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How To Increase Your CPNE Pass Rate [22nd EDITION]

We all know that the CPNE pass rate is low and it seems like it’s getting lower every day. Thankfully, there is help out there. We’ve had a TON of tribe members pass every single weekend (check their stories out on our Facebook page HERE. But, even as great as a program can be, it simply can’t get a 100% pass rate. Here is the story from the other side of success…

I’m going to give you a peek behind the curtain to a situation you NEVER want to be in (and one you won’t be in because you’ll know the secret after reading this review). Here is a tragic tale from one of the RobsREVIEW tribe that ALMOST made it:

“Ok so here’s an update.  I tested this past weekend and 6 started at Lubbock 3 of us had labs to repeat.  Nerves made stupid errors.  Shrugged it off and said I can redo the lab tomorrow. Went to hospital did my Care plans and was in it to win it.  Your mnemonics saved my life.!

I Passed my 2 adults with NO repeats. 

Sunday. Repeat lab and do my LAST PCS (a child).  I had failed IM station. (I give injections all the time) I always draw up with one needle and change it to inject.  I did all my steps and the ce got nervous and picked up her manual and I panicked.  I forgot to change the needle and injected VL with too big of a needle!  damnit!!  I was out 🙁

I was so intimidated by them sitting blanking across the table in the chair.   They were sweet ladies but might had been a fire breathing dragon the way you feel. I had practiced with someone next to be and behind me but not directly in front staring at me   And when you think it’s over your mind goes somewhere awful. And that was my downfall on first lab…

There is no way to explain the nerves and anxiety this test gives you. I second guessed myself and it [the test] won.  3 girls didn’t even make it into the rooms the first day. Another who tested for the second time listened over a gown and then second pcs entered room said hi how are you.  Failed.  Didn’t ID patient before beginning an assessment!!”

So there it is. My gift to you – the gift of knowledge. The CPNE pass rate is low and yes, you can fail. HOWEVER, with this knowledge that you must control yourself and your nerves you know that THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT! Anyone can teach you the nuts and bolts of this test but it is the mind that separates the passer from the person who has to retest.

If you haven’t already done so, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE watch my series on mental strength. It will save your LIFE when you are at the test! (I double guarantee it!). And one more thing….

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: When I was in Nashville, TN., for a conference I met Gina Parris who is one of the top sports performance coach working today. She’s AWESOME and has worked with NUMEROUS PROFESSIONAL as well as NCAA Division I athletes and has been featured on news, TV and is highly sought after for speaking engagements (not to mention pro baseball players call her all the time).

I twisted her arm and she agreed to sit down with me and record some of the same mental toughness strategies she gives her clients. We geared this talk to directly speak to the the CPNE test taker so they can reduce anxiety, control their fears and snap back into the cool level-headed nurse that they USUALLY are during the CPNE test… even when everything is at Def-Con Level 10 stress !!

I made a promise to all of you to get the MAXIMUM amount of people to increase their CPNE pass rate for this test and this program is now currently ready! If you’re a tribe member you can view it in the members area. If you’re not yet a tribe member, you can still view the Mental Strength series for FREE by signing up below (just let us know which email address to send the information to…


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