I
got from your breakdown of the assessments and the real time visuals for
Each one. I cant thank you enough for what you've made available to us.
Now,...about that
Yours in gratitude-



*Name = Emily Barbera

Date of CPNE = June 21-23, 2013

Hi Rob. I passed the cpne in utica June 21-23!!! I wanted to thank you for
your guide. I used a lot of your mneumonics (all of your rat ones were
especially helpful) and want to thank you!! It was so helpful to know of
your experience in the cpne. I could relate to your study guide and thank
you for having the resource out there!



*Name = Aubree Mages

Date of CPNE = June 14-16, 2013

Hey Rob, Wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I passed!!!! I
took my CPNE (first attempt) this weekend at St Mary's in Madison, WI.
Your mnemonics were a TREMENDOUS help and were a sure thing in
keeping me on track this weekend-without having your video first there is
no way I could have broken down that massive study guide and the critical
elements. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful information and I wish
future luck all of the best!



*Name = Wilmyne Leger

Date of CPNE = April 26 - 28, 2013

Hi Rob,

I passed my CPNE today. I was running out of Grady before 11am. Thank
you for all your help. Yaaay!

Thank you,



*Name = Jolene Macleod

Date of CPNE = April 12 - 14, 2013

** For the ENTIRE story, click on the EXPERIENCES tab above **

......There were only two of us left on Sunday.  All three of my PCS’s went
beautifully and I PASSED!  It was by far the hardest, longest, and most
mentally challenging day of my life.  I was the only student to pass that

The whole experience in Texas was great and I would recommend that test
site over any other!  I can honestly say that Rob’s method works… if you
know your mnemonics, practice, and stay focused you can pass.  Thank you
> Jolene MacLeod


*Name = J.H.

Date of CPNE = Feb. 1 - 3, 2013

ROB!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Just passed the CPNE at Madison WI hours ago, and
I feel that I owe it all to you! Wow, what a ride. This CPNE was the most
difficult, stressful and nerve racking thing that I have done in my life!!! My
friend and I used your mnemonics and videos and practiced together. Also
the sample charting was great to have!

There were six of us testing, of the six, three of us passed. My friend and I
that used your system were two of the three. We both passed on our first
try, thanks to you! I also want to add that the CE's and the CA really do
want you to pass. They aren't there to be your friend, but they are honest
and very fair.


*Name = Johanna (last name withheld)

Date of CPNE = Jan. 25-27, 2013

I passed my CPNE, January 2013. Thank you so much for your help. YOur
DVD was so helpful. Thank you.



*Name = Rhonda Ferrell

Date of CPNE = Jan. 11 - 13, 2013

Hi Rob, wanted to let you know I passed at SMRC in Atlanta today! And i
could not have done it without your help! Your mneumonics and grid,
careplans, and videos helped carry me through.

The grid kept me on track when my mind went blank...which was often! Lol.
This had been the most stressful,scary,intimidating,  and exhausting time of
my life! Thank you my friend!


*Name = Deborah Muntian

Date of CPNE = Dec 7-9, 2012

Hi Rob ! Just wanted to tell you that after failing my first CPNE back in April ,
that I finally passed it yesterday(12/09/12) in Savannah, GA with one
repeated PCS . I purchased your AOC dvd and first thought your
mneumonics were RIDICULOUS but after finally memorizing all of them and
using it on my PCS to help me remember the steps to take during
Implementation Phase and, also during evaluation Phase to help me
remember to chart on everything I had implemented . THANK YOU for
creating your DVD . I truly believe it had a big part on helping me finally
passed the CPNE . I thought it was kind of expensive at first but now I can
tell you that it was TOTALLY worth it ! Thank you ! NCLEX here I come !!!!



*Name = Jenny Cooke

Date of CPNE = Dec. 7-9, 2012

Hey Rob! Just wanted to let you know that I passed today in Lubbock!!!!!
Your mnemonics keep me focus when I was lost. I was able to complete all
my PCSs without any repeats! Thank you so much!

*Name = Jackie Smith

Date of CPNE = Septempber 28-30, 2012

I finally made it out.  Using your DVDs were helpful, just being able to see how
the assessments can flow together from the time you enter the room made a
big difference.  This was my second attempt at the CPNE and I passed with
flying colors!
(see the rest of Jackie's story in the EXPERIENCES tab)



*Name = Michael Vincent

Date of CPNE = August 10-12, 2012

Just wanted to send you a quick thank you note. I passed in Lubbock today
with no repeats. This was my second try at this but the first time I was just
not prepared, your product was a big part of my passing it keep me on the
right track and gave me somthing to fall back on the few time that a got my
self lost. so a big thank you
Mike Vincent

*Name = Jackee Dee

Date of CPNE = July 21-22, 2012

Just wanted to let you know, I passed my CPNE 07/22/12 at St. Mary's in
Madison, WI.

I was the under dog, I passed all labs on Friday, & failed all PCS on
Saturday. I felt hopeless and on top of that, I got sick with a sinus infection
and had no meds! I felt horrible and was going to cancel the final test date.
I prayed and two ladies on the way to the test site encouraged me greatly,
after that I was determined to take charge of my PCS and win.

It was the Grace, Favor and Angels of the Lord, because I was really sick, I
had a fever and felt like I was floating on a cloud or having an out of body
experience! As I put one foot in front of the other, and took charge of the
PCS and care plan, The first CE said pass; I jumped for joy!

After that I felt like the heavens were opened over me to show God's favor,
I proceeding with the next PCS, my confidence was emerging and I knew I
could do it. After a slight mistake by the CE in counting the radial pulse, the
was called and the CA counted with me and we were on track and she said
proceed, the CE checked the care plan and said it's a pass!. I was to sick to
scream, I justed hugged her and prepared myself for the final PCS.

I encouraged myself and prayed for my final CE and that my care plan
would pass. By this time I felt delirious...I just continued to pray for
strength and drink lost of water, I was determined not to leave without
passing this CPNE. After preparing the care plan and performing the
assessments, I waited for the answer...she came down that hall, & it's a

I just hugged her and let her know if I could scream, I would right now! I
did it, who does that??? Pass all three PCS's on the final day. GLORY to

Thank You, Rob!

Your study guide, ebook, care plan class and most of all mnemonics helped
me greatly prepare for this test!!!!

Wooo Hooo to you!


*Name = BPR (Initials only - name withheld)

Date of CPNE = July 29 - July 1, 2012

I passed the CPNE 7/1/2012 at Lubbock, Tx.  Thanks Rob for the DVD, it
was very very helpful, Thank you for sharing your ideas and experiences on



*Name = John Hadley

Date of CPNE = July 6-8, 2012

I took my second CPNE on July 6-8th, 2012 in Madison, WI. I passed. Your
system is quite effective. Like yourself, I had no direct patient care in my
workplace. I can tell you that it is important for people in this situation to
find a way to shadow a floor nurse. It is a way to become comfortable in a
patient care setting that helps with anxiety tremendously.

Emotional and physical jeopardy are easy to stumble into and should be
addressed a little more clearly. I heard many examples from students that
failed PCS's for these reasons. Your Mnemonics are awesome, and if used
to make a grid, are the tools needed to keep organized. Time can be a big
factor in this test. Making the patient comfortable and completing your
tasks thoroughly can be quite challenging.

I worked hard on relating to my patients and I can say it paid off big. I had
one patient ask me if I could stay all day with her. If your patient feels
comfortable with you, your work will be done in much less time and you will
find the whole process much easier. Being compassionate while giving the
best care you can is something that takes a little time to figure out.

Practice on every available person you have. My kids were so tired of
assessments and vitals that they would run when I brought up the subject.
A good inidicator that I was close to ready for the CPNE. Thanks Robbie! I
watched your videos and online content until I had it all memorized.

Students: Do NOT take this test lightly or it will be over very quickly. Study
hard enough that you can't wait to get there and show them what you
know. Good Luck! Thanks again, Robbie!

*Name - Richard Otterstrom

Date of CPNE = June 29 - July 1, 2012

I just want to thank you for putting together these videos!! I passed my
CPNE first time and passed all my PCS's first time with no repeats on June
29-Jul 1 2012 in Madison Wisconsin. Being done by 10:30 am on Sunday
was a blessing. I have only been studying your material for 2 weeks and I
know it is the difference from me passing and failing. I hit it hard every day
and set up my dummy and skills stations like instructed. Your mnemonics
are perfect. Great help. Your care plan help is huge! I just wish I had
bought them sooner. They really helped put my mind at ease and gave me
a better feel for what I was in for during my CPNE.
Thanks again Rob,
Rich Otterstrom



*Name = Allison Piarce

Date of CPNE June 8-10, 2012


I wanted to let you know I just Passed my CPNE in Lubbock, Texas!!! I
finished at 11 am this morning! I primarily used your products... I ordered
the $90 set from your website. I watched all your videos and used your
flash cards with mnemonics pictures for all areas of care! They are
priceless! Also, your videos are worth their weight in gold. You made it easy
to understand, and not so intimidating to breakdown to study!

It was the most stressful weekend of my life, but I made it!! Without your
mnemonics for the AOC and Labs I would never have been able to stay on
track because I was beyond nervous...

Thank you so much for producing a product that is affordable and right on
the money.  I studied long and hard, but was able to carry out the process
successfully because of your products!

I only had to repeat one lab- the wound... Because I contaminated my
sterile glove.. ooops! Was so nervous. Passed all my PCS no repeats!!

