The 22nd edition is really 3,821 pages

When I lost my sports facility business it was because of paperwork. Not the special deed of trust that was signed, but the REAL paperwork behind that one page document. Legally, when you get a very small amount of paperwork, there is USUALLY some fine print behind it that is what makes or breaks you and that’s what Excelsior is going to do to YOU…

You see, Excelsior did a very smart thing. They knew that people were using the Study Guide as a reference and if there was sufficient documentation then the student would get a pass (or at least a re-test).

Now however, they gave you a VERY LIGHT STUDY GUIDE and what they didn’t tell you is that they are referencing the fundamentals of nursing books for A LOT of their new material.

We know this because a RobsREVIEW tribe member asked an Excelsior faculty member why there was no specific information on exactly how to do an intermittent catheterization for the lab station in the guidebook OR the referenced fundamentals of nursing book  that is listed in the 22nd edition:

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 7.54.04 AM

This one…

The response went something along the lines of:

“We are not solely referencing one fundamentals book. We are also referencing fundamentals of nursing textbooks that have been cited throughout your entire program here at Excelsior. Please reference those books for guidance.”

Two words: That Sucks….This means you have to look through ALL of these books for answers to your questions:

Robs CPNE workshop online excelsior

books like these…1,000+ pages EACH

But don’t lose hope yet, young jedi…every problem has a solution and this one is HUGE. In the old days (21st edition and before) the book was huge but it was incomplete with information. Questions came up like,

  • “Do we need sterile gloves for this procedure?”
  • “Should we use a gown here?”
  • “When do we assess the fontanelle?”

The guidebooks had all these wacky time frames and way to do things (remember when we DIDN’T cleanse the wound in the lab sims?). Now, Excelsior is pretty much giving up and saying, “Use the fundamentals book for your answers.”

Here’s where things get a little tricky….

If you are going to perform trachea suctioning the guidebook KINDA lays it out, and says what you need. One thing it DOESN’T mention is that you should wear a gown and a face shield when performing suctioning, (page 1342, #3 in BASIC NURSING by Treas & Wilkinson).

  • Will it result in a failure if you DON’T put on a gown and face mask when performing suctioning?
  • I’m not sure, as it is not SPECIFICALLY written in the 22nd edition of the guidebook BUT if I was a betting man, I would say SOMEONE will fail for NOT wearing this equipment (and all the examiner has to do to justify your failure is to reference page 1342 #3 in the Treas & Wilkinson BASIC NURSING BOOK.)

So… there needs to be mnemonics that zipper in ALL the critical elements from the book AND from the fundamentals books to make SURE they don’t fail you.

Here’s the great news – I already did it.

I took ALL the information from the fundamentals of nursing books that are referenced by Excelsior AND the CPNE guidebook and put them together in a perfect marriage of what you have to DO and what you have to DOCUMENT so there is NO WAY you can fail.

I did the hard work so all you have to do is follow the map to success.

I also put everything together in a Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 format so there’s no more guessing of what you should be doing day by day, week by week and month by month.

If you like structure then this is the program for YOU!

I hope that helped. Let me know what you think!


P.S. One thing DOES concern me and that is if a student fails, what will they have to reference to dispute their failure? I have an example that I worked on today and I am telling you, the information used to appeal this students decision IS in the 21st edition, but it is NOT in the 22nd.

My advice is to FIGHT like hell if an examiner fails you because it’s a LOT easier to argue the fail decision at the time it happened then to wait MONTHS later and leave it up in the hands of a committee that doesn’t know all the information of what EXACTLY happened at the time it happened!