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Imagine having your own SIMPLIFIED, easy to learn *Excelsior College CPNE test BLUEPRINT that would GUARANTEE you pass - (CLIFF NOTE style)...

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Here's What's Inside the 7 Day RobsREVIEW Study Companion  (FREE) 

  • Day 1

    We'll start with a BASIC overview of what this test IS and HOW to PASS it in a Structured and Effective Way.
  • Day 2

    Next we'll move on to the Mnemonic Pictures and Videos to help you MEMORIZE everything simple and easy
  • Day 2 (continued)

    Pictures like this make memorization pretty easy...
  • Day 2 (continued)

    There's also a Explainer Video by Rob for EVERY AOC Critical Elements Mnemonic Picture so you understand the content 100%.
  • Day 3

    Next we'll explain how to use the Grid EFFECTIVELY so you can't possibly fail.
  • Day 4

    On Day 4 we'll go over documentation tricks and give you a chance to submit and have your documentation graded for accuracy.
  • Day 5

    On Day 5 we take a look at Nursing Care Plans. WARNING: Care Plans are where the MAJORITY of mistakes come from so take this section as SERIOUSLY as we do.
  • Day 5 (continued)

    We'll also look at our "2 Minute Templates" that allow you to write a PASSING Care Plan in 2 minutes or less.
  • Day 6

    On Day 6 we'll discuss the TOP Mental Strength Tips that I've picked up after studying and passing this test (it took me 2x) PLUS what OTHER students have said.
  • Day 7 (FINAL DAY!)

    On our final day we'll get mental strength tips from PROFESSIONAL Performance Coach Gina Parris (a MUST WATCH!)

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You're about to learn secrets that most clinical test taking students will NEVER know about. Things like:

  • How to START studying EFFICIENTLY in a STRUCTURED manner
  • How to FLAWLESSLY REMEMBER the critical elements of the AOC and Lab Sims and be able to PERFORM them automatically (i.e. NO performance anxiety)
  • How to get 100% UNDERSTANDING of this complex information in a DAY BY DAY format
  • QUICKEST and EASIEST way to learn ALL the critical elements
  • The FOOL-PROOF way to write up and pass EVERY SINGLE care plan that you turn in!


Get the Book. Simplify everything. Pass the test.

Enter in your information below to get the RobsREVIEW study manual (for FREE)

privacy This is FREE information and NO payment is required.

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