Thanks again!!
Allison Pierce


*Name = Robin Hazeslip

Date of CPNE = May 18-20, 2012

Welp, just thought I would drop a line and say....I PASSED!!! 🙂 I am soooo
grateful!!  With lots of preparation, and lots of prayer, I passed!! Just to
have your material available was a true 'God send'.....from AOC to sample
charting....the help it provided is undescribeable!!!  I think I only spent
about 30 mins with each pt because the AOC came so automatic....and with
the interuptions that cont. occured the mneumonics kept me on track!!!
Thank you again for making your success study material available for
others!! And incredibly affordable too. 🙂



*Name = Fai Lam

DAte of CPNE = May 18-20, 2012

not sure if you remember me, but my name is fai lam, i live in connecticut.
i purchased your cds back in november 2011,my cpne was scheduled on
may18,19,20 2012 on may 17 thursday evening, i found out that i'm
pregnant. i did my lab stations on friday, i failed 3 out of 4 stations, i think it
was because i was nervous (cpne) and happy(pregnancy) at the same time
made me lost track on friday. on saturday, i completed my 2 pcs without
repeats then i was retested on the 3 lab stations that i had failed on friday.
i passed all three of them. saturday was VERY stressful for me, before the
day started, i told myself that there is no way that i could pass 2pcs and 3
lab sims in one day, but i did it. on sunday which is today, i passed my last
pcs without repeat(pediatric). i've never written a feedback online before
but this time i have to because i want to let everyone know that your
RobsCpne saved me. i was tested at queens hospital in queens new york.
the ces and ca there were wonderful, they really wanted us to pass. 6 of us
went, i !
think only 2 or 3 of us made it through but the CA told me that i was only
one who didn't have to repeat the pcs. She asked me how i prepare for it, i
told her i used your cds and the study guide.

i read the study guide once, remember the nemonics, watched the cds
twice,setup dummy and pratice. but i didn't start practicing on the dummy
until 4 days before the cpne. i tried to practice as much as i can at work (lpn
for 4years). i don't think this exam is difficult to pass, but it is very easy to
fail. you have to control your nerve before it controls you. i was told from
the examiners that i was well prepared, organized, confident and my
careplans were very welldone. thank you rob, now i have one course to
work on (microbiology)then i'll be done. i drove back home today from ny,
put the big thick study guide book in the trash!!!

*Name = Reina Rhodes

Date of CPNE = Apr. 27-29, 2012

Hey Rob just wanted to thank you for your videos I passed the CPNE in
Madison first try, all passes no repeats! I used both of your videos and
watched all of your lectures over the internet. Theyre were 6 of us testing 2
failed on Saturday, three others had to repeat PCS's. I don't know their
outcome since I was finished first and left jumping for joy!

Between your videos, your web lectures, lots of practice and lots of prayer.
I passed! Thank you again for making the information available and
Reina Rhodes (an old medic & a new GRN) from California


*Name = Amy Frye

Date of CPNE = Apr. 20 - 22, 2012

Hey Rob!  Just wanted to let you know I used your materials and passed in
York, Pa this past weekend.  I was a crazy, stressful weekend but the
mnemonics from your program kept me organized and in control.  I didn't
use a workshop, just the study guide and your mnemonics, videos and
careplan help.  Thanks again!



*Name = Susan Emerson - Betti

Date of CPNE = Mar 2 - 4, 2012

I passed my CPNE in Lubbock, Texas my first time with no repeats.  Out of
the six of us in my group I was the only one who used Rob's CPNE.  I do
not think I would have made it through like I did without your program!!
Anyone who is thinking about using Robs CPNE, do not hesitate buy the
program.  Read all the material, watch the videos and memorize the
mnemonics and you will be prepared for your weekend.  Thanks Rob I truly
believe your program helped me pass.



*Name = Scott B

Date of CPNE = Feb 24 - 26, 2012

I passed my CPNE this past weekend using your mnemonics, my first time
through.  It works!!  Thanks Rob.



*Name = Lisa McCullough

Date of CPNE = Feb 3 - 5, 2012

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to make such a wonderful
product. I purchased the DVD and ebooks back in April and I passed the
CPNE this past weekend on the first try!  I didn't know there was an
update made for the 18th edition either!  Haha.  Your DVD definitely helped
to make sense out of the study guide for me... Otherwise I would have
been completely lost as to how I should study for this thing. I should point
out that it is not the only tool I used to study for this exam, but it definitely
helped tremendously. Thanks again!!!



*Name = Alyssa Torres

Date of CPNE = Jan. 13-15, 2012


Thanks to you and your mneumonics, I can glady say, I passed this
weekend with no repeats!  I did like you said and wrote out all my
mneumonics before I began lab stations or PCS's.  I made sure I did each
step!  I kept my nerves in check and am so glad to have found your study
materials!  Thanks soooo much!!!


*Name = Valicity Spaulding

Date of CPNE = Jan. 6-8, 2012

I did my cpne last weekend and passed with no repeats. You video and
study tools were imperative to my passing the clinical. Thanks again. P.S. It
was worth every penny! 🙂



*Name = Jennifer Mercer

Date of CPNE = Jan. 6-8, 2012

I passed! Thank you so much for your website and DVD. I passed the first
time without a workshop just your DVD!!! I recommend this DVD to anyone
taking the CPNE!



*Name = Pete Reynolds

Date of CPNE = Dec. 23-25, 2011

Rob I passed the CPNE this past week at Metier Hospital in Madison WI. I
watched the skill station video the day before I left for Madison and I was
the only person who did not have to redo and of the stations.



*Name = Jannah Dotson

Date of CPNE = Dec. 16-18, 2011

Wanted to let you know that I passed at Grady this weekend. Thanks for
your program it really helped. For people who say its outdated .... I don't
think they realize they HAVE to read the study guide. I am not even sure if
our examiners and advocate had read the 18th edition because I had to
fight for 3 of my 4 pcs's. And people should know that!

I was not mean but I knew my study guide in and out and I fought like a
pitbull to get that GN and I was right ! and I had to prove it multiple times.
ALso the CE and CA says we are not able to use RISK FOR dx in any
circumstance. A foot rub for pain relief IS NOT the same as a back rub.
There is much more emphasis on the care plan than on patient care now.

*Name = Leslie (Last name withheld)

Date of CPNE = Dec. 9-11, 2011

I passed this past weekend in Utica on my first attempt! And without any
repeats on the lab stations! I can't thank you enough for providing the
videos and website information, I know I would have had a very hard time
passing without using this material. Thanks again!



*Name = Jocelyn Ramsey

Date of CPNE = Dec 2-4, 2011

Hello!! I passed the CPNE 11-20-11 in Mansfield OH. I read the study guide
once, then 11-8-11, 12 days before my CPNE, I started to study. I only
used your mnemonics..memorized those in about 2 days..they were
awesome..watched your video on AOC and LABS once, practiced a little bit,
and passed my CPNE having only one repeat (my first lab b/c I was so
nervous). I credit you with being a HUGE factor in my success. The way you
break the CPNE down and show us how to knock out the critical elements is
amazing! On one PCS, I was in and out in about 30 minutes! Thank you
thank you thank you!!!



*Name = Lola Diaz

Date of CPNE = Nov. 4-6, 2011

Hi Robbie, just want to say thanx for your help in helping me pass my CPNE
this past weekend in Lubbock. This was my second time. I purchased your
videos, used the grid how you instructed and used a dummy (not my
husband). I printed SRF and did care plans acd acted out like I was in the
PCS. I passed all my labs at one time, no repeats and all 3 PCS. And to
think I almost gave up.



*Name = Adrienne Franklin

Date of CPNE = Oct 14-16, 2011

Hi Rob! Just writing to let you know that I passed the CPNE today in Lubbock!!
Your mnemonics made all the difference! My Grid was great and kept me
organized. I will post another note about my experience later. Thank you
immensely Rob!! gotta go celebrate now. Thanks again!!

*Name = Jim Connolly

Date of CPNE = Oct 14-16, 2011

HiRob today I passed my CPNE 1st try only one repeat. Your video for AOC were
very helpful. I took your advise made a manikin and did assessments on the
manikin thnaks

*Name - Katherine

Date of CPNE = Oct 7-9, 2011

Passed the CPNE in Albany, first attempt. Wow that was stressful, but your
videos really helped me. Thank you for giving such a reasonable price for
priceless tips and material!! 🙂

*Name = Erin Shipley

Date of CPNE = Oct 7-9, 2011

I passed this weekend in Syracuse, with only one repeat!  Your mnemonics and
videos made it all make sense to me.  Thank you so much for making it
accessible and affordable!

*Name = Denise King

Date of CPNE = Sep 30 - Oct 2, 2011

Hi Rob, I passed my CPNE this weekend with no repeats....I used your
numonics and everything from your DVD and it was smooth saling....I would
recomend your DVD to anyone who is studying for this dreadful exam....again
thank you for the dvd and the questions you answered for me... I'm greatful...
Denise king october 2, 2011

*Name = Troy Townsend

Date of CPNE = Sep 16-18, 2011

I passed cpne in Mansfield.  Thanks for your help via materials I purchased.


*Name = Carolyn Truscott

Date of CPNE = Aug 26-28, 2011


I took my CPNE January 2011 in Madison, WI and failed. My roommate and I
agreed we would meet again in April and do the same site, same date, and
repeat our CPNE.  We both made it the 2nd time!  She went on to pass her
NCLEX-RN in July.  I followed in August!  Yippee!!

