Q: Is RobsREVIEW compliant with the version of the clinical test that is currently being administered as of October 2020?

A: Yes, RobsREVIEW is preparing students for the LIVE & VIRTUAL 2020 version of the *Excelsior College CPNE test; our 2019 pass rate was 96.3% and our 2020 pass rate to date is 98.4%.

*CPNE and Excelsior College are registered trademarks of Excelsior College. Robbie Wolff is not licensed, affiliated or associated with, or endorsed by, Excelsior College.

P.S. If my program is responsible and doesn't get you to pass, then I'll give you DOUBLE Your Money Back! That's how strongly I believe in my system. (watch the videos and read the reviews below)
  • I am so glad I decided to use Rob’s Review. I used it for NSL and the VPCS. I cannot stress how valuable it is. All the tools needed to pass from the ... read more

    Rick Salas Avatar
    Rick Salas

    I simply cannot recommend Rob’s Review enough!! Best test prep I have ever taken part in. I just took the virtual Nursing Simulation Lab and felt so ... read more

    Aaron Mike Honcho Day Avatar
    Aaron Mike Honcho Day

    I recently passed the CPNE. I could not have done it without Robs Review. I felt very prepared having used this program. Rob was always there to answe... read more

    Beth Steele Avatar
    Beth Steele
  • I enthusiastically recommend Robs Review. I passed the VNSL using Robs mnemonics. Sure, Robs mnemonics are a bit goofy and his equipment is TRULY hom... read more

    Tee Saine Avatar
    Tee Saine

    Rob’s review is a game-changer. His program is dialed in to EXACTLY what you need to know and the most effective way to learn it. I was so impressed w... read more

    Carrie Cusker Avatar
    Carrie Cusker

    There isn't enough room for me to brag about Rob's program. I was skeptical about his program at first but Rob sent me some material before I ever sig... read more

    Connor McComas Avatar
    Connor McComas
  • Robs review helped me break down studying so it was not so overwhelming. the care plan videos, tips, and grading saved me from failing this area. I mo... read more

    Kristina Stephens Avatar
    Kristina Stephens

    Rob is the greatest mentor! I passed my CPNE today with no repeats! I couldn’t have done it without his mnemonics, care plans, and the grid! My advic... read more

    Shannon Jose Rebujio Avatar
    Shannon Jose Rebujio

    Rob’s Review is awesome! This program is worth every penny. If you follow the program exactly, you will pass! I went through the program in 5 weeks.
    read more

    Kimberly R Davis Avatar
    Kimberly R Davis
  • I highly recommend this program, I passed the NSL and PCS on the first attempt with no repeats.
    I was feeling overwhelmed when I started to study for...
    read more

    Tiffany Burton Bourgeois Avatar
    Tiffany Burton Bourgeois

    There is something humbling about forgetting what you think you know, to learn what you need to know. However, that humility is not only necessary in ... read more

    Oculos Aperire Avatar
    Oculos Aperire

    I PASSED iin Syracuse this past weekend and it's all because of RobsReview. The mnuemonics and 2minute careplans saved me! I suggest that everyone use... read more

    Tara Bosco Avatar
    Tara Bosco
  • He is the reason why I was able to pass this exam. Thanks Rob!

    Robert Jagoda Avatar
    Robert Jagoda

    I just passed my PCS weekend in Chambersburg, Pa!!! I accepted the spot with only 4 weeks to prepare... I was so nervous!

    Kate Corliss Avatar
    Kate Corliss

    do the program exactly like Rob states in the program, you will PASS !!!

    Trish Branum Avatar
    Trish Branum
  • I used Robsreview to study and pass the CPNE in December, 2019. I was especially pleased with the NSL practice and mnemonics portion and the PCS nurse... read more

    Talisa Jackson-Elam Avatar
    Talisa Jackson-Elam

    Rob's review was a life saver when it came to prepping for the CPNE. I highly recommend his program for anyone getting ready to take the test!

    Chelsea Baszler Avatar
    Chelsea Baszler

    I passed PCS in Lubbock this past weekend. I passed Labs in August. Robs review was so valuable. Everything is laid out in a structured, easy to fo... read more

    Kim Still Avatar
    Kim Still
  • I couldn’t have got through the CPNE without Robs program and support! I passed yesterday with no repeats! It feels amazing! Thank you rob for all you... read more

    Lindsey St Laurent Avatar
    Lindsey St Laurent

    Rob is straight to the point. He makes the care plan seem easy. I provided care plans to him at all crazy hours and he responded in a timely manner an... read more

    Ramirez Luz Avatar
    Ramirez Luz

    I passed today in Lubbock, TX! No repeats! I couldn’t have done it without Rob’s Review!! His mnemonics are spot on; I used them to chart everything r... read more

    Tracy Ann Driver Mangrum Avatar
    Tracy Ann Driver Mangrum

My program has helped THOUSANDS pass and it is a PROVEN system that has the following:

  • Visual Learner Optimized Online Program - Lab Sim & AOC critical element mnemonics with pictures and videos = the “magic bullet” of memorization so you can’t POSSIBLY forget because they're easy to remember and perfect if you're a visual person. 
  • DUAL Test Compatible (LIVE or VIRTUAL V-SIM) - If you're taking the LIVE CLINICAL or the VIRTUAL CLINICAL (V-SIM) we've GOT YOU COVERED for both test formats!
  • "Cliff Note" Style Study Guide - The RobsREVIEW study companion shows you where to start and end your studying every day. Gives you direction, focus and STRUCTURE. Cuts your test prep time by over 90%!
  • The "2 Minute Template" Care Plan Class WITH Graded Submissions & Feedback - You'll take our Care Plan class that uncovers the secret 2 Minute Template care plan that practically writes itself! After you learn this, you’ll be creating care plans like a seasoned pro (and in under 2 minutes!)
  • Virtual Workshop for LIVE Interaction and Training - Hands on training with INSTANT feedback so you know what you're doing right and what you need to improve on. Take our video conferenced based VIRTUAL WORKSHOP from ANYWHERE...even the comfort of your OWN home!
  • Stone Cold Confidence - It doesn’t matter WHAT you know, it’s HOW you perform when the pressures on! With our proven mental strength techniques taken from previous clinical test passers and from our own professional performance coach, you’ll be a unshakeable test terminator!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Unlimited Tribe Access - You can do great things when you’ve got a tribe behind you. The RobsREVIEW Tribe Meetings are live chat and video conferences that meet once a month where you can ask anything and learn the answers to your most burning questions. These aren’t mandatory, but they’re sure helpful to advance your confidence and knowledge so you can CRUSH your Lab Sims, PCS's, AOC's, Nursing Care Plans, Documentation and anything else they throw at you! 
  • Positive ROI (Return On Investment) - Cars, Cell Phones, Jewelry and most things we purchase depreciate in value but an investment in YOURSELF will ALWAYS appreciate! Pass the test. Become an RN. Change your life! BONUS - Education programs may be tax deductible (consult with your accountant).
  • DOUBLE Money Back Guarantee - Yep, 2x! That's how strongly I believe in the program to get you to pass. If my program is responsible for you not passing then I wouldn't feel right keeping your hard earned money. That's why I offer this unbeatable guarantee.
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