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    Shannon Jose Rebujio

    Rob’s Review is awesome! This program is worth every penny. If you follow the program exactly, you will pass! I went through the program in 5 weeks.
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    Kimberly R Davis
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    I was feeling overwhelmed when I started to study for...
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    Tara Bosco
  • He is the reason why I was able to pass this exam. Thanks Rob!

    Robert Jagoda Avatar
    Robert Jagoda

    I just passed my PCS weekend in Chambersburg, Pa!!! I accepted the spot with only 4 weeks to prepare... I was so nervous!

    Kate Corliss Avatar
    Kate Corliss

    do the program exactly like Rob states in the program, you will PASS !!!

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    Trish Branum
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    Ramirez Luz

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*individual results may vary



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*Name = Velma Christman

Date of TEST = August 28-30, 2015

Ok so I am out of shock mode and feeling great today!! First and for most let me say THANKS TO ROB AND HIS SITE! Fantastic study material.

 Rob you were correct to say that the CE's and CA are not your enemy, they really do want you to pass this monster of a test.

So this was my weekend experience in Chambersburg, Pa:

 Friday night stations great

Saturday: Not so Great....FIRST PCS- I had myself so nervous about getting a five year old that when I entered the room, there were nurses, the doctor and the mother, my mind just went blank and I forgot to ID the pt!!! FAIL

SECOND PCS- AFIB and we did radial pulse twice and apical once....5 point difference..FAIL

If you do apical you can move your stethoscope up on to chest. DUH !!!! See what nerves can do!

So long story short: I had 3 PCS's to do Sunday with no mistakes. Yes I got home and I cried. Something came over me and I changed that attitude of defeat. Saturday evening I watched Rob's videos and I had a game plan to look at my paper as much as I wanted to without feeling stupid, because lets face it, it is a lot to remember. One of the CE's actually told me to get your paper out as much as you want. I then thought this test is not like real life situations of caring for patients, so I also planned to do each AOC then mark it off and move to the next one. I felt ready for Sunday.

Sunday- First PCS knee replacement and bowel obstruction. Got into room and did my assignment. had 4 AOC. Know your documentation and neumonic's!!!! I had plenty of time to document! PASSED

Second PCS- Left hip infection and colonoscopy drainage. Know your wound and drainage stuff!

Pt had  a wound vac on her hip, just checked tubing suction level, amount of fluid in vac and color, dry and intact, Checked surrounding skin, ask if she was having any pain.. Also had PVA and RESP. assessment and ambulate pt, I carried the wound vac .Plenty of time to document. PASSED

So by know I am feeling great but one more to go.

Third PCS- CHF Yay I got this!!! PVA , Resp assess, fluids restricted, Ambulate, skin assess. Done documented and PASSED

Please never give your spirit to Pass , I felt at ease on Sunday and I really felt Great when it was over.

Thanks again to Rob for your web site. WONDERFUL!!! I did not study anything else and took no workshops.

To all students: Stay Positive, Control your nerves, and never give up!!! Best wishes!!!!


*Name = Craig Smulevitz

Date of TEST = July 17-19, 2015

Well after a long long day...it was a pass!

Here is my review for you to post:

Robs Website is the ultimate site for learning the mnemonics, getting a feel for what will be expected of you at the TEST, in both the labs as well as the patient scenarios.  There is no way I could have been that confident going into the exam, knowing that I would hit every area of the critical elements without it.  I watched these videos over and over and over again and I did not miss a step when the TEST arrived.  Compared to the other sites out there, this site is by far the best one in terms of content and pricing.

The only downside I would say is that while the focus on labs and scenarios are great, there is not so much focus or as many resources available on Care Planning.  There is a video, but one video does not really prepare you for writing Care Plans in the way that watching the lab and scenario videos prepares you for those situations.  And you can be an expert in treating the patients, but if you can't write a good care plan, you'll never get in the room.

End of review.

*Name = Eddie Burgen

Date of TEST = June 26-28, 2015

Hey Rob - I passed !

It wasn't hard as far as anything complicated, but it was the most stressful thing I've done since Marine boot camp.

The CA and CE's were all very professional.
The point is, they want you to pass and if you're professional and good with your patients you will.

