Picture of woman giving labor and asking the question is the excelsior college CPNE exam more difficult that labor?

Is the CPNE exam MORE difficult than 40 hours of labor ?

Let me start off by saying, I’ve never been in labor and I’m pretty sure I never will. However, we both know that a woman’s pain tolerance is WAY WAY higher than a man’s it is something truly incredible when women say that labor pains rank a 10 out of 10 on the pain scale (which makes it pretty difficult to get through, but thank god you all do).

So when I got this email yesterday on 7/21/17, I had to sit up and take notice. Well here, just read what Fernanda Giselle Fanek wrote:

Hey Rob,

I had texted you last month to let you know that I passed the CPNE, but I just realized that I had texted the wrong number. So I just wanted to let you know that I passed on June 18th and it was in LARGE part due to your review program. Thank you! It was one of the most difficult weekends I’ve ever had in my life (including the time I was in labor for 40 hours)-so that says a lot. I know that I would not have passed if not for you.

Btw, i passed in faxton saint Luke’s in Utica, NY

– Fernanda Giselle Fanek

Pic of CPNE workshop Passer 6.2017 Giselle Frank.JPG

Fernanda Fanek - CPNE exam beast destroyer.

I don't know if you've already gone through the CPNE exam, but it can take MONUMENTAL effort to pass. It's not just doing A+B=C type stuff, it's about keeping your head above water and staying mentally strong when things start to go wrong (and they will go wrong, trust me.)

Things like CPNE mnemonics and the CPNE grid will keep you on point and focused so you don't forget. Practice at home on your dummy while you do all of the critical elements for the test also keep you sharp but it comes down to one word - tenacity.

If you can just hang in there and be like an oak tree you'll make it (oak trees may bend in a wind storm but they usually don't break).

We've seen so many student go through the test and then come back to tell us that they did everything right but they just couldn't make it through and were failed because they forgot one simple thing. They forgot because they couldn't keep everything focused. Their mental game went out the window even though they were extremely competent nurses!

A CPNE workshop is great to get you started but the REAL learning happens when you're at home and doing things 10, 20, 100x and drilling it into your head. Here at RobsREVIEW we like to get students up and running with the online training FIRST and then have them come in for one of our Virtual Workshops so that an instructor can evaluate what they're doing RIGHT and what parts need to be corrected so they don't make the mistakes at the CPNE test!

But the #1 thing we harp on is mental strength/mental toughness. Without this aspect it doesn't matter HOW MUCH you know! If you can't perform under stress then you fail...sorry, but it's true.

Because of how important mental strength and resiliancy is, we put together a 10 part video series with accompanying text in the members area for people to watch and level up their mental game. The first part of the series is me talking about my thoughts and experiences on what it takes to mentally strong, the next series is PURE GOLD - I brought in my friend Gina Parris who is a professional sports performance coach who has worked with top college prospects as well as Pro Baseball players to get their minds right. If she can get million dollar athletes and college kids to perform while THOUSANDS of people are watching them, then she can help you to stay mentally strong so you can pass! (I even have a psychologist, Anna Gibson, do some teachings on Anxiety and how to conquer them).

If you want to see what this is all about, then CLICK HERE and review part of the mental strength video series. I can't give it all away for free, but what you watch on THIS PAGE will bring your much further to conquering the Excelsior College CPNE exam easier and with less effort than you would normally have to do. So check it out HERE and feel free to leave a comment below.

To Your Success,


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