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*CPNE is a registered trademark of Excelsior College. Robbie Wolff is not licensed, affiliated or associated with, or endorsed by, Excelsior College.


Anyone can pass this difficult test when you follow the carefully constructed system that you'll find inside...

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  • I am so glad I decided to use Rob’s Review. I used it for NSL and the VPCS. I cannot stress how valuable it is. All the tools needed to pass from the beginning to the end. Especially with the care plans and his quick responses. I am forever grateful, THANK YOU!!!

    Rick Salas Avatar
    Rick Salas

    I simply cannot recommend Rob’s Review enough!! Best test prep I have ever taken part in. I just took the virtual Nursing Simulation Lab and felt so confident going into the test. I passed both portions of the NSL the first time and both of my Clinical Examiners stated that other than being anxious that I was very thorough and completely covered every portion of critical elements. I am looking forward to my virtual PCS and have already started with my Areas of Care. If you want to pass this test with confidence, the first time, Rob’s Review is worth every penny and more!!

    Aaron Mike Honcho Day Avatar
    Aaron Mike Honcho Day

    I recently passed the CPNE. I could not have done it without Robs Review. I felt very prepared having used this program. Rob was always there to answer question and ease my stress.

    Beth Steele Avatar
    Beth Steele
  • I enthusiastically recommend Robs Review. I passed the VNSL using Robs mnemonics. Sure, Robs mnemonics are a bit goofy and his equipment is TRULY homemade. But guess what? The mannequins that EC instructs you to create at home are crude and simple as well. So this tells me Rob is ahead of his time. Furthermore, he's always accessible!

    Tee Saine Avatar
    Tee Saine

    Rob’s review is a game-changer. His program is dialed in to EXACTLY what you need to know and the most effective way to learn it. I was so impressed with how accessible he is! Any time I sent a question via text I received a thoughtful, timely response. My favorite part of the program is the care plans. Submitting practice care plans and using the 2 minute templates allowed me to walk into the CPNE with CONFIDENCE. This program is worth every penny - Rob is 100% committed to your success. Put in the work, trust the program and you will definitely slay the beast!!!

    Carrie Cusker Avatar
    Carrie Cusker

    There isn't enough room for me to brag about Rob's program. I was skeptical about his program at first but Rob sent me some material before I ever signed up and he said check it out and let me know if you want to join. I liked what he had prepared and decided to go with him. And then BOOM off to the races. I started with his program at about 50 days before my test and studied his program everyday for about 2-3 hours. I also texted Rob almost everyday to seek clarification about things. He never complained once about how often I contacted him and responded within 5-10 minutes ALWAYS. Without his mnemonics and study plan I would have been lost during the CPNE. His program gave me a path to follow and allowed me to succeed during the CPNE. Are there other programs out there that are cheaper? Sure. BUT those other programs only give about 30 days worth of access to the program where as Rob's review is accessible all the time until you pass. After speaking with the other students I heard that the other programs did not respond as quickly and sometimes didn't even respond to care plans or review them. Rob reviewed and critiqued my care plan within hours and always emailed me back the results the next morning. During these past 50 days I felt like he was my teacher, coach, and mentor and I wanted to make him proud. Rob was the first person I texted after passing the CPNE and he was just as excited as I was. His program gave me confidence that I was going to conquer this test. Was his program worth it? 100%.

    Connor McComas Avatar
    Connor McComas
  • Robs review helped me break down studying so it was not so overwhelming. the care plan videos, tips, and grading saved me from failing this area. I most definitely would have failed without robs pneumonics! sign up follow the plan and use your pneumonias and grid!!!

    Kristina Stephens Avatar
    Kristina Stephens

    Rob is the greatest mentor! I passed my CPNE today with no repeats! I couldn’t have done it without his mnemonics, care plans, and the grid! My advice is to study Robs Review companion book and practice, practice, practice!

    Shannon Jose Rebujio Avatar
    Shannon Jose Rebujio

    Rob’s Review is awesome! This program is worth every penny. If you follow the program exactly, you will pass! I went through the program in 5 weeks.

    Ensuring you practice on your Dummy like he says, the mnemonics will stick right in your head. I don’t think I would have passed without this program. ALL of the critical elements are easy to meet if you follow the mnemonics.

    The videos are very informative and I practiced on my dummy while I watched them. This definitely helps you retain all of the information. Thanks Rob, for creating this program and helping others reach their goals and dreams!

    Kimberly R Davis Avatar
    Kimberly R Davis
  • I highly recommend this program, I passed the NSL and PCS on the first attempt with no repeats.
    I was feeling overwhelmed when I started to study for this exam until I found Rob’s program, which is straight to the point and well organized.
    Rob is extremely responsive when you reach out for help or have a question which made me feel like I had a partner through this and was not on my own.
    It was because of his mnemonics that I passed which kept me focused in the patient’s room and while documenting. This is well worth the investment.

    Tiffany Burton Bourgeois Avatar
    Tiffany Burton Bourgeois

    There is something humbling about forgetting what you think you know, to learn what you need to know. However, that humility is not only necessary in life but is critical for a successful completion on the CPNE. if you remember one thing make sure it is this. Rob is RIGHT. I allowed myself to be taught and I successfully passed. Thank you Rob's review, I am forever grateful.