I knew my mnemonics backwards and forwards and had my station skills down.

I could have been better prepared on my care planning, but I think that's an art. I was asked about a couple of things on my plans and managed to talk my way into an "okay, I'll accept that".

I watched your videos over and over and listened to them as I ran my 4 miles every other day. I could hear your voice in my head as I performed my assessments and managements with my patients.

Thanks again for your help. Your site was worth every penny. I only wish I could have done a seminar.

Feel free to call or re-e-mail if you want to know anything else.

Eddie Burgin

*Name = Emanuela aboagye

Date of TEST = 7-9, 2015
Hi rob,

I passed on August 9th in utica,NY. Thank u so much ur AOC videos were great.  I kept it simple did my areas of care and documented. I used all ur mnemonics and grid , it helped me stay organized     And when I got confused and nervous it kept me on track. I thank God and you for ur golden mnemonics. When I got stuck during labs I would take a glimpse at them and continue passed all labs one try !

Thank u Rob

*Name = Shifra Scheff

Date = July 10-12, 2015

Message To Rob:: I PASSED AT UTICA!!! Rob, I do not think I would have passed without all your help!!!  your mnemonics and grid were what kept me focused and organized throughout the whole exam! There were others at the exam that failed because they could not stay organized!

*Name = Rebecca Matvick

Date = June 19-21, 2015

Message To Rob:: Hi Rob, I passed this past weekend!!!

*Name = Shiffi Tischler

Date = July 14-16, 2015

Hi Rob ! I passed today along with two others at utica!! Thank you !!

*Name = Amy Newberry

Date = August 2015

I passed on the first attempt last August. I found your mnemonics to be very useful ! Thank You !

*Name = Jaime Derkach

Date = March, 2015

I did watch your videos and I took the TEST in Utica this March and passed on my first attempt. Thanks for making the videos!
Jaime Derkach

*Name = Robin LaVerdure

Date = May 22-24, 2015

I passed this past weekend at Southern Regional in GA. I wouldn't have passed without you and your teaching. I saw others who came without your input and they struggled. At least 2 failed out. I had to repeat one lab, but not because I didn't know what I was doing, I couldn't get my head and hands to work together at the same time. I was shaking so badly while doing the IV push, that I ran out of time. After I finally got a grip, I finished the 3 other stations and then passed all 3 PCS' the first time. No repeats! I used your mneumonics and used a grid the entire time to keep myself straight. I might suggest that if you decide to add anything else to your incredible preparation, it would be to write the simple things on the grid...ie: DO your care plan evaluation page, write everything that might need to be documented down in the corner...and CHECK it off before you turn your paper in. I was so excited to be finished, that I actually handed my paper to the CE and then said "Oh My GOSH!!!" I ran back to her, and told her that I needed to finish one last thing. She had not opened it yet, so she allowed me to have it back. I would have failed without that. So big hugs!!!! Thanks for everything and keep up the good work. I will definitely refer anyone taking EC studies to you.
Lots of love!
Robin LaVerdure
Was Woodford...married 5-7-11 🙂


*Name = Diana Lopez

Date = April 17-19, 2015

Hey Rob, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the TEST on my first try. And that I did it with the help of your videos and ESPECIALLY your mneumonics!!! I will be forever grateful to you.  I did it just like you said, I mean I made a fake patient and stuffed it with towels and duct tape and just followed your advice to the T.  I did lots of practicing along the way.  I'm so glad that your videos were out there!  I really believe that YOU helped me even more than what *excelsior did to pass the *CPNE .
*CPNE and Excelsior College are registered trademarks of Excelsior College. Robbie Wolff is not licensed, affiliated or associated with, or endorsed by, Excelsior College.
Again ROB!!! Thank You so very much.  Your an awesome Teacher....