Honestly, ROBS CPNE DVD was the missing link for me.  I
attended a CPNE workshop and did everything, but the DVD
made the stuff make sense.
 I ordered an IV pole and faithfully went
through all my AOCs and critical elements until I was doing it in my sleep and
dreaming about it too.

I know without Rob's CPNE DVD I would have been clueless, as it is not a given
that you will pass even though you go to CPNE workshops and study like
crazy.  What cinched it for me was the lab sims I set up at home and followed
with Rob on the DVD. I also faithfully called in weekly to the Excelsior staff and
talked to them about my labs, nursing care plans, and fears of passing.

I really think the CPNE test was the hardest part of this whole journey (and for
me, this R.N. chase has been 15 long years!).  I had no trouble whatsoever
with the NCLEX-RN test.  So I say to you, Rob; be blessed as you are doing so
much to help us as we approach this part of our lives with fear, excitement and
finally with SUCCESS!

Carolyn Truscott, R.N.

*Name = Monica Nillo

Date of CPNE = Aug 26-28, 2011 (Syracuse, NY)

hi rob: my name is monica nillo, i just want to say that I went to take my CPNE
on 8-26 to 8-28-2011 to Syracuse, NY. thanks a lot for your videos and all the
information provided, I PASS, yeah !!!

With NO REPEAT in my Lab or repeats in my PCS's!!

All I can say is thanks for this material, everything went excellent for me - I'm
even at this point pregnant, but i was so secure about everything that I pass
with no problems! Thanks once again.

All I can say to the rest of the students, is to take your time, to review all your
material, practice everyday all your labs stations and your areas of assessment.

I even had a contact isolation patient and a wounds care to another patient,
but the instructors help me with some areas of care. Once again, thanks for
everything, the best to you and your family.

Name = Jaclyn Pomeroy

Date of CPNE = Aug. 6-8, 2011

Hey Rob,
I didn't have any problems, no repeats at the lab stations, my last pt I was
assigned was a cv pt and my assignment was peripheral vascular assess, skin
assess, respiratory management, musculoskeletal management, pain
management, and fluid management.

I had to ambulate him down the hall. I used all your mnemonics and flew
through the pcs. The ce told me at the end, that the pcs was the
smoothest, most organized pcs she had ever seen.

My first pcs was a 4 week old in ICU and there was a dominating over bearing
family member in the room that even frazzled the ce. But i just focused on your
mnemonics and the ce said she was impressed that i stayed focused through
the family members "grilling".

Your techniques kept me organized and focused. I recommended it to the girls
who had failed and assured them I passed bc of the aids from your study guide
and comfort from the lord!

It was an incredibly stressful weekend so I am so thankful that I don't have to
repeat it.

Thank you again for everything,



*Name = Stephanie OkumuraDacay

Date of CPNE = July 22-24, 2011

Hi Rob,
Just sent in my review to you. I hope it isn't too much info. I don't want the
Excelsior police to get me!! j/k.

I passed the weekend of July 22-24 at Meriters Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.
The 3rd pcs, this was the CE that I had the first time I took the CPNE (June
2010) and I had to give heparin and she didn't let me get a smaller syringe (I
got a fail).

I had to fight that one and the CA gave me a smaller syringe but then didn't
have time to redo my vitals. I could honestly say that all the CE that I passed
with this time really wanted me to pass.

Thanks again!!

*Name = Brianne Hostetter

Date of CPNE = July 22-24, 2011

I just wanted to let you know that I used your mnemonics, and they worked
perfectly! I also, did you walk up method for the 20 minutes checks which was
wonderful. I had to repeat on lab and one PCS. On the lab I had to repeat the
wound because the gauze kept coming over the edges, my hands were shaking
so badly. By the second day I was not nearly as nervous and got it in 5

The PCS I had to repeat was because I forgot to circle the pain level when I
declared my vitals. I would never make that mistake again. Day three went
smoothly without any problems. I just wanted to say thanks, your videos and
mnemonics were great!! I also, made the dummy like you said and the wound.
I practiced everyday for 5 weeks! Could not have done it without you!


*Name = Robert Brian Carkeet

Date of CPNE = July 22-24, 2011

Rob, I passed this weekend at Lubbock. I only used your material. This was my
3rd time to test. Thank you so much for your videos and study material. I could
not have done it without your material and by God's guidance.  Thank You So
Much  Robert Brian Carkeet



*Name = Maryanne Kryschuk

Date of CPNE = July 8-10, 2011

I passed my CPNE 7/10/11 in Mansfield OH. I hada much better experience this
time if you remember I failed for throwing away an uncontaminated syringe
last time. The CA and CE's were not the same this weekend. I had one problem
with the injection site I went a little too far over on the leg so I had to redo that
station but everything else passes with no repeats. I just used your resources
and the study guide. So thank you...and thanks for the words of
encouragement when I failed the first time. I really needed that..thanks again.



*Name = Michael Autry

Date of CPNE = June 28-30, 2011

Hey Rob,
I passed my CPNE June 28-30 in Milwaukee, WI.  Your mnemonics were
priceless for this thing (especially the lab simulations).  I could possibly see
memorizing critical elements for the PCS's, but with the time limits on the lab
sims, your mnemonics got me through.  While doing the lab stations, I was
figiwa-ing and rcadrigcap-ing and singing about an australian guy that loves
CD's like there was no tomorrow (I even did the australian accent in my head).

It is really easy to just go blank when starting the lab stations, but the
mnemonics were easy to remember, easy to follow, and flowed perfect for the
steps.  I used your mnemonics during my PCS's to create a grid (as you
instruct), and then checked off steps as I completed them, and then later as I
charted them.  I will admit that I used many resources overall to prepare, but
your system was my primary source of information, and I stuck to your
teachings the whole way through my CPNE.

Students must realize that there are far more details than any one program
could cover, but your system provided the foundation of learning on which I
was able to prepare for a successful CPNE.  So, of course, I must recommend
that students read their official CPNE study guide (multiple times), seek out
and read as many CPNE journals as they can (on excelsior's website, on yahoo
groups, etc), and really know what they are preparing for.  But, your system
was a great resource, as well as being my primary resource.  I highly
recommend to others that they use your materials.

ROBS RESPONSE: Excellent point Michael ! EVERY student must read
the CPNE guidebook (especially the critical elements chapters) to be
100% prepared and ready to pass the

Thanks so much for all you do,
Michael Autry
Austin, TX

*Name = Jessica Mcdonald

Date of CPNE = June 17-19, 2011

So excited to say that, thanks to your study videos and ebooks, I completed
my CPNE last weekend (June 17-19) in Lubbock. I had one repeat Sim Lab (IV
push) but it was nerves not knowledge. Completed all my PCS and other Sim
Labs without a misstep and was told by the CEs and CA that I sailed right
through !
Your mnemonics were awesome and kept me on task even when I didn't know
my own name, I could walk up the arm and got all of my critical elements! I
would recommend your products to ANYONE and EVERYONE. Thank you for
taking the time to help all of us out there ROCK THIS TEST!

*Name = Carolyn Truscott

Date of CPNE = June 10-12, 2011

Ok, here goes.

My 1st attempt at the CPNE in Madison, WI was not successful, although I had
attended a CPNE workshop and used Robbie's DVDs.  My problem was just
ID'ing the patients!  Yes, a simple thing like that has failed so many of us at
the CPNE.  Another fail was that I didn't reassess a patient after an
intervention.  OK, so I was pretty disappointed that I didn't make it the first
time, especially since I did the right preparation.  I didn't beat myself up too
bad, but I know plenty of you have.  That's a waste of time.  Get back on the
horse and make that horse behave!  My 2nd attempt I was very focused,
determined, and a lot of the nerve factor left because I was staying at the
same motel, the hospital was the same, and some of the CEs were the same.
I felt like a lot of stress lifted becauses of the familiarity.  That's something to
remember if you can retest at the same site; I recommend it.

I just did my PCSs using my mnemonics, assessed, intervened, changed gears
when needed, and documented EVERYTHING.  I was great in there!  Yes, I was
biting my nails until the CE said I passed 1, then 2 and finally that special one
#3!  I was overjoyed, exhausted, happy, thankful, grateful and gave praise to
the Lord!  Without the help of Robbie's DVD and website, I think a missing
piece could have derailed me.  Prepare, prepare, and prepare until you can do
the labs and PCSs Areas of Care at the drop of a hat.  Set up a lab at home for
everything.  Use flashcards with the Areas of Care mnemonics on it, take it
with you everywhere.

We're so blessed to have Robbie put together his experiences and strategies.
And please, please take a CPNE workshop.  Don't whine about not having the
money.  If you've come this far and have a dream, don't let the cost of a
workshop bring you down.  You will regain that in salary in no time as an R.N.

Thanks again, Robbie.  You were a part of my success and I wish you continued
blessings and success in your career!

Carolyn Truscott, G.N.
Helena, MT


*Name = Chuck Guthman

Date of CPNE = June 10-12, 2011

Hi Rob !
Thanks for your help.  I passed my CPNE last May 23 at Grady Hospital, and
your help was instrumental.  Now onto the NCLEX.
Thx Again Robbie !



*Name = Lakechshula Hall

Date of CPNE = June 3-5, 2011

Hi Rob im posting this to thank you for your videos and all your tips. Your
information made it very easy for me to perform f0r my CPNE. I passed this
weekend in Lubbock , Texas 06/03-05 2011. Your a blessing to all of us .

