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*CPNE is a registered trademark of Excelsior College. Robbie Wolff is not licensed, affiliated or associated with, or endorsed by, Excelsior College.


Anyone can pass this difficult test when you follow the carefully constructed system that you'll find inside...

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  • I highly recommend Robs Review

    I would had never passed my NSL without him hes supports you from when you start the program until you pass!!! with Rob review you will pass.

    Nelly Rubio Avatar
    Nelly Rubio

    Highly Recommend!! I wouldn't have passed without Rob's grids and 2 minute templates.

    Brooke Herlocker Avatar
    Brooke Herlocker

    Pass with no repeats! Highly recommend Robs Review! Could not have done it without his mnemonics and two minute templates! 🙌🏻

    Niki Kidd Avatar
    Niki Kidd
  • I am Glad I choose him at the begining of the month when I got approved for my CPNE. This program is great for visual Learners like me. Thanks Rob, I would say, it's 10 out of 10 Stars. Not 5 out of 5. So, Think about it guys....

    Ankit Patel Avatar
    Ankit Patel

    Because of Robs I was able to pass CPNE last weekend. I studied everything in his review and it made my clinical experience easier.

    Neizl Roble Sibayan Avatar
    Neizl Roble Sibayan

    Rob’s “silly” mneumonics helped me to be organized during the cpne. I woke up day one without remembering anything not even my name!!! I thought I would might as well go home.. but I was already there so off I went to my labs.. as soon as the time started I dumped (wrote)all my mneumonics on my form.. passed! second day did the same thing... passed! Third day... passed! Do... read more

    Ann Datuin Dayanghirang Avatar
    Ann Datuin Dayanghirang
  • I’m a procrastinator and waited until 3 weeks before my CPNE to study for it. Thanks to Rob I passed this past weekend. The mnemonics were easy to remember and they are fail proof. The two minute templates for care plans were perfect. I actually highlighted in my nanda book the info from his two minute templates and didn’t have any problems with my care plan. This test is ... read more

    Ashley Peterson Avatar
    Ashley Peterson

    Great program helped me pass my cpne on the first try!! Highly recommend to anyone going through excelsior!!!

    Jacob Robertson Avatar
    Jacob Robertson

    I just passed the NSL portion of the CPNE yesterday and Rob’s Review videos and mnemonics helped me tremendously! I could remember things during the high stress moments. Would definitely recommend this program to anyone and everyone trying to pass the CPNE. Thank you Rob!

    Brooke Bowman Avatar
    Brooke Bowman
  • RobsReview,

    Where do I even begin? I guess this is a fitting question, because prior to finding your program, I wasn’t even sure what the CPNE entailed or what I was going to do to get started. I stumbled across your website with a silly search, probably something along the lines of “how many souls must I sacrifice to pass this test?” I found you, in your white lab coat a...
    read more

    Joe Schuck Avatar
    Joe Schuck

    Robs Review is hands down the most amazing program! Without his help I never would have been able to slay the beast! His mnemonics told a story which made them so easy to remember! His 2 minute templates for care plans helped more than I can ever explain! He took the time to respond to every text, email, and question that I had, with in a very timely manner! A+++ Thank you... read more

    Misti Martin Avatar
    Misti Martin

    Very helpful nemonics and videos. Rob is super easy to contact if you have any questions or concerns. The Tribe Meetings are helpful for review and claifying concepts. The bottom line is that Rob wants you to succeed as much as you want to succeed! To your success!

    Greg Engle Avatar
    Greg Engle
  • I highly recommend Robs Review! The mnemonics match up with the critical elements, and he breaks down the careplans for you. There are videos that break down the AOC’s and he gives examples of what teaching you can do with the patient. I wouldn’t have passed without his mnemonics! During second PCS, I looked back at my notes and realized my caprefill wasn’t checked off. Ne... read more

    Tristan Castillo Avatar
    Tristan Castillo

    I just had basically one on two tutoring with him and another person and he just made me feel so confident with all that I know. He answered all our silly questions and had so much patience. I take my test in about a little over a month and a half and I know with his website and all the feedback I get from him.....I AM READY

    Leila Leila Avatar
    Leila Leila

    I just got home from my CPNE in Lubbock Texas today. I PASSED!!!!!! Thank you so much Rob. I don't think I would've made it without doing your program!

    Chrisi Bechthold Smith Avatar
    Chrisi Bechthold Smith
  • Rob is a great teacher. He wants you to understand the material and He wants you to pass. It’s not about the money with Rob. His virtual workshops are amazing. I never thought I could learn anything through a virtual anything. But I have to say it’s well worth it. I know I’m going to pass and it’s mostly because of Rob. Thank you!