*Name = Kevin (Last name withheld)

Date = 2/6/2015 - 2/8/2015

I had my test on 2/6/15-2/8/15. I passed with no repeats, thanks to this
program. I am a confident and realistic person with a good level of common
sense and intelligence but I was a basket case for about 30 days heading
into this exam. Your program was what got me through it with a passing
My advice for all is to follow this program and review all of the changes to
the study guide. Approach the exam just as stated in the videos. Your care
may seem to be choppy and inconsistent but you will not be evaluated
based on your fluidity of care. Do each of your assigned areas of care
individually and follow the mnemonics for the assessment and the charting.
I do have to say that this program is weak on the nursing care plans so I
used the  e-mail and phone PCS to polish my plans as well
as receive feedback on charting. I can tell you, these resources are
invaluable though a little inconsistent.  Lots of feedback  from the
evaluators and I really felt like I needed more practice but before I knew it
my TEST was upon me and I couldnt do any more of these. DO THEM!!!!
In each of my PCS I had comfort care, I had to revise my care plan because
the pt denied the need for my interventions. Also be aware that you will
need to chart a rationale for choosing your interventions. I did not chart a
rationale for one of my interventions on my last PCS but was given a pass
based on the rule of 1 forgiveness.
The CEs were quite nice to me and the CA was supportive and continually
offered words of encouragement to the group. I was one of 6 testing that
weekend, I tested at Chambersburg, Pa. I think I was the only one that
Thanks Rob and good luck to all,


*Name = Kristen Hover

Date = Dec 26 - 28, 2014


Hello! I passed on my first try in Madison, Wisconsin at St. Mary's hospital a
couple weekends ago. I had to repeat two labs (the second day of testing
was the most stressful day of my life thus far) but didn't have to repeat any
PCSs. Rob- thank you so much for your mneumonics! I used them all and
they worked perfectly for everything I did. 🙂 It's still sinking in. Thanks
again for everything.



*Name = Julius Nyamao

Date = Dec. 13-15, 2014

I used your mnemonics in my TEST test this weekend. Everything went so
smooth and i passed!!!!!! thank you for everything.



*Name = Julie Berube

Date = Nov. 14 - 16, 2014

Hi Rob, figured I would share my experience of the TEST.  Tested 11/14/14-
11/16/14 at Albany Med.  Thanks for the site!

Lab stations- passed all four on the first try.  The IV push was to give 1mL
over 30 seconds, which I had never practiced less then 1 minute pushes.

Saturday- Passed first 2 PCS without any problems.  First one was a
pediatric patient (7yrs old) who was admitted because of a headache for 16
days.  I had fluid management, mobility (assist with 1 walk during PCS),
pain management, medications and neurological assessment.  Second PCS
was an 83 y/o woman who just had cardiac surgery.  I had pain
management, wound management, medications and respiratory
management.  Had to transfer her to chair during PCS.  The second one
was during lunch so with everything that needed to be done, I was
pressed for time at the end.  I literally had 4 minutes before the time was

Sunday- Failed first PCS of the day, but was able to make it up and passed
the redo without any issues.  The one I failed was completely stupid and
my fault.  It was on a 34 who had just had abdominal surgery, she had
more tubes and drains than I even knew what to do with.  I was only
responsible for her foley and the IV running the NS for her PCA pump.  All
other tubes did not need to be touched at all.  I had abdominal
assessment, pain management and respiratory management.  I did
everything perfectly with the patient but had used acute pain as one of the
diagnosis.  One of the interventions was to offer a back rub, which I did but
she declined.  I then asked if she wanted to be repositioned, she did and
was more comfortable.  The problem is in narrative notes I made note that
she refused the backrub and was repositioned instead.  The problem was I
did not revise my care plan to reflect the change.  I guess that is a new
thing, before you could have just documented it but!
now it needs to be revised.  You could tell the CE really did not want to fail
me for that, but she had too.  It was my mistake.  The final PCS for that day
was a 79 y/o woman who was admitted for a rectal mass, she had not had
surgery yet.  It was very simple, I & Os, ambulate patient around hall,
respiratory management, abdominal assessment, comfort management and
flush her IV.  Completed that PCS without any problems.