    Oculos Aperire Avatar
    Oculos Aperire

    I PASSED iin Syracuse this past weekend and it's all because of RobsReview. The mnuemonics and 2minute careplans saved me! I suggest that everyone uses him for the CPNE, it's a guaranteed pass!

    Tara Bosco Avatar
    Tara Bosco
  • He is the reason why I was able to pass this exam. Thanks Rob!

    Robert Jagoda Avatar
    Robert Jagoda

    I just passed my PCS weekend in Chambersburg, Pa!!! I accepted the spot with only 4 weeks to prepare... I was so nervous!

    Kate Corliss Avatar
    Kate Corliss

    do the program exactly like Rob states in the program, you will PASS !!!

    Trish Branum Avatar
    Trish Branum
  • I used Robsreview to study and pass the CPNE in December, 2019. I was especially pleased with the NSL practice and mnemonics portion and the PCS nurses clinical notes section. Robsreview aided in my success in the CPNE and for that I am most grateful. He took the time to make improvements and adopted to the exams periodic changes which re-enforced my confidence in Robsreview.

    Talisa Jackson-Elam Avatar
    Talisa Jackson-Elam

    Rob's review was a life saver when it came to prepping for the CPNE. I highly recommend his program for anyone getting ready to take the test!

    Chelsea Baszler Avatar
    Chelsea Baszler

    I passed PCS in Lubbock this past weekend. I passed Labs in August. Robs review was so valuable. Everything is laid out in a structured, easy to follow format. I was able to concentrate on labs, then after passing moved on to PCS. I was ready this time and Rob made sure by providing the virtual classes, materials and feedback from the tribe! Lubbock CE and CA's were amazing as well, we had 7 and 7 passed. CE said she had never had a class where everyone was so prepared( 3 were tribe members). You have to study, know mnemonics and grid....Thanks Rob and Tribe! Now on to boards!

    Kim Still Avatar
    Kim Still
  • I couldn’t have got through the CPNE without Robs program and support! I passed yesterday with no repeats! It feels amazing! Thank you rob for all you do and helping me make my dreams come true! LPN—> RN🙌🥳

    Lindsey St Laurent Avatar
    Lindsey St Laurent

    Rob is straight to the point. He makes the care plan seem easy. I provided care plans to him at all crazy hours and he responded in a timely manner and helped me in the areas that I needed to focus on. His monthly reviews are awesome and his learning website. When I failed the first time I signed up with him and he made me feel confident for this CPNE testing. For that I thank you Rob and I recommend Rob's Review to help you!!

    Ramirez Luz Avatar
    Ramirez Luz

    I passed today in Lubbock, TX! No repeats! I couldn’t have done it without Rob’s Review!! His mnemonics are spot on; I used them to chart everything right in order! If you haven’t signed up do it now!! Anytime I needed to reach him he responded within minutes!! My CEs stated I was very organized-> Rob was responsible for this!! I had no idea where to begin when I started, but his mnemonics guided me straight forward to SUCCESS!! Best program out there and I have the PASS to prove it! Worth every penny and then some!

    Tracy Ann Driver Mangrum Avatar
    Tracy Ann Driver Mangrum
  • Awesome mnemonics, prepares you for anything that can and will happen

    Christopher K Dalberiste Sr. Avatar
    Christopher K Dalberiste Sr.

    CPNE passed with no repeats! All thanks to Robs Review!! When people pass Rob always asks how does it feel?? Well maybe we should ask Rob how does it feel to know that you are the reason we all are passing!!! I can’t thank him enough for all the hard work he put in to making his program so successful. Without you Rob we wouldn’t pass!! Thank you!!!

    Jackie Vasso Naser Avatar
    Jackie Vasso Naser

    Rob’s mnemonics were amazing and stayed with me even when the nerves came.
    I passed this passed weekend!
    This paramedic is now also an official Graduate Nurse!!!
    Thank you so much, Rob!

    Marci Wilson Avatar
    Marci Wilson
  • Y’all, I passed my CPNE this past weekend using Robs Review and let me tell you it SAVED MY BUTT. No PCS repeats for me!!! Study it! Use it! And you too will ACE IT!!

    Holly Hamblett Avatar
    Holly Hamblett

    It's a pass for me in Glens Falls, NY. I can't recommend Rob's enough. His review makes sure you are more than prepared. You just have to do the work, and trust the process.

    Tina Gumba Avatar
    Tina Gumba

    This program was easy to use and was right on point. I definitely would recommend using this program for anyone studying for the CPNE. Thanks Rob!!!

    Tammie Cohen Sunderman Avatar
    Tammie Cohen Sunderman
  • I did the pilot program I passed my NSL in July and just passed my PCS in Syracuse today thanks to robs review!! It is a great program and well worth it!!

    Christine Mckenna Avatar
    Christine Mckenna

    Passed by CPNE today in Albany!! No retakes. Thank so much ROB, it’s a great thing you do.