*Name = Robin LaVerdue

Date of CPNE = May 20-23, 2011

Hey Robbie,

I passed my CPNE this past weekend at Southern Regional in GA. I wouldn't
have passed without you and your teaching. I saw others who came without
your input and they struggled. At least 2 failed out. I had to repeat one lab, but
not because I didn't know what I was doing, I couldn't get my head and hands
to work together at the same time. I was shaking so badly while doing the IV
push, that I ran out of time. After I finally got a grip, I finished the 3 other
stations and then passed all 3 PCS' the first time. No repeats!

I used your mneumonics and used a grid the entire time to keep myself
straight. I might suggest that if you decide to add anything else to your
incredible preparation, it would be to write the simple things on the DO
your care plan evaluation page, write everything that might need to be
documented down in the corner...and CHECK it off before you turn your paper
in. I was so excited to be finished, that I actually handed my paper to the CE
and then said "Oh My GOSH!!!" I ran back to her, and told her that I needed to
finish one last thing. She had not opened it yet, so she allowed me to have it
back. I would have failed without that. So big hugs!!!!

Thanks for everything and keep up the good work. I will definitely refer anyone
taking EC studies to you.

Lots of love!
Robin LaVerdure
Was Woodford...married 5-7-11 🙂


*Name = Tracey Jones

Date of CPNE = May 20-23, 2011

Hi Rob! I just wanted to let you know that I passed my CPNE at Mansfield Ohio
this weekend. I use your online CPNE and it was well worth the money. I
couldn't afford a hands on workshop and after this and setting up my own, you
don't need one. I set mine up here at my house and a another girl drove close
to 2 hours to my house and we practice like you said and developed our routine
just like yours. We both passed this weekend together! Thanks so much and
keep this going Rob so you can continue to help others. Good Luck to all and
God bless.

*Name = Brian Lackey

Date of CPNE = May 20-23, 2011

Passed CPNE York, PA!



*Name = Andrea Giglio

Date of CPNE = April 29 - May 1, 2011

Rob..  I could not have passed without your materials.  I passed the CPNE April
29 in Milwaukee!  Thank you SO MUCH.



*Name = Kelli Evans

Date of CPNE = Apr 29 - May 1, 2011

I passed the CPNE yesterday at Meriter Hospital in Madison, WI after failing in
January. Another student recommended your video and I purchased it. I
listened to you and practiced like you said and used your mnemonics which
helped me to memorize all the critical elements. I went up there the first time
thinking I knew how to take care of a patient but like you said, I did not know
how to do it the Excelsior way. Thank you Rob for making the video available to
the rest of us. You really do take a complicated process and make it simple.

*Name = Angie Leffew

Date of CPNE = April 15-17, 2011

Hey Rob, I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking
the time to put together the website and videos that you have.  I just recently
took my CPNE at Grady in Atlanta on April 15-17th and PASSED WITH NO
REPEATS!!! I must say that it was the most trying and stressful weekend of
my entire life.  8 of us started and I'm not sure of the exact number but I know
that not everyone made it.

I am the only one that used your videos and if I had not used them,
I'm not so sure I would have made it.
 Until you are actually there you
can't even understand the amount of stress it puts on you.  I've never said so
many prayers or took so many deep breaths in my life.  Anyone that steps into
the CPNA not fully prepared is wasting their time and money.  If I would have
failed, I doubt I would have put myself back into that situation again.

Your mnemonics were a life saver for me.  There was a time or 2 that they
tried to stop me but I stated  my case and stood up for myself because they
were wrong (and it was actually because the CE's were talking to other people
in the room and not really paying attention to what I was doing)

I explained it to them and they let it go.  For the most part, the CE's at Grady
were great.  There was one or 2 that I wasn't too impressed with but the CA
was AMAZING!  I am so happy that this part of my life is over and now it's on
to bigger things.  Again, words can't express how grateful I am to you for
putting the time in that you do.  YOU ROCK!!!!

*Name = Tammy B.

Date of CPNE = Unknown

I meant to email earlier, but wanted to let you know I passed the CPNE the
first time with no repeats. I tested in Pennsylvania. I followed your advice and
practiced so much I felt silly. I passed and felt this was a test more about doing
it the Excelsior way, then the 'real' life way. Thank you! Tammy

*Name = Maureen Klaput

Date of CPNE =April 8-10, 2011

Hey Rob just wanted to say thanks. I passed in Savannah, GA on 4/10/11. I
used your site as my foundation when I started 6 mo ago. I watched the
videos over and over and memorized the nmemonics to a T and then added
whatever else I thought I needed. I sent a recommendation message to your
site to anyone who is thinking of trying your site. Thanks again

Here is Maureens recommendation (it's quite good !)

In case anyone is wondering if they should use RobsCPNE for CPNE resource I
would definetely recommend this. Although I used a variety of sources Robs
site was mainly my starting point. His info is clear and precise and he put it
into simple terms. The nmemonics are awesome! The video show you how and
what to do and say. I passed my CPNE 4/10/11 without any repeats. I studied
ALOT but my mind takes alot of practice before my muscle memory kicks in. So
try RobsCPNE and it will give you the meat and potatoes you are so hungry for!



*Name = Mathew Handley

Date of CPNE = April 8-10, 2011

I PASSED!!!!! thanks for all your help!!!! Thank you - thank you- thank you.
Talk to u soon.



*Name = Anjana Hingu

Date of CPNE = April 1-3, 2011

Mr. Rob,  Hi, How are You?  This is Anjana, and I would like to say Thank you
so, so much for making wonderful DVD about CPNE. For All AOC"S and LABS. I
been watching and practicing them every day and that really helped me PASS
my CPNE.  The GOOD NEWS is I PASSED my CPNE in Mansfield, OH Last
weekend(4/01--4/03) with NO REPEATS. and I am so happy, and excited that it
is over now.  All the hard work paid off!!! Thanks so much. God Bless You!!!
Anjana Hingu, LVN and soon RN



*Name = Luz Fuller

Date of CPNE = Apr. 1-3, 2011

Thank you soooooo much Rob!!! I just got home from my SPAC testing site,
there are no words to describe how grateful I am for you taking the time to
make those teaching tools for students like me who dont have patient contact
experience. I work in an office Monday thru Friday and had NO WAY of practicing
my assessments or Areas of Care on patients. I used your videos, made a
dummy, set up a Practice lab in my living room, Practiced until I did everything
perfect, and PASSED MY CPNE this WEEKEND!!!!! All of it would of been
impossible if you didnt walk me through it step by step, Thank you So Much!!!!
God bless You

*Name = Ann T.

Date of CPNE = Mar. 18-20, 2011

I just wanted to tell you that I passed last weekend on my 2nd time around in
Madison after using your videos and material. Thank you so much for your
help.  I really like how you taught in a straight forward & matter of fact way
that gave good tips such as learning AOC by muscle memory/repetition.



finally have my life back and am starting to review for the NCLEX (piece of
cake compared to CPNE- Amen!)

*Name = M. Baber

Date of CPNE = Feb. 18-20, 2011

I just passed CPNE Feb 18-20 in Mansfield. oh. 6 started 2 passed!! It was
the most intense experience I can recall. Robs was what I used to pass and
was right on the money. I did it just how he suggested and am very grateful
that I went this route. Money was tight and I know that 2 of the people who
failed did other workshops and failed. Thanks to Robs I was a 1st time success.
I did fail my first pt. for a charting error, but got it together and finished the
weekend. It is possible but you need to listen to robs advice on his videos and
web site.  GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!

*Name = Angela Potter

Date of CPNE = Feb. 11-13, 2011

I feel like I am still dreaming. I wanted to let you know I passed the CPNE on
my first try!!!! It was this past weekend 2/11-2/13/2011 at ST Mary’s in
Madison Wisconsin. I thank you so much your dvd’s really made the difference.
I started studying for the CPNE in mid Jan 2010 when I ordered the AOC dvd
from you. I then decided about a week and a half before my trip I needed the
second dvd just to be sure so I ordered it.

I had no repeat PCS’s and only had to redo one lab station which was iv drip.
The only reason I had to redo that one was because I let my nerves get to me
and forgot to palpate IV site I just looked at it. I do have to say it was not easy
at all. My last patient was my pediatric patient and he was a 8 month old baby
that had just been transferred from the NICU. He was only about 8lbs and
looked more like a newborn. He was a very sick little boy and to my surprise he
had a G-tube. SO I was assigned Eternal Feeding and to give his medications
thru the tube to since he was NPO.

I had not focused to much on this AOC so it was tough. I just stayed focused
and acted as confident as I could. During most of the PCS the resp. therapist
was with us trying to get his oxygen sats to come up from 75%. I thought for
sure the CE would stop the PCS due to his instability. I was so happy she didn’t
cause I passed!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I could have felt so good about it all if I
wouldn’t have had your dvds and careplan recorded class to study!

There were six of us and I know 2 did not pass. One of them was not done
when I left because I was done by 1000 Sunday am so I am not sure if he
passed. The two that did not was due to lab stations. The reasons they did
not pass were the palpating the IV site and running out of time with
the IV push station

That weekend was the most stressful thing I have ever done. We all sat in the
lobby of our hotel prior to being transported to test site and all of us looked like
we were going to a torture session. It was even harder for me because I have
about 5 friends that had to do it twice.

