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  • Access to Rob: Send me an E-mail and unless I am sleeping I will get back to you within MINUTES!
  • EASY ACCESS TO THE PROGRAM !!: All program material is located in our MEMBERS area and can be accessed on ANY internet device - PC, MAC, Iphone, Android and any tablet.
  • Las Vegas Workshop: All members are invited to a small workshop (max 4 students) held in my new home town of LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. Workshops are held every month and is ONLY available to members of RobsCPNE
  • Videos from the RobsCPNE workshop in Las Vegas uploaded monthly: Almost as good as being there in person
  • Student Videos: Upload a video of yourself doing a lab sim or critical element and have it be evaluated for accuracy!
  • Organization and Quick Start Guide: You are going to feel overwhelmed (like I did) so I made you an ORGANIZATION and QUICK START GUIDE so you know WHAT to study, WHEN to study, and HOW to make it all come together so you PASS...
  • How to set up a mock patient care station in your HOME: You can practice the critical elements as much as you want until you feel comfortable.
  • How to prepare yourself mentally for this grueling 2 1/2 day exam: If you are not mentally ready, you might as well not even show up to the CPNE exam
  • Mental tricks that make it IMPOSSIBLE to forget: With these mental shortcuts you won't have an issue
  • ALL 4 lab stations being done by a LIVE demonstration: In an easy to remember format
  • How to make a wound model from common items that you can find at any store: Don't pay for the expensive Excelsior model
  • An easy guide that tells you EXACTLY the items that you will need to set up your OWN lab simulation stationt: Instead of having to hunt everything down in the 500 + page Guidebook
  • Nursing Care Plan Class: New classes held periodically
  • Nursing diagnosis that you can use on almost ALL of your patients: WITH rationales
  • Documentation help: Information STRAIGHT from the Excelsior CPNE guidebook so you know it is accurate
  • No more need for DVD's!: As content is changing so frequently you can be sure that you are receiveing the most UP TO DATE informaiton in our members area. If I find a new technique or way to make YOUR learning easier and faster, I will notify ALL students and upload it in the members section
  • STUDY PARTNERS: Find a student in YOUR area today
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Option #2 - BIG 3 Education Series (FREE)


11/4/2015 -I have no problem updating the facebook page and content in the members area, but for some reason I have a horrible time updating the front page to let everyone know what is going on.(check the FACEBOOK page for updates)

In short, a LOT of things have been happening. Everything from updates to all areas to lectures to nursing care plan classes and everything else. Here is something I NEVER want to forget....recent CPNE champions. (sorry if I left you out....just email me and I'll add you in !)

Emanuela aboagye

velma christman

7/25/2015  - Recent CPNE winners! Congratulations :)

Anicha Charlot-Guillory

Charlotte (last name withheld)

7/22/2015 - Numerous updates today. First of all, I want EVERYONE to click on the TEAM ME tab and then click on STUDENT VIDEOS. This is going to skyrocket everyone's comprehension and DRAMATICALLY increase their chances of CPNE success.

Also to note are these recent CPNE warriors who crushed the test: 

Craig Smulevitz
Eddie Burgin
Shifra Scheff
Rebecca Matvick
Shiffi Tischler
I also received these emails from past students who had taken the CPNE some time ago. They are: 
Jaime Derkach - Passed in March
Amy Newberry - Passed in August

6/7/15 - Congratulations to Regina Blair for passing today. Awesome Job !

5/24/15 - Congrats to Robin LaVerdure for passing at Southern Regional in GA. I know it wasn't easy Robin but great job!

4/19/15 - Another student wrote in to tell me that they passed, so congratulations to Diana Lopez. Diana, you can now call yourself a graduate nurse!

3/29/15 - Congratulations to Amy Amizago and Charly Cochran for passing at Lubbock, TX. Way to go guys! I know how difficult that can be

3/15/15 - Congratulations to Faith Bate for passing in Atlanta, GA. !

3/6/15 - Congratulations to Witmer Ashley for passing at Chambersburg, PA. this weekend. Very tough group but she came out a success.

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