    Stacie Long Belmont Avatar
    Stacie Long Belmont

    Ok let me first say that I could have NEVER passed the CPNE the first time without Rob and his amazing support. This program is far superior than any other review that I looked at. It was worth EVERY penny....Not only is his program perfectly done but the support he offers is above and beyond...I was shocked how fast he answered my questions.... This test is grueling, I have taken many clinicals and practical exam but the CPNE is grueling... If your considering this review don't even 2nd guess it...Rob thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are simply AMAZING...

    Dawn Schwartz-Ramos Avatar
    Dawn Schwartz-Ramos
129 reviews

The RobsREVIEW Members Area INCLUDES:

  • Visual Learner Optimized Training - Lab Sim & AOC critical element mnemonics with pictures and videos which makes it EASY to learn and IMPOSSIBLE to forget.

  • Nursing Care Plan Training WITH Homework Submission - Learn to write care plans in under 2 minutes even if you've NEVER done a nursing care plan in your life! We'll take you step by step AND give you access to send in your care plans to be GRADED and given FEEDBACK so you're 100% test day ready! 

  • Hands-On VIRTUAL WORKSHOP - Video Conference based workshop that can be done ANYWHERE including the comfort of your own home. Perform all Lab Sim Stations and AOC critical elements with guided feedback from a LIVE instructor.

  • "Cliff Note" Style Study Guide -The RobsREVIEW study guide is a PDF download or physical hard cover booklet (your choice) that shows you where to start and end your studying every day. Gives you the information in a day by day ORGANIZED method which cuts your test prep time by over 90%!

  • DOUBLE Money Back GUARANTEE - If my program is responsible and doesn't get you to pass, then I'll give you DOUBLE Your Money Back! That's how strongly I believe in my system.

HOW do I LEARN everything and REMEMBER it all?

If you don't yet "have it all memorized"... If you haven't learned the simple process to keep yourself organized...If you were never given a plan of action when you get to the test site... and if you think that you'll be so nervous and out of your mind that you'll forget everything....

Then I've got good news: The RobsREVIEW program explains this simple process in a STRUCTURED and ORGANIZED way so you can understand everything in MINIMAL time. This 100% online learning  program is right for you IF:

  • You Feel Overwhelmed. You are going to feel overwhelmed (like I did) so I made you an ORGANIZATION and QUICK START GUIDE so you know WHAT to study, WHEN to study, and HOW to make it all come together so you PASS.
  • You're A VISUAL learner. You'll see videos of me doing ALL Areas Of Care and ALL Lab Sim Stations. Seeing is the FASTEST way to learn.
  • You Don't Have The Time. Instead of searching for free information here and there, you want something that is PROVEN and ACCURATE and will reduce your study time by 90%.
  • You Have Care Plan Troubles. You think you can write a great care plan but you're just not sure. You know the care plans are failing a lot of students and you DON'T want to be one of them.
  • You Have Performance Anxiety. The ONLY way to beat this is practice, but not just regular practice, it takes a special, mentally strengthening practice that I'll show you.

*CPNE is a registered trademark of Excelsior College. Robbie Wolff is not licensed, affiliated or associated with, or endorsed by, Excelsior College.

My Personal Experience of Failing The *CPNE Test...

It's not as cut and dry as failing this TEST and then coming back the next weekend to try again. Here is my example of what I personally went through. I do NOT want you to have to experience my pain. Here's the breakdown: 

$2,300 - Cost of the clinical exam TEST

$483 - Airfare

$212 - Hotel

$26,325 - Salary Increase from LVN to RN (annual)

$29,320 - TOTAL for 1 FAILURE!

(Unmeasurable) - Personal pain of Failing.

(Unmeasurable) - Pain of telling Friends/Family of failing.

(Unmeasurable) - Waiting 8-14 months for new test date.

Lesson Learned: DON'T FAIL!


Here's what makes the RobsREVIEW course DIFFERENT...

Clear Video Instruction

Simple "watch over my shoulder" sessions where I show you how to pass in a simple, systematic way. 

Simple & Organized Instruction

Albert Einstein said, "Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler". We make it simple so you can simply pass.

Checklist & Templates

These templates and checklists make it easy for you to learn rapidly and correct yourself when needed. Best of all, their yours forever. 

Do As You Learn

This course is set up so that you learn information and then IMMEDIATELY practice it over and over again. Knowledge is only powerful when you can REMEMBER it.


Have a question?  CALL, TEXT or EMAIL me. When you're stuck and feel like you're alone on an island, all you have to do is reach out. A distance program does not have to be distant...


It doesn't matter if you have a PC or a Mac, an iPhone or an Android, an iPad or a Timbuktu Tablet... Access your content anywhere and on any device.

DOUBLE Money Back...
money back logo

DOUBLE Money Back Guarantee

Your order is protected by my DOUBLE Money Back Guarantee. If my program doesn’t get you through this test, then simply send me your notification of failure and I will refund DOUBLE your money.

Since April of 2008 I have only had ONE person ask for a refund.

If my material is directly responsible for you failure then you are eligible. In short, you get a great return on your investment (pass the TEST and become an RN) or you get DOUBLE your money back. It’s that simple.


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