None of my friends passed on their first attempt.  And one of the girls
that failed was there for her second attempt.
Rob thank you so much for all your help…



*Name = Tomica Cole

Date of CPNE = Jan. 28-30, 2011

Hi Rob,  I passed the cpne Jan 28-30 in queens and would like to say thanks a

I purchased your program 3 months ago after reading through the reviews on
your website. After that your voice was the only voice I was interested in
hearing. I wrote your mnemonics on cards and went through them everyday
for the first two months.

I realised that was enough and came up with the idea of video taping your
instructions on my phone so instead of listening to itunes i was listening to rob
tunes,which worked perfectly for me.

I went to the exam feeling nervous but confident. I passed all my labs on
Friday. Then passed my first pcs on Saturday, but failed the second because i
forgot to complete the rational section on the evaluation careplan!

I almost died because i was finished with that pcs within an hour after starting
and had 1.5 hour to focus on my charting! Eeven after reviewing my notes
about a dozen times I still over looked something. With such a big pill to
swallow i went home very upset with myself and  unable to sleep that Saturday

I Went to the cpne on sunday morning having not slept a wink with the
intention to pass the remaining pcs as well as the repeat and that is exactly
what i did!

Its been a couple days and i haven't really come to terms with the fact that the
cpne is behind me but am sure I will in due. Again Rob, I want to say thanks
for making your program available for persons like myself who are unable to
pay to attended a work shop. Your material is on point and the exam was
exactly what you said it would be.

It was nerve racking but the only way to stay afloat is by knowing your critical
elements and know them well. Tthe less time you spend in the patient room,
the less likely you are to fail.I hope this review will  help someone.


*Name = Reed Durst

Date of CPNE = Jan. 14-16, 2011

I did it!! at the Albany Medical Center 1/14-1/16/11

I passed!!! I was the in the same situation as you Rob, I failed my first CPNE,
although I felt like I had put the proper time into studying and I knew all the
critical elements by heart and when I went to take the test  nerves really took
over and I ultimately failed all because I forgot something so simple which was
identifying the patient.

There were 2 others at the CPNE that said they used your dvds and as I was
leaving with my tail tucked in between my legs one of the other students was
leaving with the biggest grin on her face because she had passed. So I got
home immediately checked out your website, ordered my stuff, and went over
everything and realized no matter how hard I studied if I didn't have the right
game plan to implement all the critical elements I would and did forget
something and more than likely fail again.

Your program really enabled me to put an organized plan together with the
awesome mnemonics and the other components as well and executed it
successfully (even though I was still nervous) and resulted in a pass


*Name = Christopher Chappell

Date of CPNE = Jan. 7-9, 2011

I passed this past weekend in Syracuse. I didn't take any workshops, just your
videos and mneumonics were my only study guide. I was  the only first timer
that passed everything without any failures. No lab or pcs failures. One person
had taken hers prior in Wisconsin so she knew what to expect. Everyone else
failed at least one lap or pcs, one person didn't even make it to sunday, I don't
know who else even passed on sunday. Thanks for your DVDs and sim books.
They helped a lot. It was way easier than I expected

Name = Anthony (last name withheld)

Date of CPNE = Jan. 7-9, 2011

Just passed my CPNE in Saratoga, NY Dec 10-12. No repeats on Labs or PCS. I
ONLY your DVD's for about 5 weeks leading up to the Exam. Thanks!



*Name = Felix Limo

Date of CPNE = Dec 17-19, 2010

Hi Rob, my name is Felix. I just wanted to let you know that i passed my CPNE
at Meriter hospital last weekend. It was my 2nd attempt. I discovered your
website one month before my first CPNE attempt and made a big mistake: I
just bought AOC ebook and overlooked the sim lab ebook thinking the labs were
going to be a walkover, boy was I wrong. I passed my first two PCS but the Sim
stopped me...when i got home that night,(it was sometime in August)I bought
the Sim lab ebook and within few weeks, i got all the mnemonics and i was
ready to go back. There was a cancellation last week and the MPAC office asked
if i was interested in it since i was on the waiting list. You bet i was...I just
want to thank God and of course thank you for your CDs. They were incredible
and reasonably prized! I didn't need those expensive conferences. Thanks once
again. Felix.



*Name = Kristina Hesby

Date of CPNE = Dec. 10-12, 2010

I just wanted to say "thank-you." You used your videos and mneumonics to
prepare for the CPNE and passed this weekend with absolutly no repeats. I was
so nervous all weekend, even on Sunday when I was so close to finishing, I
was still nervous. I would just look down at my paper, and I knew what to do
next or what to chart because it was right in front of me. People in my group
had paid over $900 for the Excelsior workshop and were given mneumonics
there, but both of them had to do repeat lab stations or PCS over the weekend.
I played your videos constantly and wrote my areas of care down every day and
it obviously paid off! Thanks again!




*Name = Karen Sutch

Date of CPNE = Dec 3-5, 2010

I passed the CPNE this weekend at Chambersburg Hosp. I used your
CD's to study and they were very helpful. This was my 3rd time taking
CPNE. Now must finish Ethnics and Info. Lit. before sit for boards !

Name = Valerie Putnam

Date of CPNE = Dec 3-5, 2010


I must tell you again THANK YOU for your packet, your direction, just your
reassuring voice.

You have been by my side for weeks and weeks.  You were my security. You
went to the motel with me. You spoke to me which was a great comfort.

Sure there must be people that doubt that only more person can put together a
great teaching video.  I bet there are some others out
there that are good too [there aren't]  But you sure saved me a ton of money.

I bought flashcards from Excelsior and also i purchased a series of Videos (17)
CD's done by Taylor Fundamentals.  Great to view, modern, good to learn from
except they never use gloves to check IV sites.  ODD  very odd. It gave me
another look at approaching a pt, and speaking up and feeling confident about
my approach

I did not sign up for care plans seminars, I did not have the money,  but I did
observe your [free]  power point presentations and found them helpful
Sure the NCP scared the heck out of me. I submitted a dozen on line to the
advisors, but I kept making them more and more simple and in the end I took
about 10 min in the Planning phase for all 4 PCS!

Think I used Acute pain on two pt, Risk for Injury on Three pt., Ineffective
airway clearance on two, That is all I can remember tonight.

I did not attend a seminar of any kind.

I had three phone calls to the Excelsior staff.

As my attachment states, I made all my own goofy stuff to practice on.  I loved
you dummie and making it was fun and got me in the zone.

Thank you thank you again.

Valerie Putnam


*Name = Christine Murdock

Date of CPNE = Unknown

Rob, I usually dont write comments but I was going through my e-mails and
saw one you had sent out and decided to open it to see what was new even
though I passed my CPNE and Boards on the first try this last summer.I read
some of the "Bad" Reviews and wanted you to know that I GREATLY appreciate
your videos and on line support as the Excelsior book was overwhelming !
Truthfully I might have flipped through it but that was it- I know I would have
failed without your information and tips!The CPNE was an extremely stressful
experience and I would HIGHLY recommend your program to everyone wanting
to pass the first time- Thank-you so much Rob 🙂

*Name = Kim Roberts

Date of CPNE = Nov 19-21, 2010

Passed my CPNE Nov. 19-21 in Lubbock,TX.  There was 6 of us.  On
Saturday it dwindle to 3.  Three of the students were repeating the
cpne.  All stated they took $400 workshops and Excelsior workshops.

Your course provided a guideline for me so that I had a plan before each PCS.  I
mean I knew what I was going to do before entering the room.  When an AOC
was assigned I made that part of my nursing dx/intervention so that when I
completed an element I was completing an intervention as well.
Thank You,

Kim Roberts

*Name = Angela Beldin

Date of CPNE = Nov 19-21, 2010

Hello Rob

This is angela.....The lone student you tutored on Friday in your free
online [in the AM session] careplan class (...I was really blessed, more
people should attend...)

With your help I passed the CPNE. Remember we talked about
Musculoskeletal Management and evaluation phase care plans?
Bam!!!! All over my test taking all weekend. I have been doing your
mnuemonics all the time...but the setup you showed me was a God
send....Thank you for all you do..I hope you post this email so others
will know your ebooks are worth it..It works!!!!.....

Angela Beldin, GN


Woo-Hoo ! That is awesome ! Honestly, I was worried about you
because I didn't hear anything from you on Sunday night.
Congratulations on getting through the test on you 3rd and final shot
(I don't think I could have done that)

- Robbie


I believe in two things....The Lord Jesus Christ and preserverance. One without
the other is useless. I had to really stand up for myself. The patient refused pt
teaching on pain management and they were going to fail me. I, as calmly as I
could stated," It's in my documentation the pt refused. Pt states duh duh
duh..... Well after much ado the CA passed me. They really tried to take the joy
out of me passing..........Thank you for caring about me....I had so many people
praying for me. God knows my work is not for money. Yes, I have bills like
everybody else but that is not the ultimate goal. People like you and the
students on the EPN that help others are simply incredible. I cannot help on
the net but there are enough students here locally who are trying to get
through excelsior and I will help them and anyone else who ask. Robbie, you
are blessed to be a blessing and you do it quite well.

*Name = John Van Raay

Date of CPNE = Nov 12-14, 2010

Thanks for the videoes and study guide.  Passed my CPNE on the 14th
of November.  One guy failed and he had gone to a workshop.  My
advice to him was to go to your website and get the videos.  Makes it
so easy.  Charting, nursing care plans, PCS scenerios and the lab sims.
Cruised through without worring too much.  Much thanks for
simplifing the process.  I highly recommend robscpne.


