Virtual Workshop Purchase Confirmation & Instructions

Congrats! You Made It!

Here's what to do now...

You just purchased the Virtual Workshop option and I'm super excited to have you on board. To choose a date, simply login to the Members Area at and click on the SIGN UP link under the Virtual Workshop section (see pic below)

(easy peasy, right ?)

If you have questions, contact me by clicking on the WHO IS ROB tab and then clicking on CONTACT ROB... I'm always accessible.


STEP 1: Login to the members area at and scroll down to the Virtual Workshop information section.


STEP 2: After you click on the link above, you'll be taken to this page where you can choose either the ACTIVE or PASSIVE Virtual workshop as the image below shows:


STEP 3: Choose the Instructor and click on the BOOK NOW button to go to the next screen where you'll choose your Virtual Workshop DATE. (In this example, Scott is available for the PASSIVE Virtual Workshop we choose).


STEP 4: Now choose YOUR time zone where you live.

Finally, choose a DATE that is available and works for you.