    Kim Spagnola Avatar
    Kim Spagnola

    I give Rob's Review 5 stars! There is so much information to know to pass the CPNE, and even though you can get it all on the school portal, Rob breaks it down, makes it digestible, gives you tools to easily remember the details when the nerves kick in, and works with you to reach the ultimate goal; a huge pass, 1st try with no repeats !!

    Thanks Rob!!!

    Dawn Calabrese Avatar
    Dawn Calabrese

    This program, is hands down, worth every penny. As a former test taker of the CPNE, Rob knows exactly what to do and what not to do. Everything he says, listen to. I would not have passed the CPNE with out his program. There was 4 of us, and the 2 that used his review had passed. I am forever grateful to Rob. He is always there, via text and email, if you have any questio... read more

    Amanda LaVallee Avatar
    Amanda LaVallee
  • Rob has developed a great program to help pass this huge exam. Prior to getting this program I was overwhelmed but now I feel organized and more prepared to pass the test. Rob is always super responsive to your questions and is always cheering us on.

    ‎Tiffany Burton Bourgeois‎ Avatar
    ‎Tiffany Burton Bourgeois‎

    The weekend I tested and passed, there was only one other pass. We both belonged to a program like Rob's. I found the other programs offered alot of fluff you really do not need. I liked the fact I had access to the site and Rob, no matter how long I waited to test.

    Matthew Tosto Avatar
    Matthew Tosto

    Rob doesn't sugarcoat this and tells it like it is. I failed 2 times because I didn't study enough to pass. I had a bad attitude and didn't do it their Way. Never could remember the mnemomics.

    If you think it's hard to pass now..back then there were very little resources to help you get through it. Rob breaks it down in an easy to figure out process and uses visual mne...
    read more

    Lisa Mueller Lippincott Avatar
    Lisa Mueller Lippincott
  • I too am a failure! 1st test I only knew about the schools preparations, it wasn't enough. Rob gave me a road map to success, encouragement and a kick in the rear at times. He made it obvious the dedication he has to us, the students and that belief I was important carried me through the friends and family, work that didn't understand. Without this program and the PAS syst... read more

    Terri Singleton Avatar
    Terri Singleton

    Rob does an amazing job simplifying everything. His mnemonics are solid and he does an amazing job keeping everything simple while explaining what is expected. I highly recommend his program. Thanks for everything, Rob!

    Sonja Brester Avatar
    Sonja Brester

    I just signed up for Rob’s review and from what I could see you from the videos and the information that he gives it makes taking the CPne easier and by that I mean it makes the studying a lot easier there is so much material, he condensed it and make it easier....The mneumonics help a lot

    Barbara Mendez Wareham Avatar
    Barbara Mendez Wareham
  • You will not regret signing up. After a long wait and a lot of preparation, I received my golden ticket on July 29, 2018. The mnemonics SAVED me. So thankful I passed on my first attempt, and extremely thankful for the content, guidance, and encouragement provided by Robs Review. 5 stars!

    Sorrele Blevins Avatar
    Sorrele Blevins

    Mnemonics are odd which really helped me remember and are exactly the steps the examiners were looking for! I got the wound and nailed it because of robs method!

    Theresa Sorensen Avatar
    Theresa Sorensen

    I just passed with no repeats — and nice compliments from my CE’s and CA (“great,” “amazing,” “organized,” and “excellent”!)— and it was ONLY because of Rob’s Review. I know 100% I wouldn’t have even passed without this program! This was the most stressful exam I’ve gone through in my life, and at least half of my group (smart, capable women) didn’t pass. But I stuck to ... read more

    Alida Raynor Avatar
    Alida Raynor
  • There are lots of great things about this program from the online videos and workshops to Rob's availability to answer questions to a one time payment that gives you access to the whole program until you pass instead of monthly payments like some programs. The best thing for me was the mnemonics. I don't know how else I would have remembered all of the critical elements ... read more

    Erin Arthur Devilbiss Avatar
    Erin Arthur Devilbiss

    Rob’s review was the key to my success. I learned to rely on the mnemonics and passed with no problems. Thank you for your program and the information you provided. It was still a nerve racking situation but it was made a bit better because I knew I could rely on my practice and the mnemonic. Thank you again!

    Pam Patrick Avatar
    Pam Patrick

    Could not have done it without Rob's program. He was always there for me. I knew if I had a question he would answer. Plus his response time was very, very quick. Not to mention the information given in his program really helped break everything down. This test is amazingly overwhelming and Rob will make it easy to get started and dig in.