*Name = Mercedes Donahue

Date of CPNE = Nov 12-14, 2010

I just want to say thank you so much! I just took my CPNE this past
weekend in Saratoga and PASSED!!! I know I didn't study as much as
other people but I felt pretty confident going in and it all worked out!
Yey! Thank you!


*Name = Julie Talbert

Date of CPNE = Oct. 22-24, 2010

Rob, I would like to say a "BIG" Thank-you for "NO" repeats in
Mansfield, Ohio this week-end.  Honestly, I was so tired of Rob and the
dummy named "Larry" but you guys are the ones that made me pass.
Again Thank-you and couldn't have done it without you North Carolin

*Name = Mollie Jessberger

Date of CPNE = Oct 8-10, 2010

I wanted to send a note and thank you for making your videos and
EBooks! I took my CPNE this weekend in Madison, WI  and passed
EVERYTHING on the first try! Not one single repeat, and I was worried
because I have talked to many other paramedics who have failed the
CPNE! I followed your advice and the tips you gave in your EBooks....
and I was successful! Thank you so much for simplifying something
that appears so scary at first glance. I have reccommeded your
program to other students, and hope that they are as successful as I

*Name = Talia

Date of CPNE = Oct 1-3, 2010

Robbie...  I passed!!! WhooHOOO.  WOW the stress level was crazy!
The CEs were great they wanted everyone to be successful. I only had
1 1/2 months to study for the exam.  I was able to get in on a
cancelation. I didnt go to any workshops or have any other tools to
work with.  I wanted to take excelsiors care plan and documentation
class, but didn't have time. I recieved your videos until about 3 1/2
weeks before test time!!!  I studied my butt off  and with your
organization...I passed.  The test is very doable, you really just have to
get your nerves under control.  I failed my first lab, which was iv
push, because i ran out of time.  I was shaking like a leaf and couldnt
get the bubbles out of the syringe.  After that I had no failures and no
repeats.  There were 6 of us and 5 passed!!!

*Name = Jamie

Date of CPNE = Sept 24-26, 2010

First I would like to say that I PASSED!!!! I was in Racine WI on the
weekend of April 9-11, 2010. This was the second time I took the
CPNE, the first time I failed was 6 weeks prior at the same location. I
know people say go to a different site, but....

*Name = Debbie KW

Date of CPNE = Sept 24-26, 2010

I passed my CPNE in Utica, NY (9/24-9/26) with NO repeats!! Robs
videos and mnemonics were the key to my success. Thank you for
everything Rob!!

*Name = Donald Jacobson

Date of CPNE = Sept 24-26, 2010

Passed this weekend (9/24-9/26) in Mansfield, OH with ZERO repeats.
Im pretty sure that Robs AOC and lab videos were responsible for at
least 80% of my pass. Several tips and tricks I would have never
gotten. I ordered the lab video the NIGHT BEFORE labs

*Name = Jim Johnson

Date of CPNE =  Sep 17-19, 2010

Hi Rob, just wanted to send a thank you.  I passed my CPNE last
Sunday, with the help of your material.  I was wandering if you have
any resources for preparing for the NCLEX?

*Name = John Hampton

Date of CPNE = Sep 10-12, 2010

Thanks Rob! 8 of us tested in Syracuse and only 2 passed. Myself and
another, whom also used your program. What I learned: Do not go
from your gut during the CPNE as you do in real life. If you do, you
will fail. Follow your grid step-by-step, take your time !

Also,  while I was there, there were 2 people from an outside agency
that were hired by Excelsior to do an internal audit  of the program.
They asked us questions in private about what we thought of the
program. I guess they are concerned about their future patch.  So,
thanks for your help.  I made a comment but please correct it.  I listed
their were 8 that tested but there were only 6.  And the only 2 that
passed were the only 2 that used your program!!

*Name = Cher

Date of CPNE = Aug 27-29, 2010

Thank you for your CPNE prep materials Rob. I bought the lab sims
and AOC 2 weeks before my exam date. I passed my CPNE on my first
attempt @ Lubbock, TX on 8/29/10. Without your materials, there
was no way I would have known about doing things the excels

*Name = Jackie Baker

Date of CPNE = Aug 27-29, 2010

Just wanted to let you know I passed the CPNE in Mansfield. Your
nmemonic were right on. I had to repeat my first PCS due to a
charting mistake of my own making on the evaluation portion and
repeat one lab, due to my nervousness. The staff were impressed with
how much I knew

*Name = Susan Baldwin

Date of CPNE = Aug 27-29,2010

Hi Rob, just wanted to let you know that I passed the CPNE at Madison,
Wisconsin. Thank you for your very valuable study aids. I passed. The
stress of it all was incredible. But I am glad to have put in the time and
effort to follow your recomended study s

*Name = Deb

Date of CPNE = Aug 13-15, 2010

Rob! Thank you so much for your materials!! I passed my CPNE 8-15-
10 at St Marys with NO repeats. I used your mnemonics and I loved
them. I also listened to the care planning class and it helped,

*Name = Carla

Date of CPNE = Aug 13-15, 2010

Just wanted to share that I just passed my CPNE this past weekend at
St Marys in Madison, WI. It was stressful, but you HAVE to keep your
nerves under control and do one step at a time. KNOW your
mneumonics like you know your name. I used all of Robs info

*Name = Cheryl

Date of CPNE = Aug 13-15, 2010

Rob, Thank you sooo much for the time you have put into these
videos. I just passed the CPNE in Albany, and I could not afford to go to
a workshop. Your videos are what helped me pass and for those going
to take the CPNE, PRACTICE!!! can't say it enough !

*Name = Jill

Date of CPNE = Aug 6-8, 2010

Phew...its over...and I PASSED!! No words can describe the stress this
weekend but bottom line..I did it with no repeats in the lab and 1 PCS
repeat (care plan issue with my AEB...that I should have known
better.) I studied on my own (and RObscpne of course....)

*Name = Fay Piccioni- Wielgolinski

Date of CPNE  =Aug 6-8, 2010

I passed in Savannah, Ga 8/6-8/8!! No repeats! I couldnt have done it
without Robs Dvds and careplan class!! And he offered a ton of
support!!! Thanks again Rob!!

*Name = Brent Blevins

Date of CPNE = Aug 6-8, 2010

I just passed my CPNE in Chambersburg, PA. Your AOC and Lab SIMS
video have proven to be an invaluable tool for getting me through this
incredibly stressful weekend. Your mnemonics were spot on, and your
generic careplans made the planning phase much easi

*Name = Robbie Tutinjihan

Date of CPNE = Jul 23-25, 2010

Dear Rob: Just wanted to tell you that I passed my 2nd attempt in
Lubbock the end of July. I am so relieved and grateful for all your help
(the videos and chatting w/ me when I had questions).

*Name = Amanda Davis

Date of CPNE =Jul 23-25, 2010

I passed the CPNE in Lubbock this weekend thanks to you. Had I not
purchased and followed your instructions, I would NOT have passed
the CPNE. I arrived at the hotel a day early to familiarize myself with
the area and begin to panic. I emailed you from my hotel room  to ask
questions, which you promptly answered in detail. Each time I began a
lab sim or patient setting I noted the areas assigned, turned my
assignment kardex over and wrote the pneuonics that I had
memorized for each area assigned. Each time I performed an
assessment I would cross off the pneumonic, then when charting I
crossed back through the other way. This saved me when doing my
Fluid Management assignment. I failed to assess hydration status and
when I left the patients room and went to chart, I noticed I had NOT
crossed through the "H". I returned to the patients room and did the
forgotten assessment and passed that patient setting. No matter how
much you study it is impossible to remember everything in your head
when stressed. So this program works! Thank you again

*Name = Roccio Ruiz

Date of CPNE = Jul 16-18, 2010

I passed this past weekend at York PA. Thank you very much Rob for
all your help, I even watch your videos and notes on my weekend of
testing, they were very helpful. I was very nervous but you made it
seem so doable.


*Name = Linda Jamieson

Date of CPNE = Jul 9-11, 2010 (approximately)

Dear Rob, I recently passed cpne--your videos are priceless--I am
thanking you from the bottom of my heart. I watched your videos
over and over and God Bless You--I passed with NO repeats--keep up
the good work--thanks again--Linda

*Name = Deanna Ritter

Date of CPNE = Jun 29 - Jul 1, 2010

CPNE JUNE 29-JULY1 passed with no repeats, the CA and CE's are
great in Milwaukee WI.

*Name = Chandra Anderson

Date of CPNE = June 11-13, 2010

I passed in Madison!!!!  It was a rough weekend but I pushed through.
Passed all my labs Friday night.  Bombed my first PCS (nerves totally
got the best of me).  Then pushed through and knocked out the next 3
PCS.  Thank you for all your help.  I could not have done it without
your videos and ebooks.  Thanks for taking the time to help us out.  If
you ever need help let me know!!! LOL  Thank you again.

*Name = Stacy Westphal

Date of CPNE = June 11-13, 2010

Passed in Mansfield this week-end.  Remember I was the one who said
I was sick of you because I watched your videos so much.  The labs,
the areas of care, I knew them like the back of my hand.  I watched
your lab video in the hotel right before I went to the hospital.  Didn't
need to watch the AOC video again because it's pretty much etched in
my brain.