The CEs and CA were very nice, it was intimidating having someone
standing over you watching everything you do but as long as you follow the
mnemonics and set up a grid, you will do fine.  There were 6 people who
started, 4 definitely failed and there was 1 other student there after I was
complete, so not sure of his out come.  A lot of the students had never
heard of setting up a grid or mnemonics.  I thought it was the key to my
success.  Also, it is very important to do only what they ask!  That one
patient had an ostomy, TPN, PICC line, 2 IV hep locks and a JP drain.  There
was so much it was overwhelming, but then I realized it wasnt as hard as it
seemed.  The CE even said everything else was perfect, just the care plan
needed to be revised.  To tell you the truth, I never thought I would have
passed the first attempt at this test.  I read so many blogs of people failing,
how I could pass.  It was a very nerve wrecking test, barely slept, had
trouble eating was so afrai!
d of failing.  I tested at Albany Med and had flown in from San Francisco, did
not want to pay for this test again.  Just know what is expected of you,
follow the mnemonics and you will pass.  I used robsREVIEW and watched
videos from you tube, never went to any of the workshops because of the
cost and having to take more time off work.  I studied for about 2 months
before the test.  I also did the free practice care plans from the faculty.
Would highly recommend taking advantage of those.  There are 3 that you
can submit by email and 3 other ones that can be discussed during a phone
call.  I did not find the weekly phone calls useful because I really didnt know
what to ask.  The CEs are not out to get you, they really want you to pass,
but you need to do everything right.


*Name = Alissa Northington

Date= Nov. 7-9, 2014

I passed!  I attended the TEST that was offered in Lubbock on November 7-



*Name - Racel W.

Date = Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, 2014

I wanted to thank you for putting these videos together.  your mnemonics
helped make the TEST less scary and less hard. I passed at Meriter last
weekend.  It was my first time. I had to repeat a pcs because I goofed on
the care plan.  Your mnemonics helped me stay on track. I like that you
show us how to throw a "PCS" together with stuff around the
house because I was having some financial difficulty during my study time.
I didn't have the time to wait on materials to arrive or the funds to obtain
them.  Thank you so much for showing me how to pass!!!!



*Name = Jazmine L.

Date = Oct. 10-12, 2014

Hello Rob! First and foremost: Thank you for your wonderful program. It is
definitely under-priced. I passed the TEST on my first try in Atlanta using
only your products and the faculty information on december
15th, 2013. I was so nervous. I could not eat. I wanted to just bolt from my
hotel room and go back to New York. But your products gave me reason to
believe that there was a chance that I could succeed. With your help I was
comforted by the fact that as long as I did everything that I practiced, I
should pass. And I did!! Also I passed  my boards this June so I am an RN
now. So once aagin, thank you for your help!!! Only thing is: Im a little
disappointed that my name isn't posted as one of your success stories. I
emailed you immediately after I passed telling you all of the gory details
and I was hoping to hear from you or see my name posted. I know you are
busy. I just feel a little sad about it because I have been recommending
you to al!
l of my co-workers and my name isn't even listed on your lovely website:(



*Name = Caroline Gabriel

Date = Oct. 10-12, 2014

I PASSED.  WOW what a great feeling. I am flying high.   Without your skills
videos and the mneumonics I would have never made it.  I flew through all
the care plans and documentation with out any stress or repeats. You are
fabulous. Thank you so much for all you have done in putting this TEST site
together. I really appreciated all you have done.



Date = Jan 22-25, 2010

I Rob,thank you very much for all of your support for THE TEST. I passed
this weekend with no repeats after failed twice. Some one i met passed
first time after using your videos told me about your stuff - the check
list is so good, this is the best approach ! I hope everyone that
is planning to take THE TEST will read this. Don't post  my name please
just for privacy. If they will follow your instructions, they will never
go wrong. God bless you.

*Name = Janice Nakamura

Date = Jan 15-17, 2010

Hi  Rob,

I just wanted to thank you for your pneumonics.  I used them all and I
passed today in Plano, TX with no repeats!  I don't know if I would
have passed without them.  Thanks again!!!

*Name = Leslie

Date = Jan 8-10, 2010

Hi rob i have to first start off saying Thank You ! I passed my TEST on
the first try i couldn't of done it without your help. I used your grids
and mnuemonics on all of my areas of care and followed your advice
and i Passed! Im so relieved that it's over now i can breathe and just
prepare for my state boards. Again thanks for your help.


*Individual Results may vary

*Individual results may vary

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