    Jaime Lenox Avatar
    Jaime Lenox
75 reviews

The RobsREVIEW Members Area INCLUDES:

  • Visual Learner Optimized Training - Lab Sim & AOC critical element mnemonics with pictures and videos which makes it EASY to learn and IMPOSSIBLE to forget.

  • Nursing Care Plan Training WITH Homework Submission - Learn to write care plans in under 2 minutes even if you've NEVER done a nursing care plan in your life! We'll take you step by step AND give you access to send in your care plans to be GRADED and given FEEDBACK so you're 100% test day ready! 

  • Hands-On VIRTUAL WORKSHOP - Video Conference based workshop that can be done ANYWHERE including the comfort of your own home. Perform all Lab Sim Stations and AOC critical elements with guided feedback from a LIVE instructor.

  • "Cliff Note" Style Study Guide -The RobsREVIEW study guide is a PDF download or physical hard cover booklet (your choice) that shows you where to start and end your studying every day. Gives you the information in a day by day ORGANIZED method which cuts your test prep time by over 90%!

  • DOUBLE Money Back GUARANTEE - If my program is responsible and doesn't get you to pass, then I'll give you DOUBLE Your Money Back! That's how strongly I believe in my system.


HOW do I LEARN everything and REMEMBER it all?

If you don't yet "have it all memorized"... If you haven't learned the simple process to keep yourself organized...If you were never given a plan of action when you get to the test site... and if you think that you'll be so nervous and out of your mind that you'll forget everything....

Then I've got good news: The RobsREVIEW program explains this simple process in a STRUCTURED and ORGANIZED way so you can understand everything in MINIMAL time. This 100% online learning  program is right for you IF:

  • You Feel Overwhelmed. You are going to feel overwhelmed (like I did) so I made you an ORGANIZATION and QUICK START GUIDE so you know WHAT to study, WHEN to study, and HOW to make it all come together so you PASS.
  • You're A VISUAL learner. You'll see videos of me doing ALL Areas Of Care and ALL Lab Sim Stations. Seeing is the FASTEST way to learn.
  • You Don't Have The Time. Instead of searching for free information here and there, you want something that is PROVEN and ACCURATE and will reduce your study time by 90%.
  • You Have Care Plan Troubles. You think you can write a great care plan but you're just not sure. You know the care plans are failing a lot of students and you DON'T want to be one of them.
  • You Have Performance Anxiety. The ONLY way to beat this is practice, but not just regular practice, it takes a special, mentally strengthening practice that I'll show you.

*CPNE is a registered trademark of Excelsior College. Robbie Wolff is not licensed, affiliated or associated with, or endorsed by, Excelsior College.

My Personal Experience of Failing The *CPNE Test...

It's not as cut and dry as failing this TEST and then coming back the next weekend to try again. Here is my example of what I personally went through. I do NOT want you to have to experience my pain. Here's the breakdown: 

$2,300 - Cost of the clinical exam TEST

$483 - Airfare

$212 - Hotel

$26,325 - Salary Increase from LVN to RN (annual)

$29,320 - TOTAL for 1 FAILURE!

(Unmeasurable) - Personal pain of Failing.

(Unmeasurable) - Pain of telling Friends/Family of failing.

(Unmeasurable) - Waiting 8-14 months for new test date.

Lesson Learned: DON'T FAIL!


Here's what makes the RobsREVIEW course DIFFERENT...

Clear Video Instruction

Simple "watch over my shoulder" sessions where I show you how to pass in a simple, systematic way. 

Simple & Organized Instruction

Albert Einstein said, "Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler". We make it simple so you can simply pass.

Checklist & Templates

These templates and checklists make it easy for you to learn rapidly and correct yourself when needed. Best of all, their yours forever. 

Do As You Learn

This course is set up so that you learn information and then IMMEDIATELY practice it over and over again. Knowledge is only powerful when you can REMEMBER it.


Have a question?  CALL, TEXT or EMAIL me. When you're stuck and feel like you're alone on an island, all you have to do is reach out. A distance program does not have to be distant...


It doesn't matter if you have a PC or a Mac, an iPhone or an Android, an iPad or a Timbuktu Tablet... Access your content anywhere and on any device.

DOUBLE Money Back...
money back logo

DOUBLE Money Back Guarantee

Your order is protected by my DOUBLE Money Back Guarantee. If my program doesn’t get you through this test, then simply send me your notification of failure and I will refund DOUBLE your money.

Since April of 2008 I have only had ONE person ask for a refund.

If my material is directly responsible for you failure then you are eligible. In short, you get a great return on your investment (pass the TEST and become an RN) or you get DOUBLE your money back. It’s that simple.


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    $ 1,525


Take my Cliff Notes...

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