The only trouble I had was with the Care plan.  I watched your
careplan class last night at the hotel.  You could edit that advanced one
and sell it with  your video set.  I didn't fail a pcs or a careplan but I
could've and 2 other people did.  We all said we were fine in the rooms
but kinda falling apart when it came to the care plans.

Consider making audio tapes-you could include some music tracks like
you talk about(the all in spanish one) also some relaxation tips
because no matter how prepared you are for this- the stress is
unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE. Writing down the grid got me through.  I
knew I didn't forget anything but I check 3 times anyway.

Highlighting the 20 minute checks was a great idea, too. I circled all
things even though on my first pcs, I had no 20 minute checks.
Thanks again--I went to a workshop also--but your tapes are what got
me going.  I had no clue before I watched your tapes.   Sincerely -
Stacy A. Westphal

*Name = Chava K.

Date of CPNE = June 11-13, 2010

Dear Robbie,

Just wanted to write to you and say thanks - I passed in utica with NO
repeats on June 9, 10, 11th! There is no doubt in my mind that your
video, ebook and mneumonics made all the diffrence - and the
Nursing Care Plan class really reviewed and focused me correctly on
how to do the care plans quickly and effiicently.(ROBS NOTE: the
nursing care plan class is available for viewing in the Care Plan Class
tab on the upper right corner) The test was really hard and really
stressful, but focusing on your mneumonics, writing them down and
checking them twice really helped me to pass without repeats
reguardless of my nerves and anixety. Now it's onto the boards.

*Name = Maria Elena

Date of CPNE = June 4-6, 2010

Hi Robbie, just wanted to let you know I passed in Lubbock on 6/4-
6/6.  Your product was shown to me by someone else and it was a
turning point for me.  This was my third time and very glad to say was
successful.  Thank you for your online support as well.  I have posted
on EPN that I did use your product and your emphasis to always refer
to the current study guide.  I just want to also emphasize that some of
us just can't see the forest for the trees.  Thanks for clearing the path.
Best wishes Maria ELena


*Name = Beverely Clarke

Date of CPNE = June 9-11, 2010

hi rob i just passed at utica today the 11 of june thanks to your video
no work shop keep up the good work beverley - P.S. I passed with NO
repeats !

*Name = Chantea Hill

Date of CPNE = June 4-6, 2010

Thank you for the info for CPNE that you give out. It was really helpful
in allowing me to successfully pass the CPNE this weekend at Grady
with no repeats for labs or PCS's!!!!!! I hope that you recieve great
things for your work to help people at a reasonable price!!!

I could not afford to travel from Hawaii to the mainland to a workshop,
then travel back to the mainland for the CPNE!!!! You helped me to be
prepared for this CPNE more than you ever know!!! Thank you! If you
know of anyone in Hawaii that is on your mailing list that needs a lab
kit, I will greatly pass it on to them for use.


*Name = Mishelle Mehr

Date of CPNE = May 7-9, 2010 (review sent in later)

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you, I passed the CPNE on
mothers day weekend and it was all because of you and your DVD.
Watching you do the area's or care made it come together for me, plus
it gave me the feeling I had seen this before and it was doable. I was a
second timer in Racine, after the first time I really didn't think I could
go through it again, because I was not prepared..I thought I was, but
the failure showed the truth.

I got your DVD, watched it a bunch, practiced with my dummy and my
home made lab stations, and passed! The thing that helped me so
much was your mnemonics and the 20 minute check. Your so
nervous going in the have a plan for the first 20 minutes
really helped. After that I could take a deep breath, knowing I was still
in it and just finish it up. I think so many people fail, because of things
included in the 20 minute check...super simple things, that are just
forgotten or over looked because of nerves.

I went to a non excelsior workshop in xxxxxx, left there with a bunch
of papers, but know idea of how to do it "the excelsior way"  I wish I
would have saved the money and just gotten your DVD and
mnemonics right away.

I haven't taken boards yet but I've had doctors comment about my
documentation and how complete it is, I'm still using the mnemonics,
and they are great. You have taught me a skill I will use way past
boards and into my life as a RN. I know this sounds a little gushy, but I
owe it all to you. I am so thankful for you and your help with this very
difficult test.

You have my permission to re-print this, as I want all students to
know how helpful you have been to me.

Thank you so much
Mishelle Mehr LPN
soon to be RN

*Name = Oluseyi aluko

Date of CPNE = May 21-23, 2010

Hi Rob, I just passed in Utica NY on 5/23/10- just wanted to say thank
you, your mnemonics and your study approach made the difference
for me

*Name = Matthew Atzenhofer

Date of CPNE = May 21-23, 2010

Just passed my CPNE at St Mary's in WI with NO REPEATS and let me
say that without your crazy mneunonics that I've been carrying
around for the last 2 months, this would not have been possible.  I'm
forever're doing a good thing Rob.  Matthew Atzenhofer
RRT and now GN


*Name = Cecilia Aggrey

Date of CPNE = May 14-16, 2010

Hi Rob,


I recently bought your materials and I used it to study for
the clinicals. (I was the one who kept writing to you because
my original package was missing and you sent me another in
the mail) It was scheduled for May 14th-16th in Queens, NY
and I came out, passing with flying colors.  No mistakes! I
just want to thank you for all your help. I don't know if I
would have passed without your materials and services.
Continue teaching others and I will be sure to pass on your
information and website along  as a source to trust. Thanks!!!


Cecilia Aggrey


*Name = Amalie

Date of CPNE = May 7-9, 2010

Hey Rob! Just wanted to let you know that I passed in
Lubbock today with no repeats.  (I take that back, I did have
to repeat one med station because I accidentally threw a
clean syringe in the garbage instead of sharps:-/) I did take
another workshop, and used my own grid and mnemonics,
but your information and YOUR VIDEO's were very precise
and extremely helpful.  This is not an easy exam, and I
cannot even imagine going into this with only having studied
the Excelsior College Study Guide.  It totally needs to be
broken down and organized, and you have done a wonderful
job doing that. Thanks for your services and information!
(It was really priceless and you should be charging WAY
more;-) Thanks again, (Amalie) Lee, GN!

*Name = Geoffrey Manoti

Date of CPNE = May 7-9, 2010

I passed my CPNE at Grady with no repeats on may 9 2010.
Thank you for your materials.

*Name = Toni Richmond

Date of CPNE = April 9-11, 2010 (sent in 5/14/2010)

Hey Rob, Just wanted to let you know that I passed on
04/11 in Janesville, WI. Great site. Your product is great and
the price even better.  Regardless, I passed!!!!

*Name = Lisa Bergman

Date of CPNE = April 30-May 2, 2010

Rob,  I just want to thank you for your videos , ebooks and
pneumonics... I PASSED today in Milwaukee. If not for your
AOC video I would have had No clue as to where to even
start.I was lost for weeks before finding you.. and YOUR
pneumonics saved my butt a few times, they were easy to
remember and included everything I needed.. I too as I read
in one of the other posts... I failed 2 labs on fri and both PCS
on Sat. due to the manual B/P. I had a note in my pocket
that I kept with me saying " You Can Do It" and on Sun.
morning I woke up and changed the note crossing off "can"
and replacing it with "Will" So it said "You Will Do It!"I knew
the material well and did my labs, AOC's and pneumonics for
weeks as you say. It was a long day in Milwaukee (great
site) , but at the end they say, Its not over till the fat lady
sings, and she sang loud and clear with a PASS! So I Just
Want To Thank You Again, for taking the time to make the
video...  Thanks,  Lisa B. Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

*Name = Cintya Chavez

Date of CPNE = April 23-25, 2010

Your system is great. I passed this past weekend in Lubbock,
Texas. The examiners there are great. Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*Name = Patricia Fogelman

Date of CPNE = April 23-25, 2010

Hi Rob, You might get this email twice, as I goofed the first
time... Just wanted you to know that I passed this weekend
(4/23-25) at St Mary's in Madison with NO REPEATS.  I have
a lot to say about the experience for other student's benefit,
but not sure of the most appropriate place to post that info.
I also wanted you to know that, of the six of us there, two of
us had used your products, and two had taken the CPNE
workshop (I'm not sure about the other two).  I felt that we
Robots (my own term) were as well, or better, prepared as
the 'shoppers.  We compared notes a bit, and it seemed to
me that the workshop is particularly good for skills, if that is
a weakness.  Both of the 'shoppers are LPNs, and we Robots
are paramedics.  So I can now add my thanks to the long list
you have already accumulated.  As I said, I have much more
to say...just let me know where is the best place to say it.
Thanks !!!



DATE OF CPNE = MAR 26-28, 2010

Rob,  I just wanted to tell you that I passed this weekend in Janesville,
WI.  There were only four of us testing.  All four of us argeed that this
was a good group of testers, unlike the ones we had the weekend of
December 3, 2009 in Madison, WI.  What a difference they made for
us.  We relayed this to the CA & all four CE's.    The best part is what
you have taught us.  My friend's finding of your website, made the
difference for me.  THANK YOU ROB !!  Del Preuss, soon to be RN,
currently a Paramedic.


DATE OF CPNE = MAR 26-28, 2010



DATE OF CPNE = MAR 19-21, 2010

Rob,  Thanks to your materials and lots of family support and prayers,
I passed the CPNE with no repeats!!!!  This was by far the hardest test
of my nursing career.  However, it is very doable with your materials!
The mnemonics were wonderful!  I used them throughout my entire
CPNE!  To those of you getting ready to test, you can do this!  Have
faith in yourself!  Know that you deserve this!  Tell yourself that over
& over again! I did! If anyone is considering Lubbock, TX testing site, it
is WONDERFUL! The CA & CE's were amazing! Thanks again Rob!  I
could not have done this without your materials!  Brittany Oats, TX
CPNE - Lubbock TX March 19-21


DATE OF CPNE = MAR 12-14, 2010

Hi Robb,
I purchased your dvd Oct'09 to prepare for the CPNE. I took my CPNE
this past week(03/12/10-03/14/10) in Savannah.  I did PASS on first
try with no repeats. Your DVD is awesome teaching tool.
I am so happy and relieved.



DATE OF CPNE  = MAR 12-14, 2010

I passed my CPNE thanks to robs program. Could not afford a
workshop and this gave me the tools I needed. Thank you SOOOOOOO
much. Now I'm off to celebrate..It's also my birthday WHAT A GIFT!!!



DATE OF CPNE = MAR 12-14, 2010

Passed in Lubbock this weekend 3/12-3/14.  No more wound
nightmares. No more bubbles to worry about.  Thanks Rob for a great



DATE OF CPNE = MAR 12-14, 2010

Rob, Just wanted to update you on my experience with CPNE. I went to
Mansfield, OH on Feb 19-21 for my CPNE.  I had a HORRIBLE
experience there.  I passed both PCS's on Sat but had to retest the IV
Push lab, I failed it for too much Saline in flush and for a pin needle of
an air bubble.  So i was sent home on Saturday.  I was the only 1 out
of 10 people to pass both PCS's on Sat but still sent home for failing the
lab.  I was not impressed with the CE's and felt very rushed on
retesting the lab. Since I passed both PCS's I was there the latest and
they had to wait so I could retest the lab.  Anyways, 6 went home Sat
and only 1 or 2 passed on Sun.  I called the MPAC and was going to
Appeal but decided I knew my critical elements and wanted to retest
ASAP so I reapplied.  On Tues March 9th they called me and said they
had an immediate cancelation in Madison, WI for the 12th-14th.  I
took it and set out the next day from Indiana.  I PASSED this weekend.
There were only 5 of us there.  I know for sure 3 of us passed and
possibly 4.  There was a guy from South Texas who also had used your
program.  I have recommended your program to everyone I know
who is in Excelsior's RN program.  It was obvious that the two of us
who used your program did alot better than those who did not.  So
thank you!  Even though it took me 2 attempts.  I did it and felt a lot
more confident in really knowing the critical elements.  Again thanks!
Also, I feel like the mnemonics are so embedded in my head that it
has made me  better at assessing my patient's as a paramedic and
soon to be RN.



DATE OF CPNE = MAR 5-7, 2010

Hello Rob,

Just want to say thank you again. Today was my last succesfull day on
my CPNE  in Lubbock, TX., and I passed no repetitions. I don't have
much time to write now, but from all the people I have to thank and I
would like to let them know I passed, you are one of them.  Thank you
again... I will give u my complete testimony of my experience with
your videos and my actual exam when I get back home in Catalina
Island, CA.

God bless you and your family.[Here is the rest of Ahisquel's review] -
I just finished the CPNE and am overjoyed to say that I AM A GN!  I
took my exam on 3/12/2010 to 3/14/2010 at the St. Mary's Hospital
test site in Madison, WI and passed with no repeats!  I can say
unequivocally that the CA and CEs are absolutely wonderful.  Their
demeanor and approach to the laboratory simulations and PCSs but
my already rattled nerves at ease.  Be that as it may, consider this to
be the strongest endorsement of your products that one can possibly
give.  If I hadn't purchased your videos/ebooks and memorized your
mnemonics, I wouldn't be in the position I am today.  You have done
an absolutely marvelous job in preparing me for the CPNE.  There
were several variables that I had to improvise on my grid that were
not included in your mnemonics (for example, I was assigned pulse-
oximetry as part of respiratory assessment that wasn't included in the
mnemonic, but that wasn't anything major that I couldn't include).
Your care plan examples were spot on and couldn't have been more
clear.  My only suggestion to students preparing for the laboratory
simulation portion is to be prepared for variables.  For example, at my
test side, the pt's arm band on the IV MED and IV Push stations were
upside down and distal to the IV site.  Henceforth, there would be no
possible way to I.D. the patient without possible coming into contact
with the IV site and thus possibly failing for a violation for asepsis.  I
gloved up on the IV MED station, moved the armband so I could
compare pt. data, then checked the IV site.  The same procedure was
done for the IV Push station.  Other than that, there might be curve
balls thrown, but nothing that can't be overcome.  I am a living
testament to that.  To all those pondering taking workshops, Rob's
material is much more economical.  Thank you again Rob and I wish
all future students taking the CPNE using Rob's materials success!



DATE OF CPNE = FEB 26-28, 2010

Rob, Just wanted to send you a note and let you know that I passed
the CPNE in Janesville, WI last weekend. Your vidio's, advice and
mneumonic's saved my life! I had to repeat the IM/SubQ inj because I
gave my IM too high up for the vas/lat. They were also going to fail
me on my 3rd PCS which was my peds patient because they did not
like my care plan - which was the same plan as I had done before on a
pneumonia patient! I remembered what you said for standing up for
yourself, told them I did not agree with that, and that I had given good
nursing care, had made good clinical decisions's and provided good
documentation's. The CE & CA talked in private and came back with a
pass!  So definately stand up for yourself when you believe you are
right, they really do want you to do well. Again, THANK YOU!!!!!  Karen
Moreland GN!



DATE OF CPNE = FEB. 19-21, 2010

I just wanted to thank you for this program.  I was the only person at
my CPNE who hadn't went to a workshop, which made me feel like I
may have been a bit more likely to fail.  But thanks to your
mnemonics I was able to pass my CPNE the first time out.  Thanks so
much for your assistance; it was nice to get useful help without
breaking the BANK ! I only found your web page just over a month
before my CPNE, but I still feel that your ideas on the grid and the
mnemonics breaking down all the necessities of what they grade upon
really helped me tons!!

*Name = S.E.

Date of CPNE = Jan. 29-31, 2010

Consider this a strong endorsement of your product and please post, I
only ask that you do not reveal my name for privacy.

I ordered both the AOC and Lab simulation videos from you around
July 2009. I was impressed with the prompt delivery of my videos as
well as instructions forwarded to my email concerning my order. My
background is in school nursing consequently I have limited
knowledge in executing the AOC and Labs required by Excelsior to be
successful with the CPNE. Although, I utilized other resources as well,
I feel none prepared me more than your videos. I watched your
videos religiously everyday and was able to perform the AOC / LABs in
my sleep. They took away my apprehension and fear of the unknown.
Unfortunately, I was not successful on my first attempt end of
November, 2009.

I am aware that you offer a 100% money back guarantee in the event
that a student does not pass. I have my "sorry you were not
successful letter" that I could have sent to you and received my
money back. However, I had my conscience to contend with as I knew
my initial failure was due to my nerves and the rigors of the nature of
the exam and not your videos. I was financially exhausted but
managed to pay for my second attempt with support from my family.
Your videos were an invaluable resources in helping me pass on my
second and final attempt end of January 2010. I am sorry to say that I
am glad you were unsuccessful on your first attempt too; perhaps you
would not have made those videos if you had passed.

To hear "it's a pass" after my last PCS was indeed PRICELESS for me. I
have been endorsing your products and will continue to do so as there
are several students out there who are not aware of your products.
Keep doing what you are doing.

God bless you.


*Name = R.W.

Date of CPNE = Jan 29-31, 2010

Dear Robbie,

Well, I just got home.  I PASSED!!!!  I have you to thank for it!  If I had
not used the mneumonics and dvds of the labs and pcs that you made,
I wouldn't have made it.  Your mnemonics are priceless.  🙂  Thank
you so much!!  I referred your website and dvd's to a number of
people at my cpne weekend who were not successful.  I told them I
was confident you could help them out with your system of doing
things.  Best of luck to you !

*Name = Rachel Dewey

Date of CPNE = Jan 22-25, 2010

Hey Rob, Just wanted to say thanks for your product. I bought your
videos and used your mneumonics, and passed at Grady last weekend
with no repeats. I have been telling everyone about your stuff. There
were some people there without mneumonics and without a grid and
did not do well. I would not have survived without either, they saved
me in both the labs and pcs. Thank you so much. It is b/c of you that I
did not have to repay the $2000 and waste more time.

*Name = N.W.

Date of CPNE = Jan 22-25, 2010

I Rob,thank you very much for all of your support for CPNE. I passed
this weekend with no repeats after failed twice. Some one i met passed
first time after using your videos told me about your stuff - the check
list is so good, this is the best approach to CPNE ! I hope everyone that
is planning to take CPNE will read this. Don't post  my name please
just for privacy. If they will follow your instructions, they will never
go wrong. God bless you.

*Name = Janice Nakamura

Date of CPNE = Jan 15-17, 2010

Hi  Rob,

I just wanted to thank you for your pneumonics.  I used them all and I
passed today in Plano, TX with no repeats!  I don't know if I would
have passed without them.  Thanks again!!!

*Name = Leslie

Date of CPNE = Jan 8-10, 2010

Hi rob i have to first start off saying Thank You ! I passed my cpne on
the first try i couldn't of done it without your help. I used your grids
and mnuemonics on all of my areas of care and followed your advice
and i Passed! Im so relieved that it's over now i can breathe and just
prepare for my state boards. Again thanks